“The Barbie Look” – American Girl Style!



P.B.D.S. Clients – #0059, #0060, #0061, #0062, #0063

From the collection of Steven!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into a few…

Who’s been in to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa of late? A whole slew of American Girl’s, that’s who!

There’s nothing that can take ones breath away quicker than the sight of a pristine, mint in the box American Girl Barbie…unless of course you happen across four lined up in a row, each with a different hair color!


Whether she’s a blonde, brunette or a redhead these lovely ladies with the “Life-Like” bendable legs and sleek, chic and oh so magnifique bobbed hairstyle are the crowning jewels of any collection!


Now finding an American Girl who actually never left her lidded cardboard apartment since 1965 is always tough. Most escaped their tiny pink-walled singles, throwing their clear plastic headbands up into the air like Mary Tyler-Moore and lived life to the fullest. Parties, friends and most importantly, dates with her best beau Ken were all well worth it!

mary-tyler-moore-opening-credits(Check out the lady in the blue scarf just behind Mary…Beatrice, is that you?!)

DSC04209 (2)

At any rate, a life “well-lived” is the case with our next batch of Pink Bubbles clients, all who made their appointments on time…much to Vera’s delight!

As with anything, real-life experience comes with a little wear and tear along the way…especially on our make-up and hairdo’s, am I right girls?! So please enjoy this retrospective of all the A.G. clients who’ve found their way into my chair these last few weeks. They’ve all lived a little, but just how much…only their hairdresser knows for sure!


























Thanks again for visiting us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and as always feel free to “pop-in” anytime!


Thank you Steven for sharing your beautiful American Girl collection with us all!

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“Who’s Been In?” Pink Bubbles “Clients Of The Week” That’s Who!


P.B.D.S. Clients – #0055, #0056, #0057, #0058

From the collections of Gary & Steven!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into a few…

Welcome back everybody, I’m so happy you’ve all dropped by!

The spa has really been hopping this week and with so many gorgeous faces coming and going, I’d thought you’d all like to take a peek and see who answered the “Beauty Roll Call” this week at Pink Bubbles!

First up were Gary’s girls, three beautiful Fashion Royalty ladies in need of hair consultations. With the exception of a quick eye color change for one of them, there was no need to touch their lovely faces…they were already perfection!

The first gal is “Sophia” who requested a classic Sophia Loren style. I tried my best to pay homage to the Italian screen goddess as shown in the photos below.

Here’s Sophia before:


And after:








Next up is a style we dubbed “Cheers!” named for its inspiration…the beautiful Carmen Dell’Orefice who toasts us with a delicious cocktail at the bewitching hour of midnight!


Here she is before:


And after:






Here’s the mysterious and elusive “Dark Swan” Elise Jolie as she looked when she arrived:


And again (Gasp!) sans braid:





To round things off, a sassy Bubble Cut with an identity crisis from the collection of Steven!

A brilliant concept of a #1 Barbie face-paint on a Bubble Cut…reinterpreted by the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa staff!

Here’s how she looked when she arrived:


And after:





Needless to say, it was a busy afternoon!


Thanks as always for dropping in and do so again next week for another peek into the lives of some of your favorite fashion dolls!

Thank you Gary for sending your beautiful Fashion Royalty girls in to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

And another thank you goes out to Steven for sharing his #1 Bubble Cut with us as well!

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A “Torch Song” From Miss Joan Crawford!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0054

From the collection of Rosanna!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into one of them…

Welcome back to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! I’m so happy you’ve all dropped in this week as we had a very special celebrity client come in…Miss Joan Crawford!

Now Joan Crawford is truly one of my all-time favorite actresses and as you can well imagine the girls here at Pink Bubbles were very excited to meet this silver screen legend in the vinyl flesh!

Vera took the phone call of course and excitedly repeated her conversation with the Academy Award winner back to me…

 “Good afternoon Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, this is Vera Frost…how may I help you?”

