There’s No Place Like Home Francie!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0030

From the collection of Victoria!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

Long considered a “grail” to many collectors, this poor gal had an unfortunate bit of “Emerald City” green beginning to form on her lovely face. As reigning ‘Wizard’ here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, I took on the case though I wasn’t sure if I could help her or not. I knew of course I could handle her hair and make-up requirements, after all it says so right here on the diploma’s that are framed and displayed on the walls of my station. I just wasn’t sure about her green spots. I knew “These things must be done delicately…” as quoted by a certain green-faced witch Dorothy once had a run-in with long ago!

MV5BMTM3MDk2MTk3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzg4NTkxNA@@._V1._SX640_SY467_The Wicked Witch of the West’s unique complexion was not one Francie wanted to emulate!


Well, much like Dorothy, Francie ended up spending quite a while here in Oz, I mean the spa, as I tried all the different tricks I had up my uniforms sleeves.

ManBehindTheCurtainPay no attention to whats going on behind the curtain Francie, I’ll figure it out!

Well, tricks 1, 2, & 3 didn’t do a thing! I shared this disappointing news with Francie’s owner Victoria, who bless her heart, told me to do whatever I could to help her. Besides, I knew Francie like Dorothy, was getting homesick and wanted to go home already!

“I just want to go home!” Dorothy Gale cries. Francie shared the sentiment!

I still had one treatment left in my wizard bag…the Color-Wash. I never tried it on this darker skin-tone before and was a little nervous to have this particular Francie be my first as the results, good or bad, would be permanent. Well, my last choice of treatment turned out to be the best choice…it worked!


With the greening finally at bay, we moved on to the fun stuff…hair and make-up!


“Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?” Of course Dorothy, this is the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Much hipper than Dot’s pigtail’s, Francie’s signature flip style was restored with great results!


I then brought back the shape and color of her lips and did a light touch-up to her brows. She also had a small repair on her right eye. A bit of blush was the final touch, revealing what was there all along…a gorgeous girl who would be the pride of any collection!


Picture4fThough her trip far from home was uncertain, it certainly paid off in the end! Once again looking factory-fresh, finally Francie is ready to hitch the next twister outta here!

500full“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…”

Time to bid adieu to Pink Bubbles Francie!

Photo No place like home

“There’s no place like home…
bckhme“Wake up honey, it’s almost over!”

DSC06709Was it all just a dream? We’ll never know! At any rate Victoria, Francie is on her way home at last, at last…better than ever!

Thanks again for putting your trust in the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

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Have a great weekend everyone!