Blending in!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0036

From the collection of Sue!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

Now I know there are some of you dolls out there who wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without your make-up on. It’s O.K. to admit it! Some have to have the whole shabang, while others at the very minimum wouldn’t be caught dead without at least a coat of mascara and an application of their favorite Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker. Mine’s “Orange Pop”…what’s yours!? 


Hey, we all want to look our best! I’m in the beauty business after all, so I know all about it. Quick question…what’s the biggest beauty blunder you can make? I know, I know, there are a lot of them, and trust me I’ve seen all kinds pass through the doors of the Pink Bubble. In my professional opinion though it’s this…matching your foundation to your skin color as close as possible. Secondly, blend darlings, blend! Use a clean make-up sponge and don’t stop at the jaw line ladies, after all, your skin doesn’t. Apply a little foundation color to your neck as well. I’m sure you’ll all agree that there’s nothing worse than a white pasty neck under a tanned and blushed face, no matter how perfect the rest looks.

My newest client Daisy was a good example of not matching her foundation to her complexion. But Daisy gets a pass and I’ll tell you why…she was a little confused, and I can’t blame her! You see Daisy, a gorgeous #3, is a transitional gal. That is, she has the pale head and torso color of a regular #3 and the tanned arms and legs of her later #4 sisters. Ask yourself…what color foundation would you choose? Do you match your face to your torso or do you go for the sun-kissed color of the rest of you? What a predicament to say the least. Especially during those hot summer months when you have to wear shorts! 


Well, the best advice I could give Daisy was this…embrace what makes you different and don’t cover anything up, just be yourself and show off both! After all, you’re a rarity, be proud of your place in Barbie doll history. You’ll find that very difference is what makes you special and probably the most interesting girl in anyone’s collection!

Deciding to take my advice, Daisy and I began our afternoon together starting as always with our recommended Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. And boy did she need it! I’d guess Daisy may have been wearing her foundation for years, but with a little elbow grease it was all removed.


After a good session of hair prep with Daffy, who washed and conditioned her brunette locks, she returned to my chair for her comb-out, set and style.

Here’s a quick shot of her refreshed ponytail, before and after her hair session:


From there we moved on to her make-up. She needed some attention and repair work to her brows. Happy with the results, I moved on to her eyes, replacing the missing color on her shadow and lids. Next, beautiful new lips and of course a bit of blush. Gold hoop earrings were the obvious missing accessory and these of course were brought to us by the ever helpful Beatrice. Thanks Bea!

Here is a beautiful photo of Daisy’s results!


Enjoy her “Before & After” pics as well!





I guess the old adage “Less is more!” certainly applied to Daisy’s dilemma. Now, her two-toned body is her best feature. No need to hide it Daisy…you’re a special doll indeed!

A great big thank you goes out to Sue for sending Daisy to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! In fact she was so excited with Daisy’s recent results, that she wanted to share her with you all right away!

P.S. Don’t forget, we do have appointments open. Treat your own doll to a day of beauty at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

I’ve listed specially priced spa packages on eBay this afternoon, so check them out. Just search for “Pink Bubbles Doll Spa” under “Dolls” in the search engine.

Have a great weekend everyone and look for a new make-over tale next week!