Pink Bubbles Doll Spa is a one-stop “Rejuvenation Destination” for all your favorite vintage vinyl fashion dolls in need of a new lease on life!

Our talented and friendly staff can turn back the hands of time erasing years of drama & trauma from the faces and hairdo’s of your beloved childhood companions (as well as any recent new-found friends you may have added to your collection!) Many of our doll clients have gone from “poor-thing” to “traffic-stopping-eyeful” with just one visit!

Our spa blog has many behind the scenes stories, vintage beauty shop antics (and of course a little gossip from our staff!) along with many before & after photographs of dolls literally pulled back from the brink!

We do hope you enjoy your visit here and possibly have a laugh or two…who knows, you may be inspired to book an appointment with us for one of your own little gals in need! We have individual services available as well as a wonderful all-inclusive spa package. Check under the “Book An Appointment” tab at the top of the page for more information. Who knows, your doll may be the next to star in one of our posts!

Please remember to “follow” us to receive up-to-the-minute make-over blog posts. There is a button on the right side of this page, just give it a click and you’ll receive email notices when a new post is added.

 Thank you for dropping in and spending some time with us! Please feel to drop us a line with any questions you may have or book an appointment anytime you’re ready. We look forward to meeting your special doll here at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa in the very near future and help return her to her former glory…it’s time to get pretty!

Enjoy your visit!


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