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  1. I am extremely pleased with my #4 brunette Barbie doll. The communication and care from Pink Bubbles Doll Spa is first rate. I highly recommend their services. Thank you for making my Barbie beautiful again. Love the Spa towel-what a nice touch. Kind regards~Lisa

  2. My ponytail Barbie is a treasure from my childhood. Now after visiting the Pink Bubbles Spa, she looks even better than she did brand new. I love the soft curls at the end of her ponytail. Just gorgeous. I was also very pleased that you emailed me to let me know she arrived safely and again when you had shipped her. Bobby, you do beautiful work and I unhesitatingly recommend your services to anyone who wants to give their Barbie or Barbie friend a make over.

  3. I just received the email notification of my Barbies’ “before and after” photos…WowWowWow! I am thrilled with the results in just the photos! As hard as it was to wrap them up and ship two of my girls to the Spa…and the hands of someone I did not know…my fears have dissipated. Bobby did an amazing job. And the communication throughout the process: from “….your dolls have arrived safely…” to discussions of each dolls’ nuances and needs, has me convinced of Bobby’s skill and knowledge. I can strongly recommend her and plan to send more of my lovelies to her care and protection. I look forward to welcoming my “girls” back home from their Spa vacation….when is it my turn? ~~ Cathy

  4. Very talented. I didn’t think my Barbie had enough hair to have such beautiful curls now. Bobby sent emails to let me know when Barbie arrived, and before and after pictures, and when Barbie left for home. Barbie now looks as good as she did back in the 60’s. I would highly recommend Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. They transformed my Barbie from a plain, drab Barbie to a Super Model. Thank you.

  5. Pink Bubble Barbie Spa is just Amazing,My friend Doll is Just Lovely for bobby does some lovely transformation ,He is an asset to us doll owner Highly, Highly Recommended. Thank you Bobby & My Friend Thank you Isabel

  6. Wow! My girls were a hot mess. But Bobby got them ready for the runway and I am thrilled! Now all my girls want to visit Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. And who wouldn’t? Bobby is a genius!

  7. Millie arrived home from pink bubbles spa today. She went from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. She is the envy of all the other girls. She is thrilled to death with her new gorgeous looks. All the other girls can’t wait for their turn to visit (Bobby) for their magical transformation. Millie is on cloud nine for being chosen for the feature of the month. I had to lamainte the article in which she was featured. She shows this to all her friends.She’s getting a swelled head from all the attention!!! She is absolutely gorgeous and loves her spa towel souvenir. Thanks for everything, can’t wait to come back again. Very pleased with everything,from begging to end.

  8. Wow! it is just amazing, the transformation of my doll! She went from blase’ (spelling?) to blonde bombshell! Her lips were done to perfection! In fact she’s now perfection head to toe! I couldn’t be more pleased, & proud of her! She came to work with me & got many ooohhh’s and aaahh’s! I could tell she was well-pleased at the attention she received! Thank you, Bobby!

  9. What a great experience. Bobby took my already very nice dolls “over the top”. They are stunning…I can’t stop looking at them! Bobby is also the nicest person you could ever deal with. Working on another batch of gals to send off on a spa retreat. Thank you soooo much.

  10. My old Francie was so sad looking – dirty, tired, pale, disheveled and yes, neglected. When a girl is over 45, who even cares anymore? The staff at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa that’s who! One miraculous transformation later and I have my beautiful mod girl back from the doll doldrums with a fresh flip, flat bangs and lovely new make-up, not to mention a nice clean body. Thank you Bobby – Francie is once again enchanting!

  11. Hello, I hope my testimonial provides confidence to you in Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. I start my morning with coffee and check my emails before work. Saw an email from Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. Excited and anxious to see my old girls before and after shots and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Seriously. I kept saying ” is that my girl “? Yes it was! My ugly duckling turned out to be a very beautiful baby! Seriously! Bobby, you have to post my before and after pictures. Bobby, you are a TRUE doll restorer with love and sharp eye for detail. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. So, if your looking for someone to help you, please put your trust into Bobby, Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. You will not be dissatisfied. Bobby, got some more for you to work your magic on!