Joan Crawford's Oscar

“Hello Vera, this is Joan Crawford. I’d like to come in tomorrow for a hair dressing consultation…is there an appointment available? Your spa has come highly recommended to me by my dearest friend Elizabeth. Now Vera, it’s so very important that I look my absolute best as I’m sure you’ve read in all the papers that I’m going to begin rehearsals for my first Technicolor film “Torch Song” this week. I need a fresh new look that suits my character “Jenny Stewart…Broadway star!”

“Of course Miss Crawford, we’d be happy to see you at 10:30, would that be a good time?”

“That’s absolutely perfect Vera, we’ll make it 9:00 a.m. sharp then! I’ll be bringing a few of my costumes along so we can see how everything works together. I’ll see you tomorrow, Good-bye dear!”

“Well, I guess we’ll be starting our day a bit earlier than we thought!” I said to Vera, anticipating the following days arrival of the illustrious star.

Unlocking the front door at 8:00 a.m. the following morning to prepare, Daffy and Beatrice were already making their way in from the parking lot. Vera pulled up in her pink Chevy convertible at 8:20 which was a good thing as Miss Crawford’s sleek black limousine pulled up at precisely 8:30! Obviously keeping one step ahead of Joan Crawford wasn’t going to be easy!

Vera barely had time to check her lipstick and stow-away her pocketbook before Joan’s driver opened the door allowing Miss Crawford to make her entrance. “Vera dear! I’m so excited to meet you!” said Joan taking her hand. “Oh what a charming room…all shades of pink, so flattering for your raven hair and I just adore that pop of color in the front…is that lavender? How…unique!”

“Why thank you Miss Crawford, I…” was all Vera managed to say before Joan turned to greet the rest of us who had gathered at Vera’s well-appointed reception desk. “Hello everyone, I’m Joan!” she said smiling, introducing herself to the staff while shaking all our hands. A pretty exciting morning I must say!

Taking off her stunning black sable coat, white satin head scarf and matching gloves she handed them all off to her driver. “I know we’re going to have a marvelous morning together ladies! John, please take those things to the dressing rooms, and be careful of those costumes…Daffy dear can you show John the way? I just can’t wait to get started…shall we?” Hooking her arm into mine, “Mildred Pierce” herself escorted me towards my station!

Seated in my chair, Joan described what had led her here to us in the first place. She was very unhappy with the hairstyle options presented to her at the studio for her upcoming film and after a luncheon with her pal “La Liz” (who by the way raved about Pink Bubbles!) knew she had to come see us!

Always re-inventing her image, Joan instructed me she wanted something sophisticated and fresh. Something new, exciting and young…well, mostly young!

Sitting in my chair, she told me it was time her public met a new Joan Crawford…a Joan Crawford ready for a new decade…a fresh look that says:

“Welcome to the future!”

“Welcome to Technicolor!”

“Welcome to 1953!”

And with that we said goodbye to the old Joan…


and “Hello!” to the new!


New hairstyle, enhanced eyebrows, fuller lips and added glamor lashes all come together to create Joan’s latest version of herself…and she loved it!



Joan couldn’t wait to see how her new look worked with the films wardrobe and gave our staff a private fashion show of a few of her “Torch Song” costumes designed and made for Joan by her favorite designer Liz Cole of LizRetros!

Here’s Joan in her rehearsal costume:


Joan can’t help being a “Two-Faced Woman!” treating us to a few steps from her dance routine!




A day none of us will soon forget came to an end as Joan packed up her things and bid us all farewell! She promised Vera to messenger over a signed portrait for the “Wall of Fame” very soon as well as some movie tickets for the films release.

True to her word it wasn’t long before the whole Pink Bubbles staff consisting of me, Vera, Daffy, Beatrice and Madge had a “girls night-out” at the movies…courtesy of my favorite “Screen Queen” Miss Joan Crawford!


As the theater lights began to dim, I settled into the comfy velvet seat, fresh popcorn in hand. With the opening credits beginning to roll, I couldn’t help but recall Joan’s recent visit to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and the words she spoke from my chair:

“Welcome to the future!”

“Welcome to Technicolor!”

“Welcome to 1953!”

Annex - Crawford, Joan (Torch Song)_NRFPT_01


Thank you Rosanna for sending your Joan Crawford doll to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

And a special “thank you” to Liz for the wonderful “Torch Song” creations! They are truly amazing!

