To Braid Or Not To Braid, That Is The Question!

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P.B.D.S. Client #0022

From the collection of Debbi!

Sometimes a dolls past and present just can’t seem to separate themselves. Like a braided ponytail, they just happily intertwine with each other. This was the case with our next Pink Bubbles Doll Spa client.

 She actually arrived a little early for her appointment and as a reward from punctuality-obsessed Vera, wasn’t made to wait the extra fifteen minutes before being escorted to my station. As you all know by now, Vera runs a very tight ship when it comes to her appointment book. Early or on-time arrivals will always find a quite charming receptionist, while tardy clients more than likely come face-to-face with the cool and curt version, no matter what their excuses may be. A sort of Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde situation comes to mind! If you knew Vera as well as I do, you’d understand. She has always kept everything in her life in very tidy order. Her home, children and of course, all three of her ex-husbands! So please, if you can, be on time!

My new client was a very pretty girl, though I will admit, quite disheveled. I would imagine any of us would be in this same state had we experienced her adventures. She certainly had an interesting past, that’s for sure! According to her, for more years than she cares to remember, she had been forced to live a perpetual childhood, her head stuck on a Skipper body! She doesn’t recall how it happened, but I would guess she was caught up in a head-swapping situation with her childhood owner. I’ve seen it many times here in the spa. Viewed by other dolls, including handsome Ken, as “just a kid”, she had nearly given up hope for a normal life. Luckily, she joined her new friend Debbi’s collection and was able to finally grow-up again and regained her womanly curves with a body replacement. Now it was time to take her transformation a step further with an appointment at Pink Bubbles!

When it came time to discuss hairstyle options, she wasn’t sure whether to keep her braided ponytail she’d worn for years or have it smoothed. I liked the charming braided look myself. It was a very cute look and really flattered her. But would the style be too much of a reminder of her unique past, too childish for her now that she had finally regained her new figure? In fact, she was going to visit Beatrice in our Fashion Boutique later and couldn’t wait to try on some lovely new dresses. Would the braid be right with her new wardrobe, she wondered? After quite a bit of a discussion it was decided she would keep it.

With the decision made, she enjoyed a well deserved Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body and then had her hair washed, conditioned and untangled with the assistance of our shampoo girl Daffy. They both seemed to really liked each other right away and I heard much laughter coming from the back. Daffy’s been a great new addition to our staff here at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and our customers evidently agree as she receives wonderful reviews on the pink comment cards Vera gives our guests. I do hope she stays on here at the spa, even if she finally achieves her dream of becoming an actress. I guess we’ll see!

When my client returned, I was ready to proceed with her hair. I began by pulling her hair straight back and gave her a wrapped top-knot ponytail. I separated and re-braided the hair. The ends were then curled and set and then a pretty white ribbon was selected to finish the style. I fluffed up her bangs and voila! Everyone agreed the braided ponytail was a cute take on the classic style and I think she’s really happy she kept it. It sets her apart and makes her beautifully unique! I then repaired her make-up while Madge tended to her nails.

Though this young gal endured an accidental extended childhood, she’s now ready to move on to the next chapter in her life. I can’t wait to see her in a lovely dress and heels. And with that new figure of hers, I’m sure she’ll never be mistaken by Ken for a little girl ever again!


bpt2Debbi’s pretty doll really enjoyed her long-awaited “grown-up” day at the spa! She started with the Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had her braided ponytail hairstyle refreshed and selected a pretty white ribbon to finish it. Her eyebrows, lids and lips were also redone. Madge provided the matching polish for her nails. Beatrice was happy to assist her in choosing the “Safety-First” earrings she wears, secretly hoping our gal will choose a new dress from the Pink Bubbles Fashion Boutique to go with them!


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