“LaRue, the “Beauty Bug” has landed!”



While flipping through the pages of her latest Seventeen magazine, Gidget saw this!

She just had to tell her B.F.F. LaRue all about the Beauty Bug!


Just a quick call on her private princess phone!

“No LaRue, does it sound like I’m kidding? It says it right here “Easily stores away or keep it out in the open and make a pet out of it!” You just gotta see it!”


“I’ll be right over!”


Hmm… how many weeks of allowance will it take to save up for it?


“That many?! LaRue, forget it!

We’re better off keeping our appointments at

The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!”

“Oh dear God, the Stewardess is flying the plane!”



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0007

From the collection of Jeannine!

This brave gal came running into our spa in the middle of the afternoon just last week. She was in quite the rush as she only had about two hours before she was due back at the airport for her next jaunt to L.A. She breathlessly told our receptionist Vera that the small eight seater plane she was on went down in a field just outside of town! Everything was fine though and all aboard were safe. She actually had to land the darn thing after the pilot fell ill after eating a bad burrito he brought on board for lunch. From the looks of her it must have been some landing and quite a walk to town for her to look the way she did!

Well, we rushed her right through with a quick wash and set and a fresh application of lipstick. Now this Fly Girl is regulation ready. Welcome aboard!



Jeannine’s Stewardess Barbie enjoyed a calming patented “Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body.” Her hair was washed, conditioned and re-styled. Fresh lipstick color was applied. Refreshed, she in fact did make it to her next destination on time!

Thanks Jeannine and Flight Attendant Roberts for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

“You’re soaking in it!”


Whatever became of Madge?

 She’s come out of retirement and is our new head manicurist at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, that’s what! Yes, we’ve finally lured Madge back in with a comfy position here at the spa. She has years of experience with filthy nails and she’s just the gal we need. She has over 200 shades of pink nail polish alone! Don’t you dare trust your hands to anyone else! See Vera in reception and book an appointment today!

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!…Connie Francis – 1962


P.B.D.S. Client File – #0006

From the collection of Robin!

You never know what can happen when you finally get to go on a vacation! Just ask Robin’s Swirl Barbie!

This is her story, as told to me, straight from my styling chair.

When Robin’s pretty Blonde Swirl heard she was going to a real Barbie convention, her head started swimming with thoughts of Connie Francis, fun, new friends and a chance to finally get out of the house and live!

Plane trips, hotel rooms, room shopping, everything sounded so dreamy! Swirl Barbie couldn’t wait to hit the convention floors and mingle with other dolls. It was going to be so amazing, so exciting! Things were going to happen to her that she had only read about in the pages of Barbie Bazaar.

She waited and waited. Finally, it was time to go! She was lovingly packed away in Robin’s suitcase with the other specially selected dolls and she was off!

Swirl Barbie loved being at convention, and was super excited when Robin took her to her very first workshop!

“Re-styling and re-painting 101” “Yay, …..I think!” thought Bab’s.

Everything seemed fine at first. Everyone got out their Barbie’s and listened carefully as the instructor told the crowd what to do. Paints and supplies were handed out and everyone was so excited!

Robin, always looking out for others, noticed someone sitting there without a doll to re-style and readily offered up Swirl Barbie!

“Hey, wait a minute!” screamed Barbie “I don’t want to go…..” But it was too late.

“First, we carefully comb out all the tangles!” said the instructor. “AHHHHHH!” Barbie screamed as the comb was pulled through her hair, root to ends by the clueless workshop attendee holding her. “Be careful!” she cried. She could feel her beautiful hair strands snap and tear, being pulled from her head. This went on forever, or so it seemed to Barbie. The comb was full of blonde hair when they were done and Barbie’s scalp was on fire! When Robin looked over, she was as mortified as Barbie!

Looking like someone had styled her hair with their feet, the disastrous hair lesson was finally over. It was now time for a make-up session!

“Oh my Lord!” Barbie tried to scream for help, but the crazed first time artist slathered her lips with the sticky goo they had mixed on the plate. Unhappy with the first attempt, it was wiped away roughly only to be re-applied again and again, staining her face. “How can this be happening?” Barbie thought, “Is this a dream? Is this a nightmare?”

So overtaken with grief, Barbie thankfully passed out and doesn’t remember any thing else from the workshop.

When she awoke some time later in the hotel room, she ran to the bathroom mirror and shrieked in horror at her own reflection and then fainted again!

When she came to for the second time she started to cry and refused to leave the room for the rest of convention.

She has been in this state ever since.

Till now.

She’s finally been booked at The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

The nightmare has ended.

Here she is…..the refreshed and renewed, Miss Blonde Swirl Barbie…….



Robin’s blonde swirl started her morning at the spa with our luxurious Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Her hair was then de-tangled, washed, set and styled. A pretty yellow replacement ribbon was added. Her eyebrow and lip make-up was refreshed and afterwards she visited with Beatrice in our gift shop to replace the dangerously rusting stick pins with “Safety-First” earrings.

Thank you Robin and Barbie for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

I just washed my hair…



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0005

From the collection of Kym!

“I just washed my hair and I can’t do a thing with it!” Kym’s Barbie seems to be saying in this photo.  Except she hadn’t, and her face either it from the looks of it! Poor thing, she was desperate for a day of beauty at the Pink Bubble!

First things first though. As always with girls in this state, our beautician recommended our  patented Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face and Body to her new client.

After her refreshing cleanse, P.T. (Poor Thing) was sent on to the hair department. I always pity the stylist who has to extract remnants of fifty year old rubber bands from a clients hairdo! After her wash and set, P.T’s hair was re-styled to its former glory.

