Angels With Dirty Faces!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0016

From the collection of ?!

(I’m not saying! I don’t want anybody’s Mother getting a call from Harper Valley Social Services!)

 You know kids don’t worry much about their appearance. They just run wild and have fun. It’s their job! But it is Mom’s job to worry about it, unless she wants a curt telephone call and a sit-down “meet ‘n greet” with Harper Valley social services, courtesy of a filed report by that old bitty next door who’s plate glass window was broken out by an errant baseball. You all know the type!

 Now I’m not one to judge, but from the looks of it, these tyke’s have been playing for over 40 years already without a bath. I’m not getting all up in any ones parenting skills now, but let’s just face it, I think it was time they cleaned up a bit, don’t you!

 Skipper, Skooter and Ricky definitely needed, we’ll say,  a little grooming. Skipper is the oldest and probably knows a little more than Skooter or Ricky on the subject. But if she is setting an example for them, it’s getting lost in translation somewhere along the way!

 Not in too bad of shape, Skipper basically just needed a good bath and her hair done. Skooter on the other hand was really going for that urchin in the street “Les Miserables” vibe.  Ricky, well he’s just another story altogether. I swear when he walked in to the spa, I thought he was a little lost hobo. All that was missing was a cigar stub hanging from his lips and a bottle of Hooch!

 All in all, it was an easy job. Mom dropped them off and told Vera she had to run a few errands. Vera then led them straight to me cause she didn’t want any part of it. I guess Mama sort of got that two-for-one deal going on today, grooming services AND babysitter all in one! I didn’t mind though. They were little angels. But I do hope one of those errands she’s running involves a stop at Sears for some new outfits! Or at least a box of Tide from Kroger’s! I’m just saying!

 Well, here they are, all spruced up and ready for their class pictures!

Skipper, Skooter and little Ricky! Now ain’t they sweet!






This cute trio came in with little dirty face’s only a Mother could love! They each of course had a date with Mr. Bubble! They all were given a thorough Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Skipper and Skooter both had their hair washed, conditioned and set. Skooter was given pretty red ribbons for her pigtail’s. She also received a fresh lip paint. Ricky was also given a fresh lip paint as well as some touch-ups on his hair. Now it’s your turn Mom, bring on that Tide!

New “Doll Hair Hall Of Fame” Inductee!


Pink Bubbles Doll Spa

congratulates and welcomes

Mattel’s 1963

“Fashion Queen”

Barbie doll

into the hallowed halls of the Doll Hair Hall Of Fame!


In 1963, lucky little girls & boys across the land finally got to experience the Wonderful World of Wig-dom! Many children who had earned their way onto Santa’s “Nice” list could now dabble in the exciting world of quick, fashionable hair-do changes once reserved only for their Mothers, Aunts and an occasional perpetually single Uncle on their own!

barbieSee, didn’t Mother tell you “It pays to be nice!”

Wigs became a very popular fashion accessory at the time. With a snap of a finger, or more likely 45 minutes in front of a mirror adjusting it, your Husband could come home to find an exciting blonde, a fiery redhead or even a naughty brunette serving him his dinner! Those were the days, remember girls! Trying to hold on to your man’s waning attention, even though he’s gone all day, working in that big fancy office, with all those loose tramps in the secretarial pool…oh, I’m sorry… I drifted off topic, where was I?…Oh, I remember, wigs!


A woman’s hair is her crowning glory! No one ever said you couldn’t have an arsenal of  “crowns” did they! Throw on a pair of 1960’s era colored, hard contact lenses, and you’re in for a very uncomfortable night on the town or a not very relaxing evening at home, with an over-heated scalp and bulging red eyes, fulfilling your husbands secret desire to cheat on you!

Always on the cutting edge of trends, Barbie joined in on the fun and got to wear hot itchy wigs to project an over-powering image of allure for her favorite “boy-toy” Ken!


Here is a photo of a pair of  rare prototype “Fashion Queen” Barbie’s. Notice the one on the right is sporting a very natural “banana yellow” painted hairdo. Looks like someone left the stylist’s chair without waiting for her Roux Fanciful Rinse!

Missed the wig boat in 1963? No problem, just check out Mattel’s re-release of their classic “Fashion Queen” Barbie doll! Like a good wig, you can hardly tell it’s not the real thing!


So may I present, the second inductee into the

Pink Bubble’s Doll Hair Hall Of Fame,

Miss “Fashion Queen” Barbie!

Long live the queen!

In parting, please enjoy this selection of glamorous photos featuring

our very own Pink Bubbles Doll Spa wig model, 

Miss Sybil (“Skitz” to her friends)  O’ Phrenia!

She’s Irish!

Take it away Sybil!


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