A New Year, A New “Do”, A New You!


P.B.D.S. Clients – #0074, #0075, #0076, #0077, #0078, #0079

From the collections of Fazal, Len & Gary!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into a few…

Happy New Year Pink Bubbles Doll Spa readers, I hope all your holidays were wonderful!

The girls and I have finally returned to our stations at long last and are very excited to see what beauty challenges await us in the coming year. Imagine, twelve whole months of helping many a “poor thing” return to her former glory…my feet hurt just thinking about it…but as you all know it’s what I and all our staff live for!

So I hope you’ll all join us in future posts as we “meet and treat” the newest Pink Bubble’s patrons who wisely decide to make appointments with our receptionist Vera…who by the way is at her desk right now ready to accept calls on her brand new pink princess desk phone that we all chipped in to get her for Christmas…


“Good afternoon, Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, this is Vera, how may I help you?”


 But before we begin anew, let’s take a quick look back at some very recent clients who ended 2014 on a beauty high-note…

Of course all our guests appointments start in the capable hands of Daffy who always begin their hair transformations with a relaxing Pink Bubbles Doll Spa shampoo!


Now nothing sets off a beautiful face better than an equally dazzling hairdo! And speaking of beautiful faces, these Fashion Royalty ladies all came in requesting fresh hairstyles to start off their new year on the right foot. Here are some F.R. client highlights…

First up is Vanessa from the collection of Fazal:


Frankly, it looks like her hair’s seen things and been places, but don’t fret V., an elegant up-do will make things right!

May we present a style I’ve dubbed “Lora” an homage to Miss Lana Turner and one of Vera’s very favorite films “Imitation of Life”…






Yes ladies, this one’s a real man-trap…see below!


(And this was before she even got the chance to leave the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa client lounge!)

Next up is Adele who was sent in by Len:


If only we could turn back time…guess what, we can!


She’s “Paparazzi Bait” once more!




Here’s Len’s elegant Simonetta…

DSC08216 She arrived at the spa wearing a rather Nordic hairstyle. The side-swept “Russell”, a popular Pink Bubbles set, may be a better choice for her upcoming film “Uva Amaro” or “Bitter Grapes” for U.S. audiences “who just can’t wrap their mouths around that one!”…her words not mine, I swear!




Another one of Gary’s girls dropped in for hair help…here’s Eugenia before:


And after…





Gary’s “Red Zinger” Dania also came in for an up-do re-do!






And finally Victoire Roux giving us a little “Dah-ling I Love you but give me Park Avenue!” glam…






So as we put away our aluminum trees for yet another year…


lets all look forward to many more fun visits here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Now who’s next?


My money’s on the little lady in the blue dress and hat…(look down, the pretty brunette sitting on the floor quietly under the tree)…give Vera a call sweetie, she’ll pencil you right in!

Thank you Fazal, Len & Gary for sending in and sharing your dolls beautiful hair transformations with all our readers!

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Wondering Who’s Been In? Pink Bubbles Clients Of The Week!


P.B.D.S. Clients – #0063, #0064, #0065, #0066, #0067

From the collections of Carla, Ann, Julie, Fazal & Lavina!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into a few…

What’s the latest? Who’s had what done you may be be wondering? Well come on in for a little peek inside the walls of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and see for yourself!

Our clients of late have all returned home of course, but their fabulous before & after results remain in our files as inspiration for even the “poorest of things” to never give up hope!

Lets take a look:

First up we have a marvelous example of what a fresh head of hair can do for a gal. Carla’s Julia came in needing the works in the hair department and needless to say our staff agreed and got right to work…


Why go for what’s expected?

A tribute to Miss B.’s 1969 “Marlo” hairdo, complete with forehead spit-curl is a perfect choice to turn a few heads!

Look out Christie, Brad’s gonna flip! (Pun intended!)






How about a little under-cover action from

“The Girl From Integrity”…

Ann’s Poppy needed a little help with her Vidal Sassoon inspired bob and decided to “Get Smart” about it and make an appointment at Pink Bubbles!


“Agent 99” anyone?!






A classic never goes out of style…but that doesn’t mean you should never tune it up!

Julie’s vintage #5 arrived needing a little attention from our staff…


…and got it!

Yes, it’s the same girl!






The always gracious Victoire Roux from Fazal’s collection kept her hair appointment and opted for a little side-swept glamor…



Channeling Jane Russell, V.R. makes the look her own!




And finally, here’s a lovely side-part American Girl from the collection of Lavina…






Going back in time, Barbie recaptures the look she wore in 1965…what a knock-out!