  12. My A.G. Barbie arrived today and I am very pleased with her. This is the second doll I have sent to Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and hopefully will be sending another Barbie but she will have to leave her “odd souvenir” at home with me. I highly recommend their services. Thank you again~Lisa

  13. Just got my doll back today. Beautiful!!! She was in terrible shape and now she looks like new!! Bobby’s talents are amazing!! I will be back with many more!!! Thanks for everything.

  14. My doll’s transformation is unbelievable! She had definitely seen better days and now she’s ready to become the crowning jewel in my collection! Thanks to the Staff at Pink Bubble!

  15. All I can keep saying is WOW!!!! I just received my #4 ponytail that Bobby repainted for me. He sent photos and I was extremely impressed, but when I received her back in the mail, I was just ecstatic. The pictures did not do her justice. I was going to put her up for sale, but I’m not so sure I want to part with her now! Thank you Bobby for your amazing touch. I will be back with more girls! Sincerely, Joy Fleming – a grateful customer!

  16. I have never sent any dolls of mine to a doll spa before but let me tell you, it was the best choice I’ve made! My swirl ponytail and #3 have new life and will be the highlight of my collection. I lit up with a smile when I saw the before and after photos. Can’t even believe those are my dolls. So excited to see them in person and to see the work Bobby does on many more of my girls! Thank you Bobby so much for such a fun new experience!

  17. Hello of Switzerland, Dear friends, I have no words!!
    I am very much pleased, my Alina has arrived already this morning, that super service, thank you thank you thank you, and also you put the sponge that kind, I must say that I envy the experience you had, great, I have illuminated the day, thanks again hope to soon, a hug and a good weekend, Ciaoooo Roberta

  18. My #4 brunette Barbie ponytail, “Pinkie,” arrived yesterday and I can’t tell you the excitement in the house at the site of the restored Ms. Pinkie. She looks amazing. The tiny poodle curls at the top really glisten and shine. The curls at the end of the ponytail are a work of art and her make up is so perfect!! I have another #4 that was restored in France and she looks like a poor relation compared to Pinkie. I’m deciding which doll to send next! The customer service and the communication is amazing and no question is too small to ask. Very professional and highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My 3rd doll to visit Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, perfect as always. Her hair, and paint is fabulous, she was a total mess when she arrived! So professional. I can’t wait to send more! Thanks again Bobby!

  20. Bobby did an amazing job. I sent two Silkstone dolls to have their hair restyled. When Bobby emailed me the final photos of the before and after, I was ecstatic! I am happy that I sent my dolls to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, and I hope to send more of my dolls there for a spa day. Great work!

  21. Barbara
    I just received Cindy back from her Spa Vacation. She is just simply gorgeous. Bobby you do amazing work. I could not believe How great her hair came out never thought her hair would ever look that good again. I have had my dolls done by others but I will now stick with Bobby no one has done such a fantastic job as Bobby did and I ave searched many. Cindy came back so gorgeous I have just sent her Stephanie and I am sure she will be just as beautiful. I have quite a few waiting in line to have their day at Pink Bubble Spa. Thanks Again Bobby you are amazing and all my dolls will now go to you and I have many. Barbara

  22. Thank you Pink Bubbles Spa for rejuvenating Miss Joan Crawford. She was in dire need of a make-over. She received excellent, professional care and now looks and feels young again! Bobby, you are a miracle worker. Joan and I send hugs and kisses!

