Debbie Does Pink Bubbles…Debbie Drake That is!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0041

From the collection of Jaime!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

There’s been a lot of excitement around here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa this week! We were not only able to add a very special celebrity client to our roster (which thrilled Vera by the way) but our very own shampoo girl Daffy got to meet and spend some time with one of her favorite T.V. personalities to boot!

15 (2)

Daffy’s idol Debbie Drake!

Daffy’s been a long-time fan of this lovely lady for years and religiously starts her day exercising with Debbie in front of her television set every morning at precisely 9:15 a.m. come rain or shine!


So that’s how Daffy keeps her figure…well, that and her jog here to the spa to clock in by 10:00!


One of Daffy’s beauty secrets revealed!

Now our newest guest is not only hostess of her very own television exercise program, but she’s also the authoress of the best-selling book “Debbie Drake’s Easy Way to a Perfect Figure and Glowing Health” and has two High-fidelity record albums to her credit; “Feel Good, Look Great! Exercise Along With Debbie Drake!” and “How To Keep Your Husband Happy: Look Slim! Keep Trim!”

As a matter-of-fact, here’s a shot of Daffy’s well-worn copy of Debbie’s book:


And if that isn’t enough, Miss Drake has had the honor of having an actual doll made in her celebrity likeness…the Debbie Drake doll!


The resemblance is uncanny!

Now you may be wondering how Debbie came to make an appointment with us here at the spa. Well, it all began with a phone call from Ms. Drake herself! She happened to be coming to town to make a  personal appearance at our local Woolworth’s to promote her latest album:

dscn1363Take a note ladies!

According to Vera, Ms. Drake would be coming directly from the airport as her tight schedule allowed no extra time to check in at the hotel to prepare herself for her in-store appearance. It also helped that we happened to be located on the same street as Woolworth’s! In just a few short steps, she would be able to greet her fans fresh and beautiful as a daisy! Needless to say, upon hearing the news that morning, Daffy was beside herself with excitement!

Here is a candid of an unmade-up Ms. Drake as she looked when she first arrived to Pink Bubble’s:

DSC08734Must have been a rough trip!

Debbie began her visit with a star-struck Daffy who assisted her with our Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Daffy then washed and conditioned her idols hair and after wrapping her platinum locks in one of our pink spa towels, led her to my chair. After her comb-out, set and style, we discussed her make-up options and she decided she really wanted to emphasize her brown eyes and add some color and definition, a look she doesn’t usually wear. I think it really suits her and she loved it! A bit of blush to the cheeks and a quick stop at Madge’s nail station was all that was left to prepare her for the “In-Person” visit that was quickly approaching. As a finishing touch, Daffy presented Debbie with a pair of Beatrice’s pearl earrings. A gift from a fan!

Here’s Ms. Drake’s lovely results:


And her dramatic “Before & After” photos:





Below a fun-loving Debbie poses playfully after her make-over for our camera!


With a bit of time to spare and as a very special surprise to Daffy, we pushed the furnishings aside in our customer lounge and Debbie led us all through a quick exercise routine. Of course she just instructed us as she had just been made-up and was now wearing a lovely dress and high heels. Daffy just couldn’t believe it, a dream come true! Poor Vera only made it six minutes through…I guess the deep squats did her in. Of course she was wearing a girdle!

Daffy, an aspiring actress herself, was able to spend the last few minutes alone with her idol Debbie Drake who was gracious enough to give her some advice on making it in show business. Debbie told her if she applied herself, books, records and even her own T.V. show were all in reach for her too. And by the way, keeping a great figure wasn’t a bad idea either! Advice Daffy was sure to take to heart and practice…beginning tomorrow morning at 9:15 a.m. sharp!

In closing, here’s a candid shot of Debbie and Daffy commemorating their new friendship and Debbie’s visit to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!


Thank you Jaime for sending the fabulous Debbie Drake to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Come back again soon!

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Have a great weekend everyone and look for a new make-over tale next week!


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