“Keepin’ It Fresh” Since 1963!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0026

From the collection of Cathy!

All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a stale sandwich! Here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa our staff takes turns one day a week and brings in lunch for the other girls. It breaks up lunch-packing monotony and gives us all more variety. Since there are five of us here; myself, Vera, Beatrice, Madge and Daffy, we have five lunches covered with only one day to figure it out on our own. Friday’s are Daffy’s day to provide and though she tries hard, it’s hit or miss to say the least!

Today, Daffy’s lunch menu consisted of Devils Food chicken spread on rye bread, cantaloupe slices and Dr. Pepper. For desert, Hostess Snow Balls, you know, the hot pink coconut marshmallow cakes with the creamy middle. Poor Daffy, I hope she finds a husband who can cook…for his sake! Besides the clashing tastes of our lunchtime bounty, the rye bread was stale. Not because it wasn’t fresh, but the wax paper opened up and the sandwiches got to air out since the early morning hours.

Why am I rattling on about stale sandwiches you may wonder? Because it leads me to Carol, my next spa client! Carol’s a real doll, not to mention our local Tupperware lady. As a matter of fact it was Carol who offered me escape from adding Daffy’s snowball snack cake to the churning ingredients fighting in my stomach from lunch!

Carol came rushing into the spa to set up for the Tupperware party slated for 7:00 that evening. Why is there going to be a Tupperware party at Pink Bubbles you may wonder? Because frankly, I wanted those adorable hot pink drinking cups with the embedded silver glitter I was offered as a hostess gift! As a bonus, I also thought it would be a great way to meet the ladies of the area, you know, the ones who just might make an appointment with us in the future!

tupperware0410“Tupperware parties, the only place a lady is allowed to “burp” in public! ”

With only a few hours to set up, Carol really needed to reserve some time in my chair as well! Always well-groomed, I’ve never seen her in such a state of disarray. Running a house and business on the side can really take its toll apparently! She was desperate for a quick wash, tease & set before the party and luckily for her, I’m also in the business of “keepin’ it fresh!” The harried hostess with a head for business needed that same head transformed, but quick. Let’s face it, she wasn’t going to make a very good impression, not to mention many sales with her customers looking this way!


She started off with a relaxing Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Refreshed, she had her Bubble hairdo washed, set and styled. I also freshened up her make-up by touching up her brows, eyes and beautiful full lips. Madge gave her a Mani & Pedi in exchange for a generous mixing bowl discount!


 The girls here on the staff are staying after work to attend Carol’s Party. We’ve all decided to chip in and surprise Daffy with her first set of Tupperware, the sandwich keepers! Hopefully it won’t be long before Carol gets them in!

By the way, here’s Carol now! Let’s get the party started!

DSC04899I think it’s safe to whip out your sales book now Carol, you look as fresh as last nights lemon pie, stored in the pink Tupperware pie caddy found on page 13 of this months catalog!

Please enjoy Carol’s before & after photos below!



Picture61Carol is now ready to take orders! She invested some extra time before her party to enjoy a little pampering! She started with our Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for face & Body. Her hair was washed, styled and set. Special attention was given to her eyes, giving them a less “startled” look! Luscious lips were the final touch to get the party started!

Thank you Carol and Cathy for visiting us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Come back again real soon!

P.S. Don’t forget, we have appointments open! Treat your doll to a day at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

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Have a great weekend everyone!