Please visit Liz at:


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Please visit again soon for another dolly adventure!

Meet The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Staff! – Vera Frost


Client Reception – Ms. Vera Frost

Vera is our front desk receptionist here at Pink Bubbles and the first of our staff you’re likely to meet when you arrive for your beauty appointments. Vera handles all incoming telephone inquiries and schedules appointments. She appreciates promptness and strongly encourages spa guests to be on time!

 Remember, all dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into Vera’s…

Born Vera Grimhilde in 19?2, she originally hails from Swamp Bottom, Mississippi. Upon her arrival, the only child of Gaylord and Earlene Grimhilde shocked the delivery doctor and nurses with the natural lavender streak in her raven black hair. Needless to say jealously was rampant amongst the other infants in the hospital’s nursery that day!

According to Vera, she was a lovely, well-mannered child who grew into a stunning teenager. She won and held the title of “Miss Swamp Bottom” for three consecutive years at the local county fair during high school. Though riding in parades and cutting ribbons was indeed exciting, Vera, a naturally ambitious girl, was not content to just sit on her laurels as a reigning beauty queen and marry into Swamp Bottom society…she wanted more!

supes_houseAbove: Vera’s humble beginnings…her childhood home.

After graduation, Vera left her hometown and landed her first job as receptionist at “Happy Homes Interior Design” in the larger city of Jackson, where she met and eventually married her much older boss…when the divorce from his jealous wife was finalized.

The couples new-found happiness was unfortunately cut short when the first of her three husbands slipped and fell into the mighty Niagara Falls while mugging for the camera on their honeymoon. His body was never recovered. Feeling she would be somewhat unwelcome at “Happy Homes Interiors” upon her return, Vera wisely decided to move on.


Blessed with self-admitted good taste, and of course time well-spent observing the “tricks-of-the-trade” of the decorators at “Happy Homes”, Vera proudly takes credit for the glamorous interior design of the Pink Bubbles client reception lounge.

Vera’s next position was receptionist and part-time mattress model at the “Beddy-Buy Mattress Co.” showroom located in Little Hope, Texas. Soon spotted by “Heartbreak Motel” purchasing agent Alfred Smellie in town on a mattress buying trip, Vera began a whirlwind romance ending in marriage on an overnight jaunt to Las Vegas. Tragedy struck again for the new bride when her betrothed died suddenly in the honeymoon suite. Unbeknownst to the new Mrs. Smellie, her more mature husband had a severe heart condition and the sight of his bride in her Fredericks of Hollywood “Naughty Night-y” proved to be too much for him.

Looking for a fresh start, a move to Los Angeles, California was next for Vera where not only a dream job but another ill-fated romance awaited!

Vera interviewed for and won the coveted title of “V.I.P. Receptionist” at the famous Max Factor Make-Up Studio located on Highland Avenue in Hollywood.


In charge of celebrity clients, her duties also included management of the legendary Blond, Brunette and Red-Head consultation rooms on the first floor. Vera was finally in her element!


Another chance at romance soon followed while having lunch at the “Snow White Cafe” on Hollywood Boulevard nearby.


Short on tables at the popular eatery, Vera took the fateful stool next to a Mr. Gilbert Frost, famous wig designer to the stars! Enchanted by the lavender swirl in Vera’s hair, he asked her permission to replicate the unique streak in his new line of wigs to be produced and sold by his best friend and business associate Miss Eva Gabor. Soon, Vera’s pastel trademark streak was seen on the wigged heads of Hollywood luminaries such as Ann Miller, Joey Heatherton and Eydie Gorme!


Vera, heady with a bit of fame as the inspiration to the very successful wig line, threw caution to the wind and romance soon followed!

Blissfully in love, an impromptu third marriage to Mr. Frost soon followed with the happy couple, oddly accompanied by her husbands long-time male secretary Thom, headed to Palm Springs for their honeymoon getaway. Unfortunately for Vera, tragedy comes in three’s and marital bliss was not to last.

