Wondering Who’s Been In? Pink Bubbles Clients Of The Week!


P.B.D.S. Clients – #0063, #0064, #0065, #0066, #0067

From the collections of Carla, Ann, Julie, Fazal & Lavina!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into a few…

What’s the latest? Who’s had what done you may be be wondering? Well come on in for a little peek inside the walls of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and see for yourself!

Our clients of late have all returned home of course, but their fabulous before & after results remain in our files as inspiration for even the “poorest of things” to never give up hope!

Lets take a look:

First up we have a marvelous example of what a fresh head of hair can do for a gal. Carla’s Julia came in needing the works in the hair department and needless to say our staff agreed and got right to work…


Why go for what’s expected?

A tribute to Miss B.’s 1969 “Marlo” hairdo, complete with forehead spit-curl is a perfect choice to turn a few heads!

Look out Christie, Brad’s gonna flip! (Pun intended!)






How about a little under-cover action from

“The Girl From Integrity”…

Ann’s Poppy needed a little help with her Vidal Sassoon inspired bob and decided to “Get Smart” about it and make an appointment at Pink Bubbles!


“Agent 99” anyone?!






A classic never goes out of style…but that doesn’t mean you should never tune it up!

Julie’s vintage #5 arrived needing a little attention from our staff…


…and got it!

Yes, it’s the same girl!






The always gracious Victoire Roux from Fazal’s collection kept her hair appointment and opted for a little side-swept glamor…



Channeling Jane Russell, V.R. makes the look her own!




And finally, here’s a lovely side-part American Girl from the collection of Lavina…






Going back in time, Barbie recaptures the look she wore in 1965…what a knock-out!

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little peek at just a few of the memorable guests we’ve helped look their best these last few weeks here at Pink Bubbles. As always appointments are available for your special gal in need and remember, Vera’s always happy to pencil you in!

DSC04211 (2)

Till next time ladies and gents…

Keep on swingin’!


Thank you Carla, Ann, Julie, Fazal & Lavina for sharing your dolls wonderful results with our readers!

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Please visit again soon for more dolly adventures!



Pink Bubbles New “Clients Of The Week” Feature!

Greetings Pink Bubbles Doll Spa readers!

I hope this weeks blog post finds you all doing well and that you’re enjoying the summer months so far.

The spa has been so busy with new clients coming and going lately that finding the extra time to post weekly is becoming very difficult indeed. Vera suggested that a “Clients of the Week” posting might be fun and I must say in a “time-pinch” like the spa is experiencing at the moment, I really like the idea. I’ll of course be sharing more “in-depth” postings with you as soon as I can!

Till then, here are some make-over highlights to enjoy of  just a few of our clients who answered the “Beauty Roll-Call” here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa these past weeks…



P.B.D.S. Client – #0050

From the collection of Fazal!






P.B.D.S. Client – #0051

From the collection of Lisa!






 P.B.D.S. Client – #0052

From the collection of Lavina!







Look for another “Clients of the Week!” posting next week.

Till then,

Vera, Daffy, Beatrice & Madge all send their love!


“Now You See It…Now You Don’t!” It’s Color Magic!



P.B.D.S. Client – #0043

From the collection of Barbara!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know.

Here’s a peek into one of them…

Hello Pink Bubbles Doll Spa readers!

I hope this very belated blog post finds you all doing well! I must tell you I literally haven’t had the extra time needed these last few weeks to pop in and say hello and share what’s been going on here at the spa as we’ve been so busy lately. I’m not complaining mind you, business is booming, and I’m grateful…swollen feet and all!

New clients have been coming and going so quickly around here that I’m going to have to give Vera and Daffy a raise…they’ve earned it! Of course dear Beatrice from our gift shop works solely on commission, so I’m afraid she’s on her own. But don’t worry about her, she’s doing just fine. Believe you me, no one escapes the spa without making a selection from her assortment of baubles and beads…she makes sure of that! I always say you can never fault a girl with ambition and Beatrice has it in spades.