  23. Bobby–you are truly a miracle worker! I have only been collecting a few years and finally obtained a coveted #3 brunette doll who had been clearly “loved” for many years but was now in desperate need of some “love” from Bobby’s Pink Bubbles Spa. I thought she was beautiful when I sent her off. But, her results unveiled a diamond! She is positively glowing and is now the crown jewel of my collection–truly a class act!!! Thanks you so much Bobby for your talents, time and skills. My other girls are now in line for a visit. (:

  24. OMG!!! I don’t have enough words to describe how satisfied I am with my Betty Draper. From the first moment I contacted Bobby, he was very helpful!! I sent him some pictures of the hair style I wanted and he did a fantastic job with my Betty.
    Thank you so much for being so kind and patient Bobby, you are such a wonderful person; you made me feel welcome!!
    I highly recommend your work, I am more than happy with it!!
    Some of my other girls will pay you a visit, 😉!!

  25. Recently 4 of lovelies visited The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, and they could not be more pleased with the attention and treatments they received. They were lovingly pampered, beautifully styled and received superb make up tips. I might add, the trip to California, time of treatments and the return home took less than 2 weeks.
    Girls love to talk about a great thing, and word spread quickly amongst the other girls. As a result 4 of my other beauties on their way to visit Bobby and his wonderful team of beauty experts. Book ahead, I made another appointment almost as immediately, as the my first quartet returned home.
    Need I say more? I have been very satisfied with my experience! Bobby held my hand through the whole process, listened to my preferences, kept me updated and provided photos of the end results before the girls boarded the plane for their return flight. Bobby is a true artist,.


  26. I sent 3 of my beauties to Pink Bubbles, and all I can say is…WOW. My girls needed some extra TLC– one needed a simple re-set of her original style, one needed a slight restyle, and the last of my muses was begging for a complete hair makeover! When Bobby sent me my “Before &After” photos, not only was I impressed, I was completely blown away! My expectations had not only been met, but have been EXCEEDED! Great communication, prompt, honest service, and impeccable work. What more could one ask for!?!?

  27. I just got my Mildred Pearce-Tonner’s joan crawford redox. Just breathtaking! She’s joined the ranks of “favorites” by the staff here at RETROS. Thank you Bobby and staff, you’ve done it again!

  28. Bobby does not disappoint!
    A true master in creating the ideal hairstyle for your gals
    In a month and a half, he has done four of my girls and I could not be any happier!

  29. Oops! He did it again…And, again. I have sent my cherished vintage Barbie (several at a time) to The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, where Bobby and his team of beauty experts have cared for, pampered and enhanced the beauty of each. Might I add, that first and foremost is keeping my lovelies as original as possible. I have been thrilled with the service, attention and results provided. I have, in the past commissioned 2 other restoration experts, but have been disappointed on both occasions. Bobby’s artistry is never over done and hairstyling technique is soft, yet precise. Thank you, Bobby! I hope you will continue to welcome us to the a The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. I am so glad we found you.


  30. I sent my my beloved Brunetter Swirl & Brunette American Girl to the Pink Bubbles Spa–and wow! Bobby is a miracle-worker. Not only did he do a fabulous job on their hair-dos, he especially worked magic on my AG Barbie. The skin on the AG darkened had darkened over time, but after a good cleaning and gorgeous retouch on her make-up, she looked as good as new. I don’t know he did it, but he did! So glamorous. I really can’t thank him enough. He restored both Barbies so beautifully, remaining true to te original colors. This integrity and artistry is rare. I was just thrilled with the results!

  31. Bobby is a true artist! My girls were tired of being pushed to the back of the shelf because their hairdos didn’t measure up, but now they are front row stars. The Pink Bubbles Spa treatment really brought out their full Beauty Quotient. I am so pleased with the attention to detail and wonderful personal service. Thank you so much, Bobby!

  32. Bobby is a Phenomenal Restoration Artist! My Fashion Queen was my childhood doll and she was stored in a garage for years after I married and left home. You can imagine how dirty and faded she was. Bobby gave her the total spa treatment and now she looks better than she did when I bought her new! I’m thrilled with her new glamorous look and can’t wait to showcase her in photos again! Thank you Bobby for your amazing work and your top notch client service! You’ve made FQ and I extremely happy!!!

