Pink Bubble’s Staff Booked-In For “Rest” Cure!

Hello Everybody!

Just popping in to let you know the girls and I have at long last taken a spa hiatus after many years of non-stop bookings! We will all be “resting” (at an undisclosed sanitarium) for the duration of Spring per Dr. Jaquith’s instructions.

Bookings will resume in the summer months of 2019 and we look forward to meeting many new guests here on the floor then! Thank you all for your continued support of Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and of course your patience in waiting for us to return from our “retreat”…hopefully cured of our nervous conditions!

Happiest of Spring times to you all and see you soon!

2 comments on “Pink Bubble’s Staff Booked-In For “Rest” Cure!

  1. Rest, relax and heal! You have done so much for so many, it’s time for you! I pray all is well and look forward to my gals having more “B.T.” Pink Bubbles time!

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