This week, I’d like you all to meet Cindy, a very sweet girl from New Jersey who flew out special just to visit us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. She’s a dear friend of Barbara’s who treated her to this trip to California. Now Barbara just loves Cindy (who I learned was named after her daughter!) and just couldn’t bear to see her face another day with her hair in such a state. A beautiful Color Magic, Cindy obviously had seen her fair share of hair play in the past. Lets face it dolls, there is a limit to how many times you should add those “special” Mattel solutions to your hair!

DSC00699The remains of Cindy’s golden-yellow hair were in high distress and in dire need of tender care. She really wanted me to save as much as I could of what remained and of course replace what she had lost. Luckily for her, the very special blonde shade needed was in stock in our supply closet. So I set about preparing my station for the follicle challenge that lay ahead while Cindy left with Daffy to enjoy her “Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body”. Afterwards a good shampoo and a special deep conditioning treatment were in order.


Now I had barely finished laying out my “tools-of-the-trade” when Daffy suddenly came rushing in from the back, ushering me to her wash bowl without saying a word. I’m very proud of Daffy, she didn’t utter a thing out loud, following our number one rule here in the spa; “Never panic in front of your client!” As you can imagine, it only upsets them and you immediately lose their confidence and trust.

Casually leaning over Cindy whose eyes were thankfully closed, lost in the fragrant smell of our delightful “Pink Bubbles” shampoo, I immediately saw why Daffy herself was also in a lather. The remains of Cindy’s original sunny blonde hair had turned a very pretty shade of “Flame-Red” amongst the bubbles!

“How is everything Dear?” I nonchalantly asked our guest, being careful not to alarm her. “Wonderful! I just can’t wait to see my new look!” Cindy chirped. “I’m sure you’ll never believe it!” Daffy added, offering an unsure smile. Patting Cindy’s shoulder I said “Now you just relax and Daffy will take very good care of you. I’ll see you soon!” I silently motioned to Daffy to meet me out front.

 “Now that’s one for the books!” Daffy said when we were out of ear-shot. “I’ll say…” I answered, “I guess that hair still has some “magic” left in it, even after all these years. Well, our next trick better be turning it back…but-quick!” “Or convince her she should become a redhead!” said Daffy “What’s next Boss?” “Well, just rinse and move on to the deep conditioning…and for goodness sake, don’t turn her to the mirror…not yet!”

Playing over the different explanation options I was going to have to soon deliver to our new client in my head, I sat down in my own chair to think it through. Luckily I didn’t have to think long though as Daffy suddenly peeked around the corner and silently signaled me with her finger to come back in. “Oh Geez, now what!” I thought, “I hope the rest of her hair hasn’t fallen into the wash basin!”

Eyes still closed, Cindy’s head lay peacefully in the rinse bowl. She was still oblivious to the color changes happening on her own head…instead she was just relaxing, enjoying her deep-conditioning treatment. To my surprise and I must say relief, her hair had turned from “Flame Red” to a lighter carrot-orange color. As we both watched, it faded even further…from light-orange to gold and then finally back to its original butter-yellow blonde tone…yes, all before our very eyes! I looked at Daffy who simply shrugged her shoulders. I deducted it was first the warmth of the water as Daffy was washing her hair and then the coolness of the conditioner sitting in her hair that was making the changes. Obviously Cindy’s original “Color Magic” hair was temperature sensitive. As I walked back to my station I quickly made a mental note to only use the “cool” setting on my hair dryer. I then decided to take a quick detour towards the break room and poured myself an overdue cup of “Joe” to calm my nerves!

To tell you the truth, when Daffy brought Cindy back to my station, I was a bit anxious removing the pink terry cloth towel that was wrapped around her head…no telling what I, and Cindy for that matter may see. Thankfully, yellow blonde hair fell from the towel and I commenced with the comb-out, silently thanking my lucky stars!

