Seasons Greeting’s…From Victoria!


Our dear friend Victoria in New Orleans wishes our Pink Bubbles Doll Spa staff and all of our readers the happiest of holiday’s!

No easy task, she gathered all her “Pink Bubbles Girls” who have visited us here at the spa this year for this festive series of photos for all our readers to enjoy!


Dressed in their beautiful holiday gowns, Victoria’s glamorous trio of Swirls help trim the tree!


Gentlemen (and Victoria!) prefer Blondes and Brunette #3’s…and who can blame them?!


Not to be outdone, her #4 and #5’s take their turn in front of the camera!

Besides a few squabbles concerning who’s wearing what, she say’s all the girls behavior on set was joyous and they all cooperated beautifully with her knowing the photos were to be their Christmas cards to us all!

Victoria, thank you so much for gifting us all with these beautiful holiday photos! On behalf of Vera, Beatrice, Daffy and myself, as well as all our Pink Bubbles Doll Spa followers, we wish you and your girls a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year’s full of dolly fun and love!

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

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