Rates & Services


Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa Services:

Specializing in cosmetic restoration of 11.5″ and similar sized vintage vinyl fashion dolls.


                              Individual Spa Services

         Hair Restoration:

Ponytails:  36.00

Swirls:  34.00

Bubble Cuts:  28.00

Bubble Cuts “Flirty Curls”:  36.00

American Girls:  28.00

Twist ‘N Turns & Similar Longer Styles:  28.00

12″ Size Fashion Dolls (Fashion Royalty, Silkstone Barbie, etc.) Custom Cut & Style:  45.00 & up

16″ Size Fashion Dolls (Gene, Tonner, etc.) Custom Cut & Style: 55.00 & up

Hair Plug Replacement: Includes color-matched hair plugs only, hair re-styling prices shown above.

Replacement Hair Plugs – per plug:  2.00

Rooted Eyelashes:  20.00

Complete Re-roots: Includes rooting & styling.

Ponytails: 185.00

Swirls:  175.00

Full head re-root:  195.00

Painting Services: Includes partial touch-ups or total re-painting of painted feature & sealer.

Eyebrows:  20.00

Lips:  15.00

Inner Eyes:  12.00

Eye Liner (Blue or Brown):  8.00

Eyelash Ridges:  5.00

Blush:  4.00

Finger & Toenails:  6.00

Painted Hair Repair (Ken, Allan, Fashion Queen, etc.):  18.00

Facial Color-Wash:  28.00

Custom “One-of-a-kind” Face Paint –  85.00 & up

Other Services:

Face & Body Cleaning:  5.00

“Body-Brite” Vinyl Service: 18.00

Miss Barbie (1964) Neck Ring Repair: 18.00

1 – 4 Ponytail Barbie Neck Knob Repair (Original knob needed):  20.00

False eyelash strips & attachment: 18.00

“Safety-First!” Earrings Replacement:

Pearls:  3.00

Hoops:  4.00

Have a girl in your collection who needs the works? Indulge her with our Pink Bubbles Doll Spa package!

Services include: Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body, “Body-Brite!” vinyl service, hair washed, conditioned & re-styled, all needed paint repairs of painted facial features, manicure & pedicure and “Safety-First” earring replacement.

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Package:


The complete Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Package is now available for purchase below:

(Dear Friends, Pink Bubbles Doll Spa is currently on temporary hiatus through Spring 2019.

We will re-open this Summer and spa bookings will once again be available at that time.

Thank you for your continued support and of course your patience during our break! We look forward to seeing  you all again very soon!)

You’ll be notified by email after the purchase of your spa package with our shipping address so you can send in your doll.

For more information about the services listed above, please contact us at:


 We’ll be happy to assist you!








8 comments on “Rates & Services

  1. I wish I still had my Barbie dolls, I guess mom gave them to a cousin when we moved years ago.

    I love all the little stories you write about each makeover, the imagination with Barbie was unendless when we played with them. I wish all generations could capture this in their memories as well as we did.

    Now if I ever see one of these beauties at a yard sale or whatever, I know what to do with it, to restore it back to a magical lady, thanks for your “Spa”.

  2. You are fab! I LOVE your work! My girls are LOVELY and I am passing on your name and services!
    Kudos to you my dear !

  3. Thank you so much for your work on my Raven. She is positively RAVISHING! And she has told two of her friends about the wonderful time she had at the spa, and they will soon be on their way to see you. Cheers!

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