Cindy was very patient as I added the missing hair to her hairline and inner scalp areas that needed it. The color-match was near perfect and though the newer tresses were smoother and softer, the original hair had benefited immensely from all the pampering and blended right in. I then re-set the new hair close to the head and added the pretty pink hair barrette Cindy had brought with her.

Take a look at the results of her hair transformation below:


For a gal whose hair had seen better days, Cindy’s factory original make-up was remarkably fresh looking. The only help she needed was a light touch-up on her black lids. Madge moved in for a quick manicure as well. I’m sure you’ll all agree that Cindy’s final reveal in my mirror was definitely worth her cross-country trip. She just loved her freshened appearance and exclaimed “It’s like magic!” “More like “Color Magic” if you ask me!” Daffy added giving me a quick wink.


Here’s a look at Cindy’s “Before & After” Pics:




When she returned from the dressing room in her colorful play suit and turquoise blue mules, I helped her adjust her matching head band. How cute she looked for her journey home!


Before leaving, Cindy thanked us all again and promised to take good care of her hair…old and new! She also vowed to leave the “magic” hair potions to the professionals!


Thank you Barbara for treating Cindy to a day of pampering and hair service at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! We look forward to meeting your next gal “Stephanie” soon!

Visit the “Book An Appointment” tab at the top of the page to treat your own doll to her own day of beauty at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Spa packages as well as individual services are available.

Please visit us again next week for another dolly adventure!

“Saluto della dalla Svizzera!”


P.B.D.S. Client – #0042

From the collection of Roberta!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

Saluto della dalla Svizzera! Il mio nome è Alina!” followed by a kiss on each cheek was the warm greeting I received from my newest client as she was escorted to my chair by our receptionist Vera. Not missing a beat, I took her outstretched hand in mine and answered back “Welcome to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa my dear!” I immediately noticed that Vera seemed to be enjoying my unfolding communication dilemma just a little too much! 

Jumping in to keep the coversation afloat, Vera suddenly said “Benvenuti Alina al nostro benessere! Come possiamo aiutarvi oggi?” to our pretty guest.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

“Vera, you’ve been holding out on us! I didn’t know you spoke anything other than English!” I said very surprised. Ma naturalmente!” she replied, waving her hand dramatically above her head, quickly adding “I mean…but of course!” clearly for my benefit. “I spent my entire youth traveling abroad!” she stated proudly in a tone that made it sound as if it should have been “oh so obvious!” “She’s come all this way from Switzerland to see us. As a matter-of-fact, I spent my honeymoon in Switzerland!”  she said as she smoothed the back of her stylish black hair.

“Was that your second or third dear?” I not so innocently asked. “Third!” was her curt reply.

Well, that’s our Vera! So full of…surprises!

“Anyway,” she continued, “did you know that four different languages are used in Switzerland? Italian, German, French and English. Alina and I are speaking Italian!”

Vera was clearly at ease in her new role as teacher!

“No Kidding!” I said. “Well?”  “Well what?” replied Vera. “What did you say to her?” I continued. “Oh…I asked how we could help her of course!” Vera said. And at that precise moment, my new client removed her stylish Pucci print head scarf revealing exactly why she was here to us both!


Sono venuto tutta la strada da Switzarland nella speranza si può ripristinare il mio bei capelli! Ho sentito i Pink Bubbles Doll Spa è il migliore!” she said looking at me as I stared back wide-eyed at her reflection in my mirror. Ecstatic to be coming to my rescue once again, Vera translated, “She says, “I came in hopes you can restore my beautiful hair! I’ve heard the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa is the best!” And with that, Vera turned and began to scurry back towards her desk to answer her ringing phone. “By the way, her name is Alina!” she shouted over her shoulder before she disappeared behind the frosted glass partition that separated her desk at the entrance from the rest of the spa. Peeking from around the partition, Vera gave me a quick wink and said “Good luck!” before disappearing once again.