Faded brows and lips were restored to perfection by our skilled make-up team, giving her that youthful glow thought long-lost. Her unfortunate “nose nip” couldn’t be helped, but Beatrice in our gift shop, who BTW, is no stranger to a little nip n’ tuck, gave her a tip on a few good surgeons in the area!

With a bounce in her step she didn’t have when she arrived, she’s ready to be dressed in any one of the many fabulous frocks Kym has in her collection! No longer refered to as “P.T.” by our staff, the new Miss Robert’s looks forward to going home and showing off  her new look to all the others in her doll family!



Kym’s Ponytail Barbie enjoyed a relaxing “Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face and Body” treatment. Her hair was washed, conditioned and set. Here eyebrows were refreshed and remnants of her original lip shade was reproduced and applied. She selected a pair of “Safety-First” replacement earrings with the assistance of Beatrice in our gift shop.

Thanks Kym for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

There never were such devoted Sisters!


 P.B.D.S. Client File – #0004

From the collection of Lene!

Here are a pair of lovely Momoko’s from the collection of Lene. She wanted these two dolls to have the same hairstyle but in different hair colors. Separated at birth? Or did they just happen to just visit The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa? You decide!

The adventure begins!

eb 524a

Here is Lene’s first Momoko. Very pretty but ready for a change! She’s in for a shock!


“Yikes! Is it me or do I feel a draft!” Someone get this girl a smock!


Momoko surrenders her most precious possession – her head – to our master stylist!

jm 012 Ta Da!

After many moons (and a long wait in limbo due to a pink hair shortage!) Lene’s doll is ready for her close-up!

jm 017

And here it is!

eb 518a

 Here is Lene’s second Momoko. She was late for her appointment and doesn’t know what hair-raising procedures her sister went through. She’ll find out soon enough!


 Momoko checks herself out in the mirror…not yet convinced this was a good idea!


 Sis steps in to discuss hair color options. “Turquoise green I’d say!”

jm 020

 “I love it!”

jm 024

 Momoko #2 has no regrets!


 Family portrait.

Lene, We hope your happy with your dolls!

Thank you for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

Please visit Lene and check out her amazing Mini’s!

Here’s the link:


Francie – Cover Girl Dreams!


P.B.D.S. Client File – #0003

From the collection of Jeannine!

All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into one of them! 

 Little Francie had plans, big time plans, and though she loved her Auntie Julia, they didn’t include following her advice and becoming a nurse. She also knew she wasn’t interested in being a wife and mother like Auntie’s best friend Christie. Francie knew that Christie wasn’t as happy as she pretended to be. Her husband Brad turned out to be a real player and the fights heard late at night on their street were epic, often ending with Christie moving in “temporarily” with Auntie Julia, little Carla in tow, yet again. No, Francie had a different path in mind. She also had a brilliant idea in her pretty little head to get the ball rolling!

 You ever wonder how I know other people’s private business in this town? Well, Francie hangs out here at the spa after school and tells me everything, whether I want to hear it or not, because she’s a chatterbox. She sits here for hours poring over the hair and fashion magazines I keep for customers in the waiting room and doesn’t stop talking! She also doesn’t shy away from clipping out the pictures from the spa’s magazines for her scrapbooks, or mimicking all the expressions and poses for my very tolerant clientage and staff! Among many, and I mean many topics she’s shared with all of us, is her destiny of having a career in modeling. She’s said more than once she’s going to be a famous teen fashion model, and just wait, one day it will be her on all these covers!

 Well unbeknownst to me, Francie had an idea to kick-start her teenage modeling career and  The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa was going to be a part of them! One Saturday morning, Francie came in and commented on how slow things were at the spa lately and how I needed to bring in more business. “Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have something spectacular happen that would really cause a sensation for Pink Bubbles?” said Francie. “Sure, that would be great, but what could possibly happen?” I answered. She smiled at me and said “How about a huge glamour shot of an up and coming young model to hang right here in the front window! Wouldn’t that be just the most? It would get people talking for sure!”  “Yeah, that would definitely be the most Francie!” I answered back using my new teenage lingo. “Any idea of who I could get to model for it?” Of course I was already on to her. “Oh I don’t know, but this exciting new personality would obviously need a fabulous make-over from the spa to pull it off you know.” she said excitedly. “I mean think of the publicity you would get for discovering me, uh, I mean her!”  “O.K., I get it Francie, you’ll be the new “It” girl, but don’t forget the Pink Bubble when you make it big!” I told her. Well it was a slow day, so what the heck!

Anyway, with a little Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa magic, Francie was camera ready for her close-up! Francie had always been a cute kid, but I was even surprised of how great she looked when I finished! She did look like a teen model! Francie loved her hair, lipstick and fab new lashes! She hopped out of my chair and rushed off to Sears to get her picture taken. Well, as luck would have it, Francie’s portrait was so beautiful, Sears ended up using it in the local papers to advertise their portrait studio!  Francie proudly showed us all the clipping. It’s on the first page of her new scrapbook, you know, the one she’s keeping to chronicle her “rise to the top!” I have a feeling this girl is really going to make it after all! And yes folks, I do have that beautiful framed portrait of Francie in the spas front window!

 Keep an eye out at the newsstands for the newest teenage fashion model! Discovered right here at the The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!




Jeannine’s Francie enjoyed our patented Pink Bubbles beauty bath! She received a partial re-root on the sides and back of her head. Her new hair plugs were color matched to her original hair color. Her hair was then cut, washed & set. She also received new rooted eyelashes. To finish her new look, fresh lip paint was added.

Thanks Jeannine and Francie for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!