  33. Thanks you Vera for turning three problem dolls in to smashing divas to be adored. One doll arrived new with a dull hairstyle which Bobby transformed into a showstopper. She has moved from back of the shelf. The second had been well played and redressed and has been returned to me like a new doll. And the third was a hair disaster that is now a well groomed beauty. Highly recommend the Spa for any doll in need – more of mine will be visiting…

  34. Thank you very much Bobby you are the best. My #3 Barbie was not bad looking her face was really nice but her hair was a disaster. Her bangs had been cut off and she had little to no hair left but as always she came simply gorgeous. Thanks again she is now out of the closet once again showing off her new hair do to all. Barbrara

  35. Thank you again Bobby for doing such a fantastic job. Please tell Vera some of my girls will be populating your waiting room again soon!

  36. All I can say is WoW! Just received my 3 ponytails (a 3/4, 4 & 6) they look beyond lovely! Had used another “spa” before pink bubbles and the results were less than satisfactory, but not here! Cannot recommend Pink Bubbles highly enough! These girls look Better than New! Just awesome, lovely work here! Pink Bubbles will be the only Barbie Spa I use from now on! You are the Very Best! Thank you!

  37. I’ve collected vintage Barbie for 25 years,I’ve used a few of the top restoration artists ou there,this is the BEST restoration work i’ve seen to date !! THE BEST !!!

  38. Having had some bad experiences with restoration artists in the past, I was understandably nervous about sending my dolls to Bobby. What a WOWNDERFUL surprise when they returned home–THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL!!! My AGs looked just like they did brand new, my bubble was gorgeous and the #4 was perfect. I have already sent more dolls for Bobby to work on!

  39. I have sent several of my dolls to Pink Bubbles Spa for restoration. Bobby and staff are amazing; they can truly do miracles on vintage Barbies. I recently trusted them to restore my #1 and she is absolutely gorgeous; looks like new. I would never consider using any other restoration service for my fashion dolls. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful service for our beloved Barbies.

  40. I have had Bobby do several dolls. A few of my vintage Barbie and Friends dolls have had restoration work. I have had hairstyles done on some Fashion Royalty dolls. Every single doll has been amazing! Bobby is the only one that I know of with this touch. My dolls came home from their Pink Bubbles Spa visits looking better than I ever imagined! I am super pleased with Bobby’s work. I plan on having at least a dozen more dolls “done”.

  41. I LOVE PINK BUBBLES!!!!! Bobby did a beautiful job on my vintage Stacey. She is stunning! Now my other vintage girls want a go at a spa day too! And the lovely Vera is a doll!!!!

  42. If your looking for a place to send your dolls, this is the one! Bobby did a wonderful job, now my vintage Barbie looks brand new! The service was great and I definitely recommend sending your dolls that need a little bit of a make over to Pink Bubbles!

  43. I am so pleased with the result on my dolls hair! Bobby’s extremely friendly and catches what customers want. Of course with a wonderful communication. It feels like “Hair god’s magical hands”!

  44. Just got my #4 Barbie back from her time at the spa. She is much improved. I was very impressed with the communication from start to finish. Would definitely visit the ‘spa’ again. 🙂

  45. Bobby is a true artist. My dolls have been transformed into stunning beauties. The care and communication I receive is always top notch. I love seeing the results and I am never disappointed. I would recommend Pink Bubbles to anyone who wants to breathe new life into their dolls.

  46. I sent my Fashion Royalty Vanessa to Bobby for eyelash replacement. She came back looking better than new! All my girls are going to Bobby for their future spa needs. Thank you Bobby!

  47. My #3 went to Pink Bubbles for a makeover, and OH MY, she is gorgeous. Of course, now all my other girls want to go too, so they are getting in line. Just let us know when Bobby!!!! Thanks so much!

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