Transitional – Of Terror!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0013

From the collection of Jaime!


Separated at birth? A horrible Karen Black flashback? No, relax everyone, it’s just Jaime’s transitional #3 Barbie doll!

 When she walked into the spa, it was like she stepped out of a dream, or more precisely, a nightmare! She instantly reminded me of that 70’s made-for-tv fright fest “Trilogy of Terror”. (If you haven’t seen it, rent it!) Her black hair was a fright wig, her arms and legs didn’t match her torso and her make-up was just shot. Her golden chain had definitely slipped off and all hell had broken loose! She was quite frankly, “To’e up, from the flo’ up!” A lot to take in all at once for unprepared eyes that’s for sure!

Well, one good thing came her way because of her over the top “look,” she became the inspiration AND the first candidate for our new Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

A Pink Bubbles Swan is a girl who’s looks have faded to the point of labeling her an “ugly duckling.” A gal who’s been rode hard and put away wet. Over time, she’s acquired a face meant for radio!  Life’s handed her lemons, but the good news is, she’s dumped them right into the laps of our stylists to serve you, dear readers, pink lemonade!

A very interesting feature of this particular spa client is she’s what collectors call  a “transitional” Barbie doll. She has the head, arms and legs of a #3 doll, but the hollow torso of the #4. A factory mish-mash of newer and older body parts (for the time.) A sort of “Franken-Dolly” if you will. I know, not a beauty reference considering her “before” photo!

Well, this was one dramatic make-over! No longer a “Horror-Hostess” she now really deserves her new title: Swan!

Presenting the very first graduate of the

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

A little reminder where she, and we, began…

our Swan candidate before…


And the beautiful creature she’s become emerges below…


Our first official Swan!

Congratulations Jaime, your doll has graduated with honors!

Please keep an eye out for upcoming Swan candidates in our posts. Who knows, your doll could be the next to graduate! Look around, you might have a girl in your own collection ready for our program!

We’ll be waiting for her arrival here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

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