Pink Bubble’s Pop’s In!

Hello to Everyone!

Well friends, I’m finally blowing the dust off and wiping away the many cobwebs from the neglected corners of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa blog…it’s literally been ages! I do hope you’ve all been well and I’m really going to try my best to stay in touch here more often. I just suddenly felt inspired to attempt a post at long last…now I’m not even sure if anyone is still out there to even read it but there might be, you just never know!

I thought it might be fun and perhaps even bring a smile or two to peek into some of our latest guests picture files, courtesy of course from Bunny our very own spa photographer. She has graciously sorted through and selected a few spa client “before & after” snaps to share with you below. So thank you Bunny for all your talent and of course the time you spent sifting through those crammed file cabinets in my office with the stuck drawers, better you than me honey! Note to self, have Daffy pick up some WD-40 at the hardware store…

Speaking of pictures, Vera just happens to be sitting right here with me and is insisting on sharing a photo of herself to kick things off that she keeps framed and on proud display on her desk out front…she says it helps “bring in business!” and I of course don’t argue. Taken not by Bunny mind you but by renowned photographer Ernesto Padro-Campos, a dear friend of the Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa and whom I’ve also not chatted with in quite a while and surely miss…so if you’re visiting the blog by chance Ernesto, a very warm hello from me and all the Pink Bubble’s girls!

At any rate, to start off the picture show properly (and at her insistence mind you) we present the ever lovely Vera Frost…captured here in her prime (according to her) by Ernesto! A newly-singled gal who also wants me to casually mention just happens to be “back on the market” since her latest romance ended “so abruptly, so tragically, so cruelly” (her words)…well we’ll have to save that story for another time won’t we Dear…so without further ado, shown here to her best possible advantage (and angle) a gal who is once again available for a last-chance romance Fellas, our very own Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa guest receptionist, Ms.Vera Frost…

“Vera Frost…Bringing in business since 1962!”

Quite lovely I have to admit! Now I was never blessed with the looks of Vera, and really who has been if you think abut it, but I can say I’ve always had better luck than her the poor thing! If there are any takers out there I suggest chocolates sent here to Pink Bubble’s directly to get off on the right foot with her…she won’t eat them of course, only pinches the bottoms. How else do you think she stays so skinny? But don’t worry gents, she’ll be impressed and the tasty treats are always a big hit in the break room with me and the girls!

Tasty Memories…Beatrice and Daffy happily receiving (and later eating) Vera’s fancy Christmas chocolates from her late fourth Husband!

And now on to…

Bunny’s Honey’s!

Mary’s Rested & Renewed #4!
Lucas’s Revived #5!
Randall’s Beautiful Bubble Cut!
Dave’s Delicious Brunette Ponytail!
Steven’s Amazing #1!
Peggy’s Pretty T-N’-T!

And just like a box of chocolates this lovely assortment of ladies truly are eye-candy for us all! Thank you friends for booking your dolls into Pink Bubble’s!

Well I’ll sign off for now but I look forward to visiting with you all again real soon! So on behalf of Vera, Bunny, Daffy, Beatrice and myself, we wish you all a very happy week ahead and plenty more Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa smiles!