“Saluto della dalla Svizzera!”


P.B.D.S. Client – #0042

From the collection of Roberta!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

Saluto della dalla Svizzera! Il mio nome è Alina!” followed by a kiss on each cheek was the warm greeting I received from my newest client as she was escorted to my chair by our receptionist Vera. Not missing a beat, I took her outstretched hand in mine and answered back “Welcome to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa my dear!” I immediately noticed that Vera seemed to be enjoying my unfolding communication dilemma just a little too much! 

Jumping in to keep the coversation afloat, Vera suddenly said “Benvenuti Alina al nostro benessere! Come possiamo aiutarvi oggi?” to our pretty guest.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

“Vera, you’ve been holding out on us! I didn’t know you spoke anything other than English!” I said very surprised. Ma naturalmente!” she replied, waving her hand dramatically above her head, quickly adding “I mean…but of course!” clearly for my benefit. “I spent my entire youth traveling abroad!” she stated proudly in a tone that made it sound as if it should have been “oh so obvious!” “She’s come all this way from Switzerland to see us. As a matter-of-fact, I spent my honeymoon in Switzerland!”  she said as she smoothed the back of her stylish black hair.

“Was that your second or third dear?” I not so innocently asked. “Third!” was her curt reply.

Well, that’s our Vera! So full of…surprises!

“Anyway,” she continued, “did you know that four different languages are used in Switzerland? Italian, German, French and English. Alina and I are speaking Italian!”

Vera was clearly at ease in her new role as teacher!

“No Kidding!” I said. “Well?”  “Well what?” replied Vera. “What did you say to her?” I continued. “Oh…I asked how we could help her of course!” Vera said. And at that precise moment, my new client removed her stylish Pucci print head scarf revealing exactly why she was here to us both!


Sono venuto tutta la strada da Switzarland nella speranza si può ripristinare il mio bei capelli! Ho sentito i Pink Bubbles Doll Spa è il migliore!” she said looking at me as I stared back wide-eyed at her reflection in my mirror. Ecstatic to be coming to my rescue once again, Vera translated, “She says, “I came in hopes you can restore my beautiful hair! I’ve heard the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa is the best!” And with that, Vera turned and began to scurry back towards her desk to answer her ringing phone. “By the way, her name is Alina!” she shouted over her shoulder before she disappeared behind the frosted glass partition that separated her desk at the entrance from the rest of the spa. Peeking from around the partition, Vera gave me a quick wink and said “Good luck!” before disappearing once again.

Looking back at Alina’s reflection, I softly patted her shoulders and said “Well, I guess we’re on our own now Honey!”

Now I didn’t need any translation to know exactly what was needed in the beauty department for Alina. It was already clear she needed “the works” as far as her hair, but I also knew she would benefit from starting off her visit with a relaxing Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. So I called in Daffy and handed my client over to her and spent the needed prep time laying out my hair tools. In any language, it was going to be a lot of work!

When Alina returned, I showed her my sample ring of hair colors to choose from and she immediately went for the Blond tones. “Perfetto!” she said as she pointed her choice out to me. It was the lightest of the platinum blond’s. “Perfect!” I said. “, perfetto!” she agreed with a big smile. Yes, we were gonna get along just fine!

Well, I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say after several hours in my chair, including a lunch break with Alina and the girls, I finished the hair process and then moved on to the styling. After thumbing through our latest issue of “Modern Beauty Shop” magazine, Alina chose a classic swirl style. And as far as her make-up needs, with a beautiful face like Alina’s, I knew any color palette would work. Again, using our system of communication, I just showed her the selection of colors as far as lip tones and blush, and she chose a pretty matching pair in coral pink. A bit of “Noir-Black” for her lids and the job was done.

When turned to the mirror for the final reveal, I knew immediately Alina was pleased! Turning her head side to side, I could see from her expression that it was a job well done. “E ‘perfetto! I love it!” she exclaimed. Rising from my chair she gave me the biggest hug followed by an extra set of kisses to boot. To prove her point, she took the Pucci scarf from her purse and gave it a kiss as well…a kiss goodbye, as she dropped it into my waste can. Addio vecchio amico!” she said, which I assumed was “Adios!” “Thank you, thank you!  Grazie! Addio miei amici!” were her parting words.

With another hug goodbye to Daffy and I, Alina stopped and settled her bill with Vera. The two chatted for a time, laughing and carrying on. With a final wave goodbye to us all, off she went.

What a lovely girl! I do hope to see Alina again. Who knows, one day I may get to travel…maybe even to Switzerland! Why not? After all, I now have a new friend who lives there!

Till then, “Arrivederci! dear readers, “Arrivederci!”

Please enjoy Alina’s transformation pic’s below:






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