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If you’re ready to book an appointment for your dolls or have any questions please contact us at:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


5 comments on “Contact Us

  1. OMG! Forget juliasoriginals, krista, heart whisper, pink bubbles is the new queen bee! I just saw your site and love it. The bit about Vera was awesome. You work is so beautiful. Will be telling my friends about you! Much lov-robin

  2. I do hope in the near future you will accommodate larger dolls. My vintage 17″-20″ dolls really could use some of your magic there. Please keep us posted, should you decide to “GO BIG!”.

  3. Your work is absolutely amazing. I wish I had ur talent. I love dolls and my collection is growing. Who knows I may need your services some day.

  4. I’m missing reading new stuff here on Pink Bubbles. Your last post was in January and I love your pictures and stories about the dolls. You must be very busy with all of your restoration work. Just wanted you to know that I’m really looking forward to your new posts. Truly I’ve never seen work as good as yours. When you get done with the dolls they just look new again. That’s amazing! What a great job too, working on making dolls more beautiful every day. Hope, hope, hope to read more new posts soon from Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. Best Wishes.

  5. You’re back! So glad to see one of my favorite doll blogs isn’t gone forever. I am still absolutely amazed at your restoration skills. I am so glad you’ve posted new posts after about 2 years gone. You were missed. There is no doll blog quite like this one. It is entertaining with all of the nostalgic photos and old ads mixed with the beautiful photos of the restored dolls.. Also awe inspiring at what can be achieved with even very beat up vintage dolls. You seem to have added something I’ve never seen before, and that is bringing the dolls back from darkened face or yellowed face,to beautiful pink vinyl again. If it’s not giving away a ” Pink Bubbles Spa ” secret, can you tell how you do that? It is amazing and I would like to try it out on my vintage dolls myself if you’re willing to share what technique or products you use to achieve that result. Again, so glad you are back. Best Wishes.

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