A Pink Bubbles Swan For Spring!


“After many a summer dies the swan…” or so the saying goes, but not when she wisely books an appointment with Vera here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Well dear readers, Spring has finally sprung here in sunny California and while Dame Nature is certainly busy outdoors awakening the blossoms and trees, our staff is working just as hard indoors reviving the long dormant beauty of our clients. Like a little ugly duckling or a sleeping garden, sometimes you never know what lies just beneath the surface waiting to bloom, but when it does…it can be a thing of beauty indeed!

Though the bloom may have been off the rose so to speak for a recent guest, our Pink Bubble’s Swan for Spring has reemerged as fresh and lovely as ever!



Sometimes, you just have to roll up your sleeves and get to work…and that’s just what we did for Mateo’s #4 Ponytail Barbie! She was pampered head to toe here at Pink Bubbles and enjoyed all the services included with her spa package visit.

Assisted by Daffy, Miss Roberts enjoyed our Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath followed by “Body-Brite!” vinyl service which not only addressed the darkening of her complexion but also took care of some pink staining that had unfortunately spread well away from her lips…


Next, a fresh hair set was in order with Barbie’s requisite bang curls returned to their former glory!


On to to the make-up department where everything from brows to lips were discussed with Bab’s and re-painted with care…


The finishing touches of a fresh manicure and pedicure were left in the capable hands of our manicurist Madge, while Beatrice went through her stock of pearl and golden hoop earrings for the perfect finishing accessory…Barbie chose hoops!


A picture’s worth a thousand words they say and Barbie’s final results left us all…well, speechless!



“Happy Spring!” P.B. followers and until next time always remember:



Never give up hope!

Many thanks to Mateo for sending in your girl to Pink Bubbles and for sharing her results with our readers!

Who will be…










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