Meet The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Staff! – Vera Frost


Client Reception – Ms. Vera Frost

Vera is our front desk receptionist here at Pink Bubbles and the first of our staff you’re likely to meet when you arrive for your beauty appointments. Vera handles all incoming telephone inquiries and schedules appointments. She appreciates promptness and strongly encourages spa guests to be on time!

 Remember, all dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into Vera’s…

Born Vera Grimhilde in 19?2, she originally hails from Swamp Bottom, Mississippi. Upon her arrival, the only child of Gaylord and Earlene Grimhilde shocked the delivery doctor and nurses with the natural lavender streak in her raven black hair. Needless to say jealously was rampant amongst the other infants in the hospital’s nursery that day!

According to Vera, she was a lovely, well-mannered child who grew into a stunning teenager. She won and held the title of “Miss Swamp Bottom” for three consecutive years at the local county fair during high school. Though riding in parades and cutting ribbons was indeed exciting, Vera, a naturally ambitious girl, was not content to just sit on her laurels as a reigning beauty queen and marry into Swamp Bottom society…she wanted more!

supes_houseAbove: Vera’s humble beginnings…her childhood home.

After graduation, Vera left her hometown and landed her first job as receptionist at “Happy Homes Interior Design” in the larger city of Jackson, where she met and eventually married her much older boss…when the divorce from his jealous wife was finalized.

The couples new-found happiness was unfortunately cut short when the first of her three husbands slipped and fell into the mighty Niagara Falls while mugging for the camera on their honeymoon. His body was never recovered. Feeling she would be somewhat unwelcome at “Happy Homes Interiors” upon her return, Vera wisely decided to move on.


Blessed with self-admitted good taste, and of course time well-spent observing the “tricks-of-the-trade” of the decorators at “Happy Homes”, Vera proudly takes credit for the glamorous interior design of the Pink Bubbles client reception lounge.

Vera’s next position was receptionist and part-time mattress model at the “Beddy-Buy Mattress Co.” showroom located in Little Hope, Texas. Soon spotted by “Heartbreak Motel” purchasing agent Alfred Smellie in town on a mattress buying trip, Vera began a whirlwind romance ending in marriage on an overnight jaunt to Las Vegas. Tragedy struck again for the new bride when her betrothed died suddenly in the honeymoon suite. Unbeknownst to the new Mrs. Smellie, her more mature husband had a severe heart condition and the sight of his bride in her Fredericks of Hollywood “Naughty Night-y” proved to be too much for him.

Looking for a fresh start, a move to Los Angeles, California was next for Vera where not only a dream job but another ill-fated romance awaited!

Vera interviewed for and won the coveted title of “V.I.P. Receptionist” at the famous Max Factor Make-Up Studio located on Highland Avenue in Hollywood.


In charge of celebrity clients, her duties also included management of the legendary Blond, Brunette and Red-Head consultation rooms on the first floor. Vera was finally in her element!


Another chance at romance soon followed while having lunch at the “Snow White Cafe” on Hollywood Boulevard nearby.


Short on tables at the popular eatery, Vera took the fateful stool next to a Mr. Gilbert Frost, famous wig designer to the stars! Enchanted by the lavender swirl in Vera’s hair, he asked her permission to replicate the unique streak in his new line of wigs to be produced and sold by his best friend and business associate Miss Eva Gabor. Soon, Vera’s pastel trademark streak was seen on the wigged heads of Hollywood luminaries such as Ann Miller, Joey Heatherton and Eydie Gorme!


Vera, heady with a bit of fame as the inspiration to the very successful wig line, threw caution to the wind and romance soon followed!

Blissfully in love, an impromptu third marriage to Mr. Frost soon followed with the happy couple, oddly accompanied by her husbands long-time male secretary Thom, headed to Palm Springs for their honeymoon getaway. Unfortunately for Vera, tragedy comes in three’s and marital bliss was not to last.

In true Hollywood Babylon fashion, alone in the honeymoon suite, Vera awoke to hear her husband Gilbert arguing with Thom in the adjoining room when shots suddenly rang out in the night. Police later escorted a crazed Thom from the scene still wearing an askew Eva Gabor “Vera” wig on his head muttering incoherently. The circumstances that led to the murder remain a mystery. Widowed yet again, the following scandal rocked the wig world and Vera lost her job at Max Factor’s due to all of the bad publicity.

Vowing never again to marry, Vera retains the “Frost” she acquired from her final husband and still receives royalty’s from the “Vera” line of wigs to this very day.


Concentrating solely on her professional career, the spa welcomed Vera into the Pink Bubbles family in 1963.

She’s been scandal-free ever since!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our very own Pink Bubbles Doll Spa’s Client Receptionist…Miss Vera Frost!

Please visit us again next week for another dolly adventure!

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