Hippie, Hippie, Hooray!

jm 1872                                                                                                  

P.B.D.S. Client – #19

From the collection of Aladina of Italy!

 I love playing music here at the spa during business hours. Softly of course! It sets the creative mood for our stylists, and if the proper tune is played, relaxes our clients. Call me old-fashioned, but classical music, feel-good pop tunes or any of my favorite country queens will do. Tammy, Loretta and of course, I will always love Miss Dolly! One type of music I will not play in the spa is that awful “Rock ’n Roll” that’s so popular with today’s kids. Give us a lovely ballad any day!

 Which brings me to our next Pink Bubbles Doll Spa guest. Though quite an attractive, albeit, shall we say “earthy” girl, our new client arrived without an appointment, which by the way is a big no-no with Vera! On top of that she had one of those new portable transistor radios, which was blaring an awful tune sung by something called a rolling stone! Vera promptly confiscated it and turned the blasted thing off saving all of our eardrums. Forcing a smile, Vera said “I’ll hold this for you dear!”

jm 1879

 Now, I’m all for young dolls choosing their own path, but when that particularly dusty trail leads you to such a state of disarray, I’d say you better re-think it! This wayward “Love Child” would be better off listening to her Mother and spending less time “rockin’ out” on her wobbly doll stand! To give the child credit, she did come in for some help, so there is hope! Though she dropped in unannounced, I knew there was a Mother out there somewhere that would thank me for my efforts, so off we went…

 An over-due Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body was first on our agenda. Years of grit and grime were replaced by quite a lovely complexion. She had full, dark beautiful lashes, which were quite striking with her bright blue eyes. Then on to the hair department for a wash & set. A beautifully streaked blonde hair color emerged from the bubbles. As far as style, she wouldn’t go for anything fancy, she wanted it left long and free. She also insisted on wearing that nutty headband, and wanted no additional jewelry either, much to the dismay of Beatrice!

jm 1916

 Though little effort was made, the results were monumental in my book! No longer a frightful hippie chick, she was now a very pretty doll. She was also very sweet and thanked me for my work as she adjusted her long fringed bracelet thingy’s. She then stopped at Vera’s desk to pay her bill and collected her radio. Turning it on, she turned to us all and gave us the peace sign with a new, lovely clean hand. “So long Grandma!” was her parting shot to Vera, who needless to say, was not amused!

jm 1906

This lovely “Live-Action” doll is all set to party like it’s 1971! She plans on meeting up with her pals P.J., Christie & Ken at the rock concert tonight. Won’t they be surprised how well she’s cleaned up her act! Don’t forget to tell P.J. and Christie about Pink Bubbles Barbie!



This groovy chick tuned out and enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She then had her sunny blonde locks washed, conditioned and set.  No need for anything else. Her original outfit, complete with hard to find fringed bracelets and flats was located and she was re-dressed as original. Now she’s practically good as new!

Three cheers for Barbie!

Hippie, Hippie, Hooray!

Till next time, “Peace!” everyone!

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