Looking back at Alina’s reflection, I softly patted her shoulders and said “Well, I guess we’re on our own now Honey!”

Now I didn’t need any translation to know exactly what was needed in the beauty department for Alina. It was already clear she needed “the works” as far as her hair, but I also knew she would benefit from starting off her visit with a relaxing Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. So I called in Daffy and handed my client over to her and spent the needed prep time laying out my hair tools. In any language, it was going to be a lot of work!

When Alina returned, I showed her my sample ring of hair colors to choose from and she immediately went for the Blond tones. “Perfetto!” she said as she pointed her choice out to me. It was the lightest of the platinum blond’s. “Perfect!” I said. “, perfetto!” she agreed with a big smile. Yes, we were gonna get along just fine!

Well, I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say after several hours in my chair, including a lunch break with Alina and the girls, I finished the hair process and then moved on to the styling. After thumbing through our latest issue of “Modern Beauty Shop” magazine, Alina chose a classic swirl style. And as far as her make-up needs, with a beautiful face like Alina’s, I knew any color palette would work. Again, using our system of communication, I just showed her the selection of colors as far as lip tones and blush, and she chose a pretty matching pair in coral pink. A bit of “Noir-Black” for her lids and the job was done.

When turned to the mirror for the final reveal, I knew immediately Alina was pleased! Turning her head side to side, I could see from her expression that it was a job well done. “E ‘perfetto! I love it!” she exclaimed. Rising from my chair she gave me the biggest hug followed by an extra set of kisses to boot. To prove her point, she took the Pucci scarf from her purse and gave it a kiss as well…a kiss goodbye, as she dropped it into my waste can. Addio vecchio amico!” she said, which I assumed was “Adios!” “Thank you, thank you!  Grazie! Addio miei amici!” were her parting words.

With another hug goodbye to Daffy and I, Alina stopped and settled her bill with Vera. The two chatted for a time, laughing and carrying on. With a final wave goodbye to us all, off she went.

What a lovely girl! I do hope to see Alina again. Who knows, one day I may get to travel…maybe even to Switzerland! Why not? After all, I now have a new friend who lives there!

Till then, “Arrivederci! dear readers, “Arrivederci!”

Please enjoy Alina’s transformation pic’s below:






Grazie Roberta per inviare la vostra bambola Barbie Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Spero che ti piace lei per gli anni a venire e guardare con impazienza di sentire da voi presto!

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Holiday Hair Happenin’s!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0031

From the collection of Karen!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

Winter greetings everyone! Brrrr! Is it ever beginning to get nippy outside! I know, I know…California’s winter weather is so much easier to take than in other parts of the country, and no, I wouldn’t want to trade…but trust me, we’re definitely starting to feel the chill here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! My receptionist Vera has been driving with the top up on her baby pink Chevy for weeks now, windows tightly shut and the heater full-blast. And though I think she’s nuts, Daffy still insists on wearing her uniform skirts a bit too short for the cold…you know, just in case a casting director or producer’s wife happens to be picked up from her appointment by her well-connected husband. I swear, what that girl wouldn’t do for a good part! She just knows she’s bound to get discovered sooner or later. She’s a “go-getter” if you know what I mean. In fact, she just recently landed a gig in a Coke commercial! Look for her, she’s the blonde on the back of the bicycle built for two, drinking the soda pop with her feet propped up on the handle bars while her boyfriend does all the work peddling! Don’t blink, you’ll miss her!

  At any rate, I’d like to share a story with you about a recent client who dropped by just this last week. Jeneva was a first-time guest here at Pink Bubbles and let me tell you just as sweet as they come! A gorgeous young thing with beautiful all-original face-paint. Didn’t need a bit of make-up outside of a touch-up on her lids and a just kiss of blush. Besides, that wasn’t why she ended up in my chair. Unfortunately, lovely Jeneva suffered a horrible hair mishap. Someone, obviously without a beauty operators license, had treated her to an “at-home” haircut. Clipped her pretty blonde swirl bang hair right down to the roots, not to mention smack-dab in the middle of her forehead. I know, we’ve all been there. Who amongst us hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands at one time or another and had to wait months for their bangs to grow out?!


