Episode Two of…The Secret Storm!


Hello Pink Bubbles Doll Spa followers…thanks for tuning us back in!

After a very busy morning on the floor, the girls and I have finally flipped over the “Out to Lunch” sign hanging in the front window and positioned ourselves in front of our little black & white T.V. here in the break room. Of course we’ll have our lunch but more importantly it’s time to escape reality once more and lose ourselves in our favorite afternoon story… “The Secret Storm!”

(Many thanks to Kathleen for the promised follow-up episode since her girls arrived home from their extended stay here at the spa!)

So sit back, kick those shoes off and enjoy…you know you want to!


When we last left the Gabrielski sisters they were in route home, fresh from their dazzling transformations here at Pink Bubbles..

The gorgeous weather of California was quickly becoming a fading memory for Dr. Marcia as she tippy-toed through the freshly fallen snow of her native New Jersey and slipped into the passenger seat of Angelo’s rumbling red Buick at the airport. Abby and Bobbi Sue settled into the back seat while Marcia’s “boy-toy” tended to the bags. The wolf-whistle Angelo gave the sisters when they first got off the plane was confirmation to all that their fresh looks were indeed a hit!

Heading straight to the office was a must as after all Dr. Marcia had a business to run and trips to Los Angeles weren’t cheap. Arriving at the dental office, Angelo put the bags in the storage room while Bobbi Sue checked the messages. Two emergency root canals took priority…Father John from church and Harry the neighborhood plumber…yet another divorced “man about town” who many of the single…and even some of the married local ladies have their hungry eyes on…


“Hire him Dear…he’s absolutely perfect! I mean…these dirty dishes ARE stacking up…”

With appointments made and the work completed, a grateful and pain-free Father John gifted the sisters with six tickets to the St. Valentine Dance held at the church that coming Saturday night. After all, the girls were knock-outs and his congregation who were mostly over sixty would enjoy a bit of valentine eye-candy he was sure! In quiet celebration of the news Bobbi Sue took a little hit of laughing gas unbeknownst to her sisters…she is going to “try to change” she silently promises herself once again…

On the morning of the dance, the Gabrielski sisters went shopping for new gowns at “Lora Lee” the best dress shop in town:


With the help of their little cousin Casey who works there part-time as a sales girl, the debut looks were selected…and were quite stunning!

By the way, Casey too actually had her own appointment at Pink Bubbles and really digs her results!

With the gowns selected and the sisters looking better than they have in years, the only thing left to do was decide who their lucky escorts would be…

Will Dr. Marcia be on the arm of the dashing Angelo that evening…or will she attend with her possibly soon to be estranged husband? Will the Valentine’s dance inspire Sean to finally propose to an increasingly impatient Abby? And finally, will Bobbi Sue find the strength to resist the laughing gas, the wine bottle…not to mention the prescription pain killers and find a decent man of her own…wait a moment, does Harry the plumber like cats?

We’ll all have to wait and see what happens on next episode of… “The Secret Storm!”

Oh my, I swear I can’t believe how fast thirty minutes can fly by! Oh well, it’s back to reality as I’m off to my station once again. The clients are getting restless in the lounge and Vera says I’m booked solid till six…I better get a move on!

“Who’s Next?!”




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