Don’t Worry…Be Happy!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0025

From the collection of Greg!

All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them!

Who doesn’t love to travel? I know I do! Of course, I rarely escape the pink stucco walls of the spa these days, we’ve been so busy.  That’s why I always enjoy a good travel adventure shared by a fortunate client who actually gets to go somewhere exotic. By the time I spray on their final coat of Aqua-Net, I feel like I actually tagged along on their trip! Why, this month alone, I vicariously went to Miami Beach, Catalina Island, Japan and with the latest tale from my newest client Bobbie – Jamaica, without ever leaving my station!

I’ll admit when I first met her, I was taken aback a little by her beatnik style. But clearly not as much as Vera our receptionist, who couldn’t hide her disapproving looks as she took her in from head to toe. “Your twelve o’clock is here.” she announced bringing her in, “Please have a seat dear. You’ll be here a while! Would you prefer coffee or tea?” “I’ll take coffee, thank you!” replied our guest. Always willing to pitch in, especially on hectic days like today, Vera called out “Daffy! Bring coffee to station one!” and returned to her desk.

Now we all know vacations don’t always go as planned, but my new friend Bobbie’s adventure was indeed a trip for the books! According to her, she won the two-week Jamaican holiday as a contestant on “Let’s Make A Deal!”

Who would have thought dressing up as a giant carrot and being selected by Monty Hall to make a deal would end up bringing a girl such drama and adventure! Remembering back to that fateful day, she says she’s very happy she traded the new avocado green refrigerator for mystery door number three where the lovely Carol Merrill was standing!

lets-make-a-deal“Let’s Make A Deal!” A place where girls dressed as carrots can end up in a pickle!

According to Bobbie, things went awry the moment she landed on the island of Jamaica. First, her luggage was nowhere to be found in the baggage claim. Later she was told apologetically, her new set of Samsonite “Silhouette” luggage (again courtesy of Monty Hall and Carol Merrill) containing all her lovely clothes was on its way to Canada! (BTW, who could have been so careless as to let a thing like that happen?!!)

In addition, adding to her dilemma, most of her $500.00 prize money was gone as well as she had tucked it behind the mirror of the stylish make-up case. With only $17.14 found at the bottom of her purse and a luckily paid in advance hotel room to her name, Bobbie decided just to make the best of things. So with the tenacity of Scarlett O’Hara, determined not to let that ole’ Civil War get her down, she set off to enjoy her holiday!

As you can imagine, her dough didn’t last long and with thirteen days to go and her luggage still remaining M.I.A., she took matters into her own hands. Walking along the shore, she was drawn to the rhythmic sound of a reggae band playing for the tourists. She noticed their large gumbie drum leaning alone against the tree and decided to give it a try! Musically gifted, she blended smoothly into their tempo. After several numbers, the bands lead singer, a nice fellow named Bob, made her an honorary member of his band “The Wailers” by giving her an equal share of the tips left by the appreciative listeners. She sure did need the money and was grateful to have it! They became great friends and she met them there every afternoon to play for the remainder of her stay!

She had a ball but said she may have taken things a bit too far by adopting the wild hair style of her band mates. Sunshine, salt, sand, and plenty of humidity for two weeks straight created the “do” seen below for me to untangle!


When she made it back home, her shocked mother made an appointment and drove her straight to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa where she spent the afternoon with me, my rat-tail comb and a good conditioner! I really enjoyed listening to Bobbie’s Jamaican tales and hope she’ll return to the spa sometime soon. With her gorgeous new looks, I’m sure many more adventures await her!

Please enjoy her before & after photos below!


Bobbie says “Never be afraid to “go for broke!” When life hands you an avocado green refrigerator, don’t play it safe, trade it for the mystery behind door number three…you just may have the time of your life!”




Bobbie really needed a vacation from her vacation! She started off with a relaxing Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Some unfortunate facial stains were successfully treated and lightened, definitely improved, don’t you agree! With a face-full of refreshed make-up, coupled with her rescued mane of dark locks, I’d say she’s as beautiful a vision as any Caribbean sunset!

 Thank you Greg and Bobbie for visiting us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Come back soon!

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Thank you and have a great weekend everyone!

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