Christie – A Real Head Turner!



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0010

From the collection of Jeannine!

Let’s be frank ladies. There’s only so long you should go between beauty appointments! I’m all for being thrifty but sometimes you just gotta face the facts. You need a professional! Take Christie for example, she’d completely let herself go. Years of wearing no make-up, boxed hair color and at home haircuts had taken their toll on her good looks. She’d become the type of gal you have to look twice at on the street, because you couldn’t believe it the first time!

I don’t know what’s going on with that a huge patch of melted hair in the back. Looks like someone knocked her in the back of the head with a hot skillet! Which could be the case as she doesn’t even remember how it happened. Anyway, it all just had to come off! Christie was tired of short hair, so she selected a lovely swirl hairdo in a soft peachy-pink tone. We finished it with a bright pink hair ribbon. Took twenty years off her!

She requested and was given new lashes and of course needed eyebrow and lip color as well. We even added a highlight to her dark brown eyes to give them that extra sparkle.

The always helpful Beatrice from our gift shop, (who works  on commission) brought her a tray of beautiful earrings to select from. She chose a simple pair of silver hoops.

I swear you would never believe it was the same girl! See what a date with your stylist can do girls! The investment in yourself can really pay off. Christie’s back on the street and is still turning heads, but this time for all the right reasons!



Christie treated herself to our Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had a complete re-root which included a cut, set and style. Her lashes were re-rooted as well. Her eyebrows and lips were re-painted and highlights added to her pupils. She is wearing a lovely pair of silver hoops to address previous “at home” ear piercings. Thanks again to the ever helpful Beatrice!

Thank you Jeannine and Christie for visiting with us at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

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