In true Hollywood Babylon fashion, alone in the honeymoon suite, Vera awoke to hear her husband Gilbert arguing with Thom in the adjoining room when shots suddenly rang out in the night. Police later escorted a crazed Thom from the scene still wearing an askew Eva Gabor “Vera” wig on his head muttering incoherently. The circumstances that led to the murder remain a mystery. Widowed yet again, the following scandal rocked the wig world and Vera lost her job at Max Factor’s due to all of the bad publicity.

Vowing never again to marry, Vera retains the “Frost” she acquired from her final husband and still receives royalty’s from the “Vera” line of wigs to this very day.


Concentrating solely on her professional career, the spa welcomed Vera into the Pink Bubbles family in 1963.

She’s been scandal-free ever since!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our very own Pink Bubbles Doll Spa’s Client Receptionist…Miss Vera Frost!

Please visit us again next week for another dolly adventure!

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A Baker’s Dozen For Holly!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0053

From the collection of Rachel!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into one of them…

Hello everybody and welcome back to Pink Bubbles!

I’d like you all to meet Holly, our latest spa make-over client. Now Holly’s as sweet as they come, in fact she’s just as sweet as the delicious glazed doughnuts I pick up every morning from the family owned “Hole-In-One Doughnut House” on my way in to work. I tell you we just couldn’t start our day here at the spa without them and heaven forbid if Vera doesn’t have her coffee and Bear Claw before the phones start ringing at her desk!

I was delighted to find her name as I scanned Vera’s appointment book and looked forward to seeing her in my chair at 10:30 that morning. Of course she came bearing extra tasty treats packed inside the pale pink box we’ve all come to know and love. It looks like my Playtex Living Girdle is going to have to put in some overtime this week:


Holly’s already a very pretty girl and unlike me needs no help in the figure department either! Her svelte T-N-T waistline is still intact which is amazing considering the line of business her families in.

Her mother Faye is also a client of mine and of course you know how mother’s are…she can’t help but keep me updated on her daughters social life. Quick over the counter reports are common as I pay for my doughnuts and even more detailed accounts while sitting in my chair once every two weeks. Now as you all know I’m not one to repeat gossip…so you better listen close the first time!

Now according to Faye, Holly has eyes for Steve…he’s that great looking delivery guy who drops off the flour, sugar and yeast to the bakery on Thursday afternoons. Well, today happens to be Thursday so by my own calculations Holly has to be out of here by 12:30 at the latest so she can get home, change and be back behind the counter by 2:00 looking gorgeous! (Not that I know anything about what’s going on with Holly wanting to be asked out for a date by Steve…I have always prided myself in minding my own business!)

Here’s Holly as she looked when she first arrived:


Starting off with all the right ingredients already, Holly I know will be a sweet vision indeed for Steve when I’ve finished…I’m just saying!

Daffy escorted Holly to the back where she began her treatments with our Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Her long blonde hair was washed, conditioned and re-set in the youthful style Holly loves. She requested and was given a pretty red hair bow, leaving me wondering what she was going to wear that afternoon for Steve…which is none of my business.

Her lashes were in need of some attention so they were tidied up a bit. I saw that her nose and chin were beginning to fade to yellow (which seems to be common occurrence with the younger Mod set) so a light color-wash was done that evened out her complexion. I soon discovered that little spot below her eye was indeed a beauty mark embedded in her skin and wouldn’t budge!  Fresh eyebrows were next and were re-done in a pale blond. She also needed  an application of fresh pink to her lips so I color-matched a shade just for her. A bit of blush repair ended my work and she finished her Pink Bubbles visit at the manicurist table with Madge.

A quick reminder of Holly’s “before” look:


And the fresh Pink Bubbles version:




An overview of her “Before & After” pics:





Wow! What a knock-out!

Well according to mother Faye, a baker’s dozen of pretty pink roses were delivered to Holly at the “Hole-In-One Doughnut House” before closing! Of course they are now proudly displayed right next to the cash register, tended to lovingly by her mother who tells everyone who comes in that they were sent to her daughter. I saw them this morning and they are indeed lovely and smell wonderful. In fact, I noticed they were the exact same color as Holly’s fresh lips! I only counted twelve in the vase though…the thirteenth I soon discovered was tucked neatly behind Holly’s ear as she carefully placed Vera’s Bear Claw inside that very familiar pink pastry box!

