Auntie Em! She’s a twister!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0012

From the collection of Mary!

 Sometimes a gal blows through the spa that’s so full of life you just can’t help but love her! Even admire her a bit. A gal who grabs life by the, well, we’ll say horns! If I had to describe her, the term “firecracker” comes to mind. She was such a fun lovin’ gal who’d seen it all and was proud of it! A party girl who just didn’t care that someday her face would “freeze that way” and unfortunately for her, it did!

 When she threw open the spa doors, stamped out her Virginia Slim on our black & white linoleum floor, we knew the life of the party had arrived!

 She kept our staff in stitches the entire afternoon with tales of her adventures, life experiences and men! Mostly men! She said she “earned this face” and trust me, after she told us a few of her sordid stories, I agree, she did!

 Well, to be honest, this gal has had the works!

 Firstly, her hair was just fried and had been hacked off in places with scissors. (“A crazy night in Vegas” she recalled!) We had no choice, so her entire ponytail had to be re-rooted. Now it’s soft and shiny once again!

 Her bangs we kept mostly original, with just a few missing plugs added. (The bang hair loss was the results of a hair-pulling cat fight with a jealous cocktail waitress “who sassed her” in Phoenix, Arizona!)

 She’s also had a complete facial repaint. (“Huggin’ and kissin’ men is rough on a girls make-up!”) Don’t ask me, her quote not mine.

 When we finally finished up and turned her to the mirror, she squealed “Hot Damn! Good as new! Color me outa’ here Honey!” She paid her bill and left a really big tip too. She said she’d “come back and see us when the wind blew her this way again!” With those parting words, she whistled for a cab out front and then she was gone. Wow what a twister!                                                                                                                 

 I have a piece of advice for all you doll’s out there. And that is, lock up your husbands!



Mary’s lively lass had the works! She enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had a partial re-root which included her entire ponytail. Her bangs are mostly original with the addition of a few replacement plugs. She had her brows and lips re-done. She also had her eye ridge paint touched-up. What a make-over! What a gal!


“Here’s one to tide you over! Mwah! Bye, Ya’ll!”

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