Let’s face it, with the Christmas holidays just around the corner, she just didn’t have that kind of time to wait. She had parties to attend and pictures with her family and friends to take. Now I don’t care how pretty head scarves are these days, even the ones with poinsettia’s printed on them, the season just calls for beautiful holiday hair! Luckily for Jeneva, the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa had a quicker solution available!

Now initially she had come in for one of our complimentary wig fittings with Beatrice (sorry Bea about the lost commission!) to deal with the problem. She even showed me this clipping she pulled from her purse with s few styles she liked. Take a look:


Now I don’t care what Mr. Frederick says about “Wigging your way to glamour.” I knew I could do one better for my new client! In fact, I too was going to make sure she couldn’t tell my work from her own hair, and there was going to be no need to send anything back to Mr. Frederick anytime soon! (Though I have to admit that #C, the “Lucky Streak” wiglet is pretty fab! I may have to whip that look up for myself for New Year’s Eve!)

So off I went to my hair supply drawer, and wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have the right color in stock. I had to send Daffy down to “Maude’s Hair Supplies” to pick up the perfect shade after checking my hair swatches and consulting with Maude on the phone personally. Of course, Daffy couldn’t wait to get out and grab a breath of fresh air. Besides, she’s got a mad crush on Maude’s son Lawrence. I think she may be barking up the wrong tree though since little Larry does better hair than I do! In fact he’s the one who encouraged his Mother to go into the hair business. It was hair supplies or his own beauty shop and frankly I’m glad they went with the former. I don’t need the extra competition in this town and besides, Larry’s a wiz with a rat-tail comb and don’t get me started with his Bouffants…pure magic! Thanks to Larry, I’ve seen his mother Maude with hair so big I was surprised she had the strength to keep her head up on her own neck! Maude really loves big hair though. She always says “The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips look!” I have to agree…words to live by. Maude and her son/personal hair stylist Larry…no, I don’t think Daffy’s going to be able to break those two apart any time soon. Did I mention, Larry collects antique Shirley Temple dolls? Last count, I think it was something like 75 or so in his collection. And their all in perfect condition. He displayed them at the library once and he treated the crowd to a very informative lecture on little Shirley’s film career and his dolls. No, I’m afraid there’s not enough room left on the Good Ship Lollypop for you Daffy! There’s only three seats…one for Momma, one for Larry and one for Shirley! Oh, and by the way, you didn’t hear any of this from me…remember I’m not one to repeat gossip…so you better be sure to listen close the first time!

Anyway, enough about Maude, Larry and Daffy’s love triangle. Back to my client!

Here’s a shot of her hair from behind…


With her hair having been cut in the front, I was a little afraid the rest may have been trimmed as well. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when I complete the styling. Where is that girl anyway? Maybe she’s getting the nickel tour of Larry’s collection! Well, when Daffy finally returned with the hair, I got to work!

16 hair plugs later (as well as a wash, set and style) was all that was needed to return her hair to its former “Swirl” glory. Though the length of her hair may have been trimmed slightly, it turned out just beautiful. The color-match was perfect! An added touch of color on her lids and a bit of blush completed my work.


I challenge Mr. Frederick to tell me where the new hair starts and ends! Judge for yourself with the “Before & After” photos posted below. The ever helpful Beatrice, (who as you know by now works on commission) assisted our client in the selection of the final touches of her “Safety-First” replacement pearl earrings and a sunny yellow hair bow…both available by the way in our gift shop.  

I think we can all agree that Jeneva and her restored Swirl hairstyle are both more than ready to greet the season in style! Lucky will be the young fella who accidentally winds up under the mistletoe with this lovely lass!