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little peek at just a few of the memorable guests we’ve helped look their best these last few weeks here at Pink Bubbles. As always appointments are available for your special gal in need and remember, Vera’s always happy to pencil you in!

DSC04211 (2)

Till next time ladies and gents…

Keep on swingin’!


Thank you Carla, Ann, Julie, Fazal & Lavina for sharing your dolls wonderful results with our readers!

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Tomato, Tamato!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0040

From the collection of Ernesto!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

The busy week began when our receptionist Vera received an urgent telephone call from Ernesto, a dear friend of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

Ernesto is not only a brilliant photographer, he’s also a wonderful writer and the creator of DOLLDOM one of my very favorite fashion doll sites! If you haven’t already, you must drop in…I’m sure you’ll all love it! In fact, the spa clients in today’s post are all in- house fashion models who work exclusively in his studio…and this is their story!

Vera informed me that Ernesto’s Silkstone models needed appropriate hairstyles for the elegant couture wardrobe that was to be featured in an up-coming DOLLDOM pictorial. He had scheduled hair appointments for his selected models with her…and she was very excited to have this elite group of supermodels visit us here at the spa. As some of you may know, Vera’s a bit high-toned and is always looking to add another fabulous feather to the Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa cap and informed us all that the models visit would “bring up the tone of the place!”

Now according to the plan, the seven girls were going to be driving down the coast very early the next morning for their hair appointments, giving them plenty of time to return that evening for the scheduled fashion shoot. Well, in a perfect world plans go…well basically as planned! Unfortunately, this was not the case in this instance and I’m afraid our dear Vera got caught up in the cross-hairs!

It all started when the models car broke down about half way down the coast. Fortunately they were able to call us from a garage to let us know of the delay. Now Vera, already knowing of Ernesto’s shooting schedule, wanted to make sure their visit went off without a hitch, so she decided to drive up and give the girls a lift the rest of the way in her Chevy convertible. You may have seen it about town. It’s hard to miss…baby pink with “Pink Bubbles Doll Spa” logos painted on both the doors!

Now that would have been a happy ending to a slight bump in the road…except Vera’s usually dependable Chevy overheated as well on the way back! Well, as you can imagine with a group as large as that; seven lovely young girls…as well as we’ll say, a very well-preserved Vera…rides to accommodate them all were hard to come by! The best the stranded group could do in this pinch was…are you ready…a lift in the back of an open-bed tomato truck inward bound to L.A.! Well, a rides a ride and the girls convinced a very skeptical Vera that they should take it.

So, with the Chevy hitched securely to the back bumper, off they went!


Back at the salon Daffy and I were beginning to worry about our clients whereabouts when suddenly, a big red truck full of tomatoes pulled up in front of the spa! Surprised, we both watched as the girls jumped out of the back, laughing as they headed towards the doors of the spa. Last to emerge was our very own Vera…hair askew looking a little windblown after the trip down the scenic coast of the 101 Freeway! And you should have seen the expression on her face as she hopped down out of the back of that truck and removed a very ripe tomato from the back heel of her shoe!

Well, with their road trip adventure behind them, each girl took their turn in my chair.  They each received an elegant new hairstyle more suited to the classic couture they were soon to wear. A happy ending after all as the girls indeed made it back in time for the shoot! 

Enjoy their hair transformation results below!








Now that’s what I’d call a lovely bunch of tomato’s!

Make sure to visit DOLLDOM where you can view the stunning results as the models take their turns in front of Ernesto’s lens!

Thank you Ernesto for sending your lovely troupe of models to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and featuring them on the pages of DOLLDOM! They look divine!

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Spa packages as well as individual services are available.

Have a great weekend everyone and look for a new make-over tale next week!

Attack Of The 50 Foot Barbie!


         P.B.D.S. Client #0023

            From the collection of Kym!

Here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, everyone is welcome, even if you can’t possibly enter the spa doors! So it was for our next client. A statuesque beauty, “My Size” Barbie had a request of gigantic proportions. She dreamed of a retro look, harkening back to the glory years of her past, the early 1960’s.

I knew there were going to be challenges right away due to her size. Firstly, she would never fit into any of our stylists chairs and you could also forget about sticking that big head into our petite pink wash bowl! Though she could have easily reached down and torn the roof off the spa, much like “The Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman!” she was a dear and let the staff tend to her out back in the parking lot. Many cars had to be moved!

After her Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body, “M.S.” Barbie had her hair washed, conditioned and de-tangled, which by the way was quite a chore since she’d been roaming around for many years, obviously without a hairbrush. We did our best to capture the classic ponytail hairstyle even though she wasn’t rooted for it at all. And talk about hard to curl hair, this gal had a head full!

