Come back to the Five & Dime…Midge Hadley!


P.B.D.S. Client File – #0002

From the collection of Jaime!

All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into one of them! 

Do you remember the story of the ugly duckling that became a beautiful swan? Well, this isn’t that story!

 (Spa stylist Dot shared this story about her new client!)

 “It all started when this quirky little lass showed up on our Spa doorstep one Saturday afternoon looking to use our telephone. She was real upset mind you. Seems her blind date sent her into the store next door for a pack of Dentyne and then just ditched her. She needed to call her mother to come pick her up.”


 “She said her name was Midge Hadley. As she was talking to me I couldn’t help but notice her right eye kept wandering to the right while her left one stared straight at me! Spooky.”


“Anyway, she sat in our guest lounge for over two hours waiting, which was odd since she said her Mother only lived five minutes away. Well, I guess Mama enjoys her space!”

 “Since it was a slow day and she really epitomized “Poor-Thing,” I offered to give her a freebie makeover, you know, to lift her spirits. I just felt sorry for her. Firstly, that boy had traumatized her. And second, where was that Mother of hers? Besides, she was broke. She had already spent her last twenty-five cents on the Dentyne!”

 “After a wash & set, I touched up her brows and lips. She just loved her new lipstick color. I went ahead and just gave her the tube. She was thrilled with the changes and I was real happy for her.”

 “With the embarrassing events of the blind date behind her, she told me she was through with boys for a while. She thought she’d look for a summer job instead. I told her I knew they were looking for a clerk at the Five & Ten (the same store of the gum incident by the way) and would put in a good word for her with the owner Fred, as he was a friend. Personally, I think it’s a smart move for her. She needs a career since romance seems to be trouble for her!”

 “You know, her Mother never did show up, and as it was getting close to closing time she decided to just walk home.”

 “As she walked towards the door I called out “Good luck with the job hunt Hon’ and say Hi! to your Mom!” (“If you can find her, Geesh!” I mumbled under my breath!”)

 “Well folks, take a look at her pictures. Now I know she’s not exactly a looker, but I will say she does look a little less “freaked out.” Don’t you agree? We can’t all be a “Teenage Fashion Model” you know!”

 Update: “I talked to Fred, the owner of the Five & Ten, well he did end up hiring Midge for the summer after all. He said he knew she was going to make a great clerk when he interviewed her. The reason? “She can talk to customers while keeping an “eye” on the cash register at the same time!”


Jaime’s Midge enjoyed our patented Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Beauty Bath for face and body. She had her hair washed, conditioned and re-set. Her brows were touched-up and she has re-freshed lips. She also had her finger and toe nails done. Stop by the Five & Ten and say Hi! to Midge when you’re in the area. (But don’t ask her where to find the Dentyne!)


Oh, by the way, what this girl lacks in glamour she makes up for in rarity. This Midge…has teeth, which is super rare!

 Thanks to Jaime & Midge for visiting Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

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