I Do Declare!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0015

From the collection of Jeannine!

This sticky sweet southern belle walked right in off the street and asked our receptionist Vera if she could make change for the parking meter out front. I happened to be passing through the lounge when I spotted her. A pretty blonde wearing a gorgeous Swiss-dotted pink dress with frothy white lace trim, white gloves and the cutest little straw bag. “You’re such a doll!” she said to Vera as she handed her the dollar bill. “Hon, I just got a mess of errands to tend to today.” Vera stared back at her, as if completely entranced by her face, squinting her eyes. Now sometimes I know when I need to diffuse a situation, especially with Vera! Before she had a chance to speak, (I sometimes swear Vera doesn’t have a filter from her brain to her mouth,) I inserted myself into the conversation. “My, it must be hot out there!” I said, stopping at Vera’s desk. “Really?” she said, turning my way looking surprised. “Why I find it just about perfect outside, cool even.”  “Well you just seem, uh, a bit moist is all.” I replied, giving Vera the fish eye. “I prefer dewey!” she said. “To tell you the truth, I do have quite the oily complexion, I’m constantly havin’ to powder my, well, my everything, I take after my Mama!” she laughed. “I wish I could find the right powder, but nothing seems to help.” I took the four quarters from Vera and steered her to safety.

 “Well you do know where you are don’t you sweetie? This is the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!”

“It is? Well what do ya know about that. I must drive by here at least twice a week, I didn’t realize.” She said. “Yes. We’re a full service spa. Perhaps you have some time right now for a consultation?” I asked. “Why I reckon I do!” she replied.

 Such a sweet girl, but in need of a little help. Besides her “Dewy-ness” issue, I noticed right away she had some previous work done on her brows and lips that needed fixing. Her hair needed some attention too. “I think you’ll be very happy with the results.” I told her. “Then let’s get on with it!” she said, smiling. And we did. When we finished she gazed at herself in my mirror and cried, “I do declare, you my dear are heaven-sent! Consider me a regular!”

 The ever-helpful Beatrice from our gift shop waited just out of view with her ever-present tray of earrings. (I did tell you she works on commission!) As if on cue, she presented her selection. Our sweet southern lass selected a pair of “Safety-First!” pearl earrings. “These are perfect, I just have to have them!” she said. A smiling Beatrice whipped out her sales book. Gotta love a girl with ambition!

 As she left, shine free by the way, she stopped at Vera’s desk to book an appointment for the following month. Looking the way she did now, I relaxed, knowing Vera had very little to say!




This pretty lass had our Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body to deal with her problem complexion. Now she’s fresh as a daisy! Her hair was then washed, conditioned, set and styled. She had her brows redone in a more attractive shade of blonde. Her lips were redone as well. She enjoyed a relaxing mani & pedi from our in-house manicurist, whose famous in her own right by the way, Madge! Of course to finish her look, a pair of “Safety-First!” earrings, courtesy of our ever helpful Beatrice!

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