 Thanks Karen for sending Jeneva to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa for her hair restoration needs! We wish you both, as well as all of our readers, the happiest of Holidays!

P.S. Don’t forget, we do have appointments open. Treat your own doll to a day of beauty at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

I’ve listed specially priced spa packages on eBay this afternoon, so check them out. Just search for “Pink Bubbles Doll Spa” under “Dolls” in the search engine.

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Newest Graduate of The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan Program Debuts!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0017

From the collection of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

It was a rainy afternoon and business had been slow all day at the spa. The dolls in this town tend to stay indoors in weather like this. Even a quick dash to the market could turn a girls “hair-do” into a tragic “hair-don’t!” Most gals just aren’t willing to venture out, even to keep an appointment with us on a day like this. After all, who wants to see their fresh new looks go swirling down the storm drain! I can’t say I blamed them, but all the cancellations were a bit disappointing.

With not much to do, I decided to spend my free time helping Beatrice in the gift shop unpacking and organizing our newest selection of lipsticks and nail polishes. We had just finished up and were about ready for our lunch break when I heard the beauty chimes go off in the entry. Moments later, Vera our receptionist, came bounding towards us exclaiming much too loudly that we had a beauty emergency out front and I needed to get out there, but quick! I do wish she’d keep her voice down because a reaction like that to a customer just isn’t professional!

I walked out and greeted our latest guest with a warm “Hello, welcome to Pink Bubbles!” Now dear readers, I must confess I may have been a bit hasty judging our Vera’s over-reaction. The tragic, wet thing was clearly in a state of beauty distress! I didn’t know if it was the bad weather or in fact a very hard life that had done the poor girl in, but I suspect it was a combination of both, mostly the latter.

One thing I did know for sure was that this poor creature was a perfect candidate for our new Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program! It’s rare that a client needs “the works” to this extent, but in her case I had no choice but to recommend the program to her. She was eager to embrace a change and happily accepted my proposal. Our work began!

For those of you who may not know, a Pink Bubbles Swan is a girl who’s looks have long ago faded and without our help are very unlikely to return with just a “rest cure” recommended by her doctor. She’s been labeled an “ugly duckling,”  a cast-off whose glory days of charm and beauty were long ago sacrificed on the battlegrounds of childhood play. For her, looking into a mirror is best done with quick peeks, as not to startle herself! After years of selfless service with children, she’s fortunately landed on our spa’s doorstep looking for a fresh start, and our staff are here to provide her just that, a new beginning.

Though it may be hard to believe your eyes, this is in fact the same little doll who entered our spa that rainy afternoon.  After years of service to children long grown and with the desire to begin anew, this lovely doll is proud to claim her new title: Swan!

Presenting the second graduate of the

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

Her journey begins. Sometimes it’s just best to start at the beginning, and for our Swan candidate that meant going back as far as we could go. Beyond her roots!

She first underwent the drastic measure of having her hair completely removed. Years of over-enthusiastic hair play had left her tresses broken and frizzed beyond repair. Then a thorough cleansing utilizing our own Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body removed years of dirt and grime. She’s now fresh as a daisy! Tired of the “Blah” blonde, our Swan then requested a lovely shade of red hair as she wanted to embrace change to the fullest extent! But first things first, she received a coat of new red flocking for her scalp as the foundation before we began.

jm 1897a

 As collectors know, #4 ponytails were originally issued in only blonde or brunette hair shades. She is now a special redheaded version and that makes her all the more lovely and unique! The results were well worth it as you can see by the photo below!

jm 1961

Our stunning #4 Barbie after her day at the spa! In addition to her new hair-do, she had all of her make-up repaired as well. New brows, eye repair, lips, and a mani & pedi from our celebrity manicurist Madge finished her new look!

jm 1934u

 She then visited our stylish Pink Bubble’s Fashion Boutique and was dressed in the fabulous “Let’s Play Barbie” Garden Party reproduction, complete with gloves and matching heels. It was a perfect choice for her, complementing her new red tresses perfectly! To top it all off, the ever helpful and commissioned Beatrice knew exactly what she needed to finish the presentation, a lovely suite of “Safety-First!” pearl jewelry!

jm 1953u

Our Swan models her new fashion for you!


