I just washed my hair…



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0005

From the collection of Kym!

“I just washed my hair and I can’t do a thing with it!” Kym’s Barbie seems to be saying in this photo.  Except she hadn’t, and her face either it from the looks of it! Poor thing, she was desperate for a day of beauty at the Pink Bubble!

First things first though. As always with girls in this state, our beautician recommended our  patented Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face and Body to her new client.

After her refreshing cleanse, P.T. (Poor Thing) was sent on to the hair department. I always pity the stylist who has to extract remnants of fifty year old rubber bands from a clients hairdo! After her wash and set, P.T’s hair was re-styled to its former glory.

Faded brows and lips were restored to perfection by our skilled make-up team, giving her that youthful glow thought long-lost. Her unfortunate “nose nip” couldn’t be helped, but Beatrice in our gift shop, who BTW, is no stranger to a little nip n’ tuck, gave her a tip on a few good surgeons in the area!

With a bounce in her step she didn’t have when she arrived, she’s ready to be dressed in any one of the many fabulous frocks Kym has in her collection! No longer refered to as “P.T.” by our staff, the new Miss Robert’s looks forward to going home and showing off  her new look to all the others in her doll family!



Kym’s Ponytail Barbie enjoyed a relaxing “Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face and Body” treatment. Her hair was washed, conditioned and set. Here eyebrows were refreshed and remnants of her original lip shade was reproduced and applied. She selected a pair of “Safety-First” replacement earrings with the assistance of Beatrice in our gift shop.

Thanks Kym for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

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