With her hair finally styled, it was now time to move on to her face. As she requested, I drew inspiration from the classic Barbie look. I shaped her brows and filled them in with the appropriate shade. Happy with the results, I moved on to her eyes. She obviously didn’t have the molded lids, in fact she had rooted lashes, but I did my best to give her the vintage Barbie gaze, eyes to the right. And of course we had to have the blue shadow!  The finishing touch was of course her lips, which were now fuller and a deep red shade instead of the pretty pink she started with. After a mani & pedi with Madge she’s ready for her debut!

A first for the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, may we present our biggest client ever, Miss “My Size” Barbie, a modern girl with a retro twist!




From the imagination of Kym and standing over 3 feet high, here is her vintage inspired “My Size” Barbie doll. Kym plans on sewing her new gal a replica of the classic black & white striped swimsuit. I hope she’ll be able to find her the perfect mules! Perhaps she will send the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa a photo when she’s finished that we can share with our readers!

Angels With Dirty Faces!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0016

From the collection of ?!

(I’m not saying! I don’t want anybody’s Mother getting a call from Harper Valley Social Services!)

 You know kids don’t worry much about their appearance. They just run wild and have fun. It’s their job! But it is Mom’s job to worry about it, unless she wants a curt telephone call and a sit-down “meet ‘n greet” with Harper Valley social services, courtesy of a filed report by that old bitty next door who’s plate glass window was broken out by an errant baseball. You all know the type!

 Now I’m not one to judge, but from the looks of it, these tyke’s have been playing for over 40 years already without a bath. I’m not getting all up in any ones parenting skills now, but let’s just face it, I think it was time they cleaned up a bit, don’t you!

 Skipper, Skooter and Ricky definitely needed, we’ll say,  a little grooming. Skipper is the oldest and probably knows a little more than Skooter or Ricky on the subject. But if she is setting an example for them, it’s getting lost in translation somewhere along the way!

 Not in too bad of shape, Skipper basically just needed a good bath and her hair done. Skooter on the other hand was really going for that urchin in the street “Les Miserables” vibe.  Ricky, well he’s just another story altogether. I swear when he walked in to the spa, I thought he was a little lost hobo. All that was missing was a cigar stub hanging from his lips and a bottle of Hooch!

 All in all, it was an easy job. Mom dropped them off and told Vera she had to run a few errands. Vera then led them straight to me cause she didn’t want any part of it. I guess Mama sort of got that two-for-one deal going on today, grooming services AND babysitter all in one! I didn’t mind though. They were little angels. But I do hope one of those errands she’s running involves a stop at Sears for some new outfits! Or at least a box of Tide from Kroger’s! I’m just saying!

 Well, here they are, all spruced up and ready for their class pictures!

Skipper, Skooter and little Ricky! Now ain’t they sweet!






This cute trio came in with little dirty face’s only a Mother could love! They each of course had a date with Mr. Bubble! They all were given a thorough Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Skipper and Skooter both had their hair washed, conditioned and set. Skooter was given pretty red ribbons for her pigtail’s. She also received a fresh lip paint. Ricky was also given a fresh lip paint as well as some touch-ups on his hair. Now it’s your turn Mom, bring on that Tide!

There never were such devoted Sisters!


 P.B.D.S. Client File – #0004

From the collection of Lene!

Here are a pair of lovely Momoko’s from the collection of Lene. She wanted these two dolls to have the same hairstyle but in different hair colors. Separated at birth? Or did they just happen to just visit The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa? You decide!

The adventure begins!

eb 524a

Here is Lene’s first Momoko. Very pretty but ready for a change! She’s in for a shock!


“Yikes! Is it me or do I feel a draft!” Someone get this girl a smock!


Momoko surrenders her most precious possession – her head – to our master stylist!

jm 012 Ta Da!

After many moons (and a long wait in limbo due to a pink hair shortage!) Lene’s doll is ready for her close-up!

jm 017

And here it is!

eb 518a

 Here is Lene’s second Momoko. She was late for her appointment and doesn’t know what hair-raising procedures her sister went through. She’ll find out soon enough!


 Momoko checks herself out in the mirror…not yet convinced this was a good idea!


 Sis steps in to discuss hair color options. “Turquoise green I’d say!”

jm 020

 “I love it!”

jm 024

 Momoko #2 has no regrets!


 Family portrait.

Lene, We hope your happy with your dolls!

Thank you for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

Please visit Lene and check out her amazing Mini’s!

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