Thanks again Rachel for sending “Holly” to The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! The staff looks forward to meeting more of your girls soon!

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Please visit us again next week for another dolly adventure!





Pink Bubbles New “Clients Of The Week” Feature!

Greetings Pink Bubbles Doll Spa readers!

I hope this weeks blog post finds you all doing well and that you’re enjoying the summer months so far.

The spa has been so busy with new clients coming and going lately that finding the extra time to post weekly is becoming very difficult indeed. Vera suggested that a “Clients of the Week” posting might be fun and I must say in a “time-pinch” like the spa is experiencing at the moment, I really like the idea. I’ll of course be sharing more “in-depth” postings with you as soon as I can!

Till then, here are some make-over highlights to enjoy of  just a few of our clients who answered the “Beauty Roll-Call” here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa these past weeks…



P.B.D.S. Client – #0050

From the collection of Fazal!






P.B.D.S. Client – #0051

From the collection of Lisa!






 P.B.D.S. Client – #0052

From the collection of Lavina!







Look for another “Clients of the Week!” posting next week.

Till then,

Vera, Daffy, Beatrice & Madge all send their love!


“Ladies And Gentlemen…The Baby Dolls!!!”


P.B.D.S. Clients – #0046, #0047, #0048 & #0049

From the collection of Lavina!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into four of them…

Beth, Ginger, Susie and Jo-Ann have been best friends since they were all kids. They did everything together growing up and shared a common passion for singing and making music. You could always find the four girls in the isles of our towns record shop on Saturday afternoons picking up the latest hits from girl groups like “Martha and the Vandellas,” “The Shangri-Las” and of course their absolute all-time favorite…”The Ronettes!”


“The Ronette’s”…60’s Hair Heaven!

Well I guess it was just inevitable that the girls would form their own all-girl band in high school. Often dressing alike and wearing their hair in the same high elaborate styles just like their idols…much to the dismay of their Mother’s on some occasions!

Calling themselves “The Baby Dolls” they made the rounds of school dances, talent shows and of course our own county fair. Gifted with beautiful singing voices and with the unique addition of playing their own instruments, they soon gained their own following among our local teen set.

With jobs after school they saved up all they could and with a little help from their parents, were eventually able to cut a few singles. “What’s So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen?” and  “You bet I Would!” were even played here on the local radio station for a few weeks! Now I’m not really one for all that loud music as you all know, but Daffy would always run and turn up the radio here in the spa whenever their songs were played. I have to admit it…they were good! I even spied Vera, who claims she only cares for classical music, tapping her foot to the beat under her desk!

After graduation, the four girls escorted by some of their parents of course, took a trip to New York to try their luck and soon found an agent eager to promote their unique sound. With Beth, Susie and Jo-Ann on their electric guitars and Ginger’s deft handling of the drumsticks, it wasn’t long before they were booked on popular T.V. dance shows like “Shindig” and “Hullabaloo!” The rest I guess you can say is history. Local girls make good! 

Now I don’t care where your going or where you’ve been, if you’re a home-town girl, all roads eventually lead back to The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa…it’s just tradition! The girls Mother’s have been clients of ours for as long as I can remember and of course their daughters always accompany them for a day of spa pampering whenever they’re back home for a visit. You can count on Daffy not wanting that particular day off if she spies their names in Vera’s book of appointments! In fact, we suddenly become the “hip” place to be with the younger set like Francie, Becky, Gidget and her best gal pal La-Rue on days like these!

Every girl, famous or not always leaves Pink Bubbles looking their absolute best. They may not arrive that way but they sure leave us refreshed and glowing! Here are some quick shots of how the “Dolls” looked when they showed up for their appointments:

Here’s Beth:


A shot of Ginger:


Susie is ready for a fresh look:


Jo-Ann’s “before” look:


As you can see, being in “showbiz” is hard on a girl’s hair! Hot lights, teasing, hair pieces and tons of hairspray can take their toll on your crowning glory. In the capable hands of Daffy they each enjoyed a good wash and deep conditioning of their locks, prepping them for their time in my styling chair. Needless to say, they wanted their hairdo’s to all be the same! The ponytail hairstyle was a perfect choice and is also a very popular and much requested look here at Pink Bubbles. Each girl wears it in her own unique way!

