A Trip To Teen Town!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0014

From the collection of Robin!

 You know it’s hard to stay a “Dream Teen” forever isn’t it dolls? I know, I’ve tried and it is hard! Damn hard! But I do try! It’s even harder for a famous teen doll like Francie, especially when she doesn’t look the part any more.

 When I heard the beauty chimes go off in the entry of the spa, I knew my next appointment had arrived. I looked up and all but spit the bobby pins right out of my mouth and onto the floor! Standing there, right in front of me, was the remnants of the girl every teenage boy doll once dreamed of and every other teen girl doll aspired to be, Francie…Barbie’s MOD’ern cousin.

 Now, let me tell you, this little chick had some attitude! She told me her Mom had FORCED her to come see me, but she didn’t need any of MY help. She was fine the way she was and her folks were a couple of real drags and needed to mind their own business! Well, her Mother had arranged this appointment and was paying the bill, that was true. I’d already been warned by Mom she could be a little tough, so I was prepared. It ain’t my first time at the “Teen Rodeo” fellas!

 Aside from her shocking appearance from the neck up, something else was very odd and a little bit off about her. She seemed a bit too tall and busty for a girl of her age, but I did finally figure it out. After a few inquiries, she admitted to me that she had attended some wild “head-swapping” party with her pal Stacey back in the late 60’s. You remember Stacey, she’s been in for some work here at the spa. An older, more experienced girl, Francie’s parents forbade her to hang out with that “mod British bird” but of course Francie wouldn’t listen. Anyway, they did some crazy “body swap” dare and she never got switched back. Well, we took care of that real quick and though she didn’t want to admit it, she immediately felt and looked better! Admiring her new figure she said, “Now I can finally get back into my own groovy clothes! Coolio!”

 I said “No offence Honey, but it’s going take a lot more than a cute little outfit to put you back on top.”

 “You know I didn’t come here to be insulted!” Francie hissed.

 “Really? Where do you go?” I quipped.

 “Oh get off it! What kind of square are you? Beauty comes from with-in!” as she rolled her eyes at me.

 Oh no she didn’t! “Yeah, that’s right girlie, “With-in” bottles, jars, and tubes, so sit down!” Kids these days! A bunch of hipsters!

 Then I really let her have it! “You’re lucky you’re here girlfriend, cause you could have ended up in the chair of a real beauty butcher! I’ve seen pretty young things like you before, out for kicks, landing in the wrong hands and getting real messed up in this town!”  I told her. “What’s in your ears Francie? Straight pins? Really smart girl! You could get green ear from that!” I scolded her.

 “All the hip kids are doin’ it! But what would you know about hip?” She screeched as I pulled them out. “Look they’re all rusted!” Geesh, now I know why I never wanted kids! Anyway, that was just the beginning of our very long afternoon together. This kid fought me every step of the way!

 Here’s a sampling; Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body, (“The water is too hot! You’re scalding me!”), Pink Bubbles Color Wash, (this girls skin was so faded out, but you couldn’t tell her that, she knew better) fresh hair-do, (“Ouch you’re pulling out my hair!”) re-rooted eyelashes, (“What are you doing? Are you crazy? You’re trying to blind me!”) Fresh make-up, (That’s not my shade! Let me do it!”) It went on like this all day!

 Well, when it was all over, I was just exhausted!  This girl was no Gidget and a real “pain in the tuchus” to boot to say the least. When she finally turned around and took a good long look in the mirror, all she could say was “Jeepers! I look amazing!” She turned to me and said “I guess you’re not so bad! But don’t go spillin’ all my business to my parents! All right? I’ll see ya around! Toodles!” And with that she skipped out of the spa doors.

 “Yeah, Toodles to you Francie, Toodles to you!” I had to take the next day off just to recover! 




Miss Francie challenged me to no end! Her services included; Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body, hair wash, set and re-styling, facial color-wash, repainting of brows and lips and a complete eyelash re-root. Though she fought me every step of the way, the results were amazing! To myself, as well as a surprised and I’m sure very grateful teen girl!

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