What an afternoon and what a transformation! The lessons learned from this beauty are never be afraid to take a chance and embrace change! It may very well pay off for you!



Our lovely #4 Barbie doll has decided to take change to a whole new level. She’s looking to begin again and wants to find a new owner and join their collection!  A first for the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, this lovely lass will be available for purchase on ebay. She comes complete with her Garden Party ensemble. If you’re looking for something truly unique, this one-of-a-kind red haired #4 may just fit the bill!

If you are interested in welcoming her into you’re own collection, please cut & paste her auction number into the ebay site’s search bar and view her there. The auction number is:


And while you’re there, please check out our other auctions for more dolls available as well Pink Bubbles Doll Spa service packages to treat your doll to a day of beauty and transformation! Till next time…!

Auntie Em! She’s a twister!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0012

From the collection of Mary!

 Sometimes a gal blows through the spa that’s so full of life you just can’t help but love her! Even admire her a bit. A gal who grabs life by the, well, we’ll say horns! If I had to describe her, the term “firecracker” comes to mind. She was such a fun lovin’ gal who’d seen it all and was proud of it! A party girl who just didn’t care that someday her face would “freeze that way” and unfortunately for her, it did!

 When she threw open the spa doors, stamped out her Virginia Slim on our black & white linoleum floor, we knew the life of the party had arrived!

 She kept our staff in stitches the entire afternoon with tales of her adventures, life experiences and men! Mostly men! She said she “earned this face” and trust me, after she told us a few of her sordid stories, I agree, she did!

 Well, to be honest, this gal has had the works!

 Firstly, her hair was just fried and had been hacked off in places with scissors. (“A crazy night in Vegas” she recalled!) We had no choice, so her entire ponytail had to be re-rooted. Now it’s soft and shiny once again!

 Her bangs we kept mostly original, with just a few missing plugs added. (The bang hair loss was the results of a hair-pulling cat fight with a jealous cocktail waitress “who sassed her” in Phoenix, Arizona!)

 She’s also had a complete facial repaint. (“Huggin’ and kissin’ men is rough on a girls make-up!”) Don’t ask me, her quote not mine.

 When we finally finished up and turned her to the mirror, she squealed “Hot Damn! Good as new! Color me outa’ here Honey!” She paid her bill and left a really big tip too. She said she’d “come back and see us when the wind blew her this way again!” With those parting words, she whistled for a cab out front and then she was gone. Wow what a twister!                                                                                                                 

 I have a piece of advice for all you doll’s out there. And that is, lock up your husbands!



Mary’s lively lass had the works! She enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had a partial re-root which included her entire ponytail. Her bangs are mostly original with the addition of a few replacement plugs. She had her brows and lips re-done. She also had her eye ridge paint touched-up. What a make-over! What a gal!


“Here’s one to tide you over! Mwah! Bye, Ya’ll!”

Christie – A Real Head Turner!



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0010

From the collection of Jeannine!

Let’s be frank ladies. There’s only so long you should go between beauty appointments! I’m all for being thrifty but sometimes you just gotta face the facts. You need a professional! Take Christie for example, she’d completely let herself go. Years of wearing no make-up, boxed hair color and at home haircuts had taken their toll on her good looks. She’d become the type of gal you have to look twice at on the street, because you couldn’t believe it the first time!

I don’t know what’s going on with that a huge patch of melted hair in the back. Looks like someone knocked her in the back of the head with a hot skillet! Which could be the case as she doesn’t even remember how it happened. Anyway, it all just had to come off! Christie was tired of short hair, so she selected a lovely swirl hairdo in a soft peachy-pink tone. We finished it with a bright pink hair ribbon. Took twenty years off her!