Next it was time for some fresh make-up. Each gal had her own beauty needs and the color palate was different for all four. Of course what’s a new look without a stop at Madge’s manicurist table! There, each girl was giving a nail polish specially matched to her lip color.

Check out their “before & after” pics below:


Far from the stage lights and cameras, their wholesome “girl next door” looks are once again restored much to the delight and appreciation of their grateful Mother’s! Enjoy it Mom’s…well, for the moment anyway!

The girls and their Mother’s all with fresh make-overs informed us they were heading out to lunch next. I hope they don’t mind being followed by their “groupies” who had been hanging out in our reception area all that time, driving poor Vera nuts!

Of course we couldn’t let them leave without a request for an autographed photo for our “Wall of Fame.” They promised to send one soon. In fact, here’s a surprise we received in the mail just a few days later:



Oh my, I hardly recognized them! Not typical “Pink Bubbles” make-overs at all if you ask me. Cute outfits though…you can never go wrong with gold lame in my opinion! Oh well, I guess I had better “get with it!” as Daffy is always telling me. Music, fashion and yes hairdo’s are always changing with the times. Well maybe so, but I must admit it…I just love my own little time capsule here within the walls of The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and I hope all my clients and readers do too! Come by and visit us anytime, you know you’re always welcome…but please do remember to book any of your gals beauty needs directly through our receptionist Vera, because as you know, she’s a real stickler about her darn appointment book!

Thanks Lavina for sending the “Dolls” to The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Our staff wishes them all much continued success and hope they’ll always follow their musical dreams!

Visit the “Book An Appointment” tab at the top of the page to treat your own doll to her own day of beauty at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Spa packages as well as individual services are available.

Please visit us again next week for another dolly adventure!



Making Their Dreams Come True!


P.B.D.S. Clients – #0044 & #0045

From the collection of Greg!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know. Here’s a peek into one of them…

“Give ’em any chance they’ll take it, read ’em any rule they’ll break it!” is exactly how I would describe the next two gals who recently visited us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Laverne and her best pal Shirley are actually tenants of our very own Beatrice who rents the girls the up-stairs of her duplex in Burbank. Originally from Milwaukee, the two best friends decided to throw caution to the wind yet again (which is not unusual for these two by the way!) and leave their dreary jobs and the smell of hops behind them to chase their dreams here on the west coast.

Now Shirley will tell you her fondest dream has always been to marry a doctor and trust me, she intends to make it happen. With a fresh start here in California and with so many hospitals in the area, she hopes her volunteer candy striper days will soon be behind her! Independent minded Laverne dreams of opening her own business one day, much like her Pop’s “Pizza-Bowl” back home. Of course, a little “vo-dee-o-dodo!” with a certain Troy Donahue runs a close second!

4868264“Vo-dee-o-dodo” worthy Troy!

Like everybody else though, till their dreams actually do come true they gotta earn a living! These girls will try anything once and their recent gig as professional stunt women is proof of that! In fact that’s how they ended up here at the spa, needing to clean-up after their turn as body doubles for a couple of cave women in their first foray into acting. Let’s face it, Hollywood can be a dirty business…just ask Daffy!

laverne&shirleyWonga! Wonga! Wonga!

As you can all imagine, being carried off in the claws of a prehistoric pterodactyl and then being dropped into its nest as intended baby bird food for thirty-seven takes can be hard on a gals looks!

Witness it for yourself below:

They showed up here at the spa not only exhausted from the days filming, but in desperate need of practically all our beauty services.

Take a look…yikes!


After their much-needed Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body, they both had their hair washed and then conditioned by my assistant Daffy.

Shirley’s hair in particular was a matted mess and it took me a while to de-tangle her own “birds nest” she had going on!


Of course refreshed make-up was also needed for both girls. Shirley received touch-ups on her lids and then a pretty shade of coral pink was mixed and applied to her lips. Her complexion was a little pale so I add a bit of blush as well.

