There never were such devoted Sisters!


 P.B.D.S. Client File – #0004

From the collection of Lene!

Here are a pair of lovely Momoko’s from the collection of Lene. She wanted these two dolls to have the same hairstyle but in different hair colors. Separated at birth? Or did they just happen to just visit The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa? You decide!

The adventure begins!

eb 524a

Here is Lene’s first Momoko. Very pretty but ready for a change! She’s in for a shock!


“Yikes! Is it me or do I feel a draft!” Someone get this girl a smock!


Momoko surrenders her most precious possession – her head – to our master stylist!

jm 012 Ta Da!

After many moons (and a long wait in limbo due to a pink hair shortage!) Lene’s doll is ready for her close-up!

jm 017

And here it is!

eb 518a

 Here is Lene’s second Momoko. She was late for her appointment and doesn’t know what hair-raising procedures her sister went through. She’ll find out soon enough!


 Momoko checks herself out in the mirror…not yet convinced this was a good idea!


 Sis steps in to discuss hair color options. “Turquoise green I’d say!”

jm 020

 “I love it!”

jm 024

 Momoko #2 has no regrets!


 Family portrait.

Lene, We hope your happy with your dolls!

Thank you for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

Please visit Lene and check out her amazing Mini’s!

Here’s the link:

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