An Apple-tini a day keeps…well you know the rest!


P.B.D.S. Client File – #0001

From the collection of Robin!

All dolls have secret lives as we all know! Here’s a peek into one of them!

Greetings from The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! The doll featured in today’s post is from the collection of Robin. This is a childhood doll and she entrusted her to our staff here at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. Robin, we hope you are happy with the results and aren’t too shocked by the story our longtime stylist Trudy uncovered!

 “Now listen up Sweetie! You know I’m not one to repeat gossip! So you better be sure you listen close the first time!”

“I always like to keep my closest friends informed whenever someone really interesting comes in and out of here, especially someone like this little lady. She was a real humdinger!”

“Anyway, It was about 8:30 in the morning when I unlocked the front doors of the spa to start my day and I couldn’t help but notice the dirty blonde bubble peering at me from around the corner of the building. Now when I say she was a dirty blonde bubble dear, I’m not talking about the shade of her hair, if you know what I mean! She definitely looked like she could use one of our patented Pink Bubbles Doll Spa beauty baths!”

“Well anyway, she knew I had seen her, but for some reason ducked out of view. It was strange, but I just dismissed it. That is, till I saw her staring at me through the front window. Well now she was really starting to creep me out! So I motioned for her to come on in, and after looking up and down the street and then back at me again, she finally starts towards the door. Honestly, she made me so nervous I hid my pocketbook in the coat check!”

“Well she told me her name was Barb and rarely ever leaves her Dream Kitchen. She said it had been such a long while since she had booked a beauty appointment. “No kidding, you’d never know it!” I  said. “Have a seat!”

“Now as you all know, my clients feel so comfortable here in our spa that within minutes they usually give me their whole life story. This gal was no exception. It’s like a form of therapy I guess. I’ve always been a good listener. Talk about a pent-up chatterbox! She spilled she was a divorced mother of two, and her daughters, though grown mind you, still live with her at home. Can you imagine! Her ex had taken up with some other doll from the wrong side of the tracks years ago and she has since spent every minute and every penny she ever has on her girls, trying to make up for him being gone, the jerk. Neither one of her girls ever got over their Fathers antics and never moved forward from the shock. One daughter, her oldest, was a beauty title winner a few years back and now won’t even leave the house. The other, the complete opposite. A bookworm, with no interest in men at all.”

“She also told me she has had a splitting migraine for the last 22 years. Coincidentally, the exact amount of time her Husband has been shackin’ up. Hmmm.”

“Barb told me she felt finally, (after watching a Dr. Phil on TV), ready to let go of the past and take some time for herself. “Freshen up a bit for her girls” as she put it “and start a new life for their sake.” Well not exactly a selfish motive for an over-protecting mother of two fully grown daughters in their late 30’s I thought, but its a start!”

“Well let me tell you! After many hours of hard labor, and my feet are killing me by the way, three requested Apple-tini’s from the bar down the street, (did you know they deliver?) and half a Vicadin she found at the bottom of her purse later, she looks at her reflection in the mirror and do you know what she says? “I can’t believe it! My migraine’s gone!” Yes, it’s shocking but true!”

“You know, turns out Barb is a real nice gal who somehow just got stuck in the past, frozen in her Dream Kitchen getting covered with dust, worrying about her girls. She was so happy with results of her makeover and “the new her” as she put it, that she says she will be sending her daughters in to see us soon. IF she can get them to come out of their rooms mind you! I was happy to hear it, cause we sure could use the business!”

“Well, between you and me, I really have to admit Barb had a lot of courage to come into such a glamorous spa like ours after all she’s been through and looking like she did!”

“Oh sweet Barb, she’s so excited about the prospects of her new life. She hugged me as she left the spa, a new doll I tell you! You know, I watched her through that window as she blew me a kiss. She looked so happy! Smiling and waving to strangers as she began spiraling down the sidewalk towards home. I guess it was that third Apple-tini! Thank goodness she wasn’t driving! I would have called her a cab!”

“Gee, best of luck to ya Barb! Come back anytime!”

Robin’s Bubble Cut enjoyed our patented Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Beauty Bath for face and body. She had her hair washed, conditioned and re-set. Her brows were re-painted as well as her lips. She chose a cheerful shade of pink lipstick which really suits her! Her new look was complimented with a fresh pair of “Safety-First!” replacement pearl earrings. Lets raise our Apple-tini’s and toast Barb! She feels (and looks) like a new doll!

Thanks Robin and Barb for visiting us here at The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!