Volia! Shirley’s now pretty as a picture!


While Shirley chatted with Madge at the nail station, I turned my attention to her best pal Laverne. Her bubble-cut hairdo had seen better days as well:


She benefited from a fresh hair set with the addition of some pretty curls added to frame her face. She also needed some attention to her chipped lids and her eyeshadow was repaired as well. By special request, her lip color was kept the lightest of the faded pinks it had become. It’s a great choice for her I must agree! Her frosty lips were contrasted by a kiss of warm pink blush to the cheeks followed by her turn at Madge’ manicurist’s table.


Both girls were given Beatrice’s special forty-percent discount when it came time to select their “Safety-First” pearl earrings from Beatrice’s tray. The girls knew better than to refuse their landlady’s generous offer and selected matching sets!

Let’s take another look at the girls fabulous transformations:







 Looking like brand-new dolls, the girls bid us all a quick goodbye and settled their bill with Vera. What a day these too had! Since they were both really tired, it was time to head home and get some much-needed rest. They’ll need it too. Shirley told us she was teaching Laverne to drive the very next day.

Listen up kids, take my advice and just stay off the streets…and the sidewalks for that matter!

Laverne & Shirley are once again on the loose!

Thanks again Greg for sending Laverne & Shirley to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Keep an eye on those two!

Visit the “Book An Appointment” tab at the top of the page to treat your own doll to her own day of beauty at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Spa packages as well as individual services are available.

Please visit us again next week for another dolly adventure!

“Now You See It…Now You Don’t!” It’s Color Magic!



P.B.D.S. Client – #0043

From the collection of Barbara!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know.

Here’s a peek into one of them…

Hello Pink Bubbles Doll Spa readers!

I hope this very belated blog post finds you all doing well! I must tell you I literally haven’t had the extra time needed these last few weeks to pop in and say hello and share what’s been going on here at the spa as we’ve been so busy lately. I’m not complaining mind you, business is booming, and I’m grateful…swollen feet and all!

New clients have been coming and going so quickly around here that I’m going to have to give Vera and Daffy a raise…they’ve earned it! Of course dear Beatrice from our gift shop works solely on commission, so I’m afraid she’s on her own. But don’t worry about her, she’s doing just fine. Believe you me, no one escapes the spa without making a selection from her assortment of baubles and beads…she makes sure of that! I always say you can never fault a girl with ambition and Beatrice has it in spades.

This week, I’d like you all to meet Cindy, a very sweet girl from New Jersey who flew out special just to visit us here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. She’s a dear friend of Barbara’s who treated her to this trip to California. Now Barbara just loves Cindy (who I learned was named after her daughter!) and just couldn’t bear to see her face another day with her hair in such a state. A beautiful Color Magic, Cindy obviously had seen her fair share of hair play in the past. Lets face it dolls, there is a limit to how many times you should add those “special” Mattel solutions to your hair!

DSC00699The remains of Cindy’s golden-yellow hair were in high distress and in dire need of tender care. She really wanted me to save as much as I could of what remained and of course replace what she had lost. Luckily for her, the very special blonde shade needed was in stock in our supply closet. So I set about preparing my station for the follicle challenge that lay ahead while Cindy left with Daffy to enjoy her “Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body”. Afterwards a good shampoo and a special deep conditioning treatment were in order.


Now I had barely finished laying out my “tools-of-the-trade” when Daffy suddenly came rushing in from the back, ushering me to her wash bowl without saying a word. I’m very proud of Daffy, she didn’t utter a thing out loud, following our number one rule here in the spa; “Never panic in front of your client!” As you can imagine, it only upsets them and you immediately lose their confidence and trust.

Casually leaning over Cindy whose eyes were thankfully closed, lost in the fragrant smell of our delightful “Pink Bubbles” shampoo, I immediately saw why Daffy herself was also in a lather. The remains of Cindy’s original sunny blonde hair had turned a very pretty shade of “Flame-Red” amongst the bubbles!

“How is everything Dear?” I nonchalantly asked our guest, being careful not to alarm her. “Wonderful! I just can’t wait to see my new look!” Cindy chirped. “I’m sure you’ll never believe it!” Daffy added, offering an unsure smile. Patting Cindy’s shoulder I said “Now you just relax and Daffy will take very good care of you. I’ll see you soon!” I silently motioned to Daffy to meet me out front.