She requested and was given new lashes and of course needed eyebrow and lip color as well. We even added a highlight to her dark brown eyes to give them that extra sparkle.

The always helpful Beatrice from our gift shop, (who works  on commission) brought her a tray of beautiful earrings to select from. She chose a simple pair of silver hoops.

I swear you would never believe it was the same girl! See what a date with your stylist can do girls! The investment in yourself can really pay off. Christie’s back on the street and is still turning heads, but this time for all the right reasons!



Christie treated herself to our Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had a complete re-root which included a cut, set and style. Her lashes were re-rooted as well. Her eyebrows and lips were re-painted and highlights added to her pupils. She is wearing a lovely pair of silver hoops to address previous “at home” ear piercings. Thanks again to the ever helpful Beatrice!

Thank you Jeannine and Christie for visiting with us at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

“La Liz” – Oscar Hair 1970!

jm 093a

P.B.D.S. Client File – #0009

Celebrity Client Series!

The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa has always had its fair share of celebrity clientage. One of the biggest and brightest of course was the legendary Elizabeth Taylor!

As I seem to recall it, we received an urgent telephone call from “La Liz’s” private secretary the morning of the 46th Academy Awards in 1970. Liz was in a tizzy! She was set to present the Best Picture statuette that evening and couldn’t do a thing with her hair! Several stylist had come and gone that morning from her hotel suite and none of them could please her. One poor fellow by the name of Mr. Felix received a flying hairbrush to the back of the head as he hurriedly exited her dressing rooms! Liz was known to have very precise aim!

In desperation, the secretary pleaded with us to send someone over immediately as per the request (demand) of her boss. Sensing the urgency of the situation I took it upon myself to personally take the call. Armed with an arsenal of hair products I arrived to find a quite distraught superstar at the very end of her diamond necklace! Jumping into action I promptly called room service and had them send up drinks!

Mr Felix had indeed left poor Liz’s hair in a mess! He deserved those (alleged) six stitches in the back of his cranium as far as we were both concerned! What an afternoon we had! The drinking, laughing, teasing and spraying resulted in an award-winning Oscar coiffure! With the addition of rooted glamour lashes, Liz was absolutely thrilled! The Grecian inspired hairdo created for her that afternoon received raves from the press and fans alike. It also created quite a buzz throughout the Hollywood hair community and was an often requested style by loyal Pink Bubble’s Spa customers for years afterward.

Gown, Edith Head.

Jeweled necklace courtesy of Richard Burton, setting by Cartier.

Hair, The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa of course! 




Elizabeth received a complete re-root in a wonderfully dark brunette shade. She also was given rooted lashes. Jewels, gown and movie star glamour from the collection of Liz herself!

There never were such devoted Sisters!


 P.B.D.S. Client File – #0004

From the collection of Lene!

Here are a pair of lovely Momoko’s from the collection of Lene. She wanted these two dolls to have the same hairstyle but in different hair colors. Separated at birth? Or did they just happen to just visit The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa? You decide!

The adventure begins!

eb 524a

Here is Lene’s first Momoko. Very pretty but ready for a change! She’s in for a shock!


“Yikes! Is it me or do I feel a draft!” Someone get this girl a smock!


Momoko surrenders her most precious possession – her head – to our master stylist!

jm 012 Ta Da!

After many moons (and a long wait in limbo due to a pink hair shortage!) Lene’s doll is ready for her close-up!

jm 017

And here it is!

eb 518a

 Here is Lene’s second Momoko. She was late for her appointment and doesn’t know what hair-raising procedures her sister went through. She’ll find out soon enough!


 Momoko checks herself out in the mirror…not yet convinced this was a good idea!


 Sis steps in to discuss hair color options. “Turquoise green I’d say!”

jm 020

 “I love it!”

jm 024

 Momoko #2 has no regrets!


 Family portrait.

Lene, We hope your happy with your dolls!

Thank you for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

Please visit Lene and check out her amazing Mini’s!

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