 “Now that’s one for the books!” Daffy said when we were out of ear-shot. “I’ll say…” I answered, “I guess that hair still has some “magic” left in it, even after all these years. Well, our next trick better be turning it back…but-quick!” “Or convince her she should become a redhead!” said Daffy “What’s next Boss?” “Well, just rinse and move on to the deep conditioning…and for goodness sake, don’t turn her to the mirror…not yet!”

Playing over the different explanation options I was going to have to soon deliver to our new client in my head, I sat down in my own chair to think it through. Luckily I didn’t have to think long though as Daffy suddenly peeked around the corner and silently signaled me with her finger to come back in. “Oh Geez, now what!” I thought, “I hope the rest of her hair hasn’t fallen into the wash basin!”

Eyes still closed, Cindy’s head lay peacefully in the rinse bowl. She was still oblivious to the color changes happening on her own head…instead she was just relaxing, enjoying her deep-conditioning treatment. To my surprise and I must say relief, her hair had turned from “Flame Red” to a lighter carrot-orange color. As we both watched, it faded even further…from light-orange to gold and then finally back to its original butter-yellow blonde tone…yes, all before our very eyes! I looked at Daffy who simply shrugged her shoulders. I deducted it was first the warmth of the water as Daffy was washing her hair and then the coolness of the conditioner sitting in her hair that was making the changes. Obviously Cindy’s original “Color Magic” hair was temperature sensitive. As I walked back to my station I quickly made a mental note to only use the “cool” setting on my hair dryer. I then decided to take a quick detour towards the break room and poured myself an overdue cup of “Joe” to calm my nerves!

To tell you the truth, when Daffy brought Cindy back to my station, I was a bit anxious removing the pink terry cloth towel that was wrapped around her head…no telling what I, and Cindy for that matter may see. Thankfully, yellow blonde hair fell from the towel and I commenced with the comb-out, silently thanking my lucky stars!

Cindy was very patient as I added the missing hair to her hairline and inner scalp areas that needed it. The color-match was near perfect and though the newer tresses were smoother and softer, the original hair had benefited immensely from all the pampering and blended right in. I then re-set the new hair close to the head and added the pretty pink hair barrette Cindy had brought with her.

Take a look at the results of her hair transformation below:


For a gal whose hair had seen better days, Cindy’s factory original make-up was remarkably fresh looking. The only help she needed was a light touch-up on her black lids. Madge moved in for a quick manicure as well. I’m sure you’ll all agree that Cindy’s final reveal in my mirror was definitely worth her cross-country trip. She just loved her freshened appearance and exclaimed “It’s like magic!” “More like “Color Magic” if you ask me!” Daffy added giving me a quick wink.


Here’s a look at Cindy’s “Before & After” Pics:




When she returned from the dressing room in her colorful play suit and turquoise blue mules, I helped her adjust her matching head band. How cute she looked for her journey home!


Before leaving, Cindy thanked us all again and promised to take good care of her hair…old and new! She also vowed to leave the “magic” hair potions to the professionals!


Thank you Barbara for treating Cindy to a day of pampering and hair service at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! We look forward to meeting your next gal “Stephanie” soon!

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“Saluto della dalla Svizzera!”


P.B.D.S. Client – #0042

From the collection of Roberta!

 All dolls have secret lives as we all know…here’s a peek into one of them…

Saluto della dalla Svizzera! Il mio nome è Alina!” followed by a kiss on each cheek was the warm greeting I received from my newest client as she was escorted to my chair by our receptionist Vera. Not missing a beat, I took her outstretched hand in mine and answered back “Welcome to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa my dear!” I immediately noticed that Vera seemed to be enjoying my unfolding communication dilemma just a little too much! 

Jumping in to keep the coversation afloat, Vera suddenly said “Benvenuti Alina al nostro benessere! Come possiamo aiutarvi oggi?” to our pretty guest.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

“Vera, you’ve been holding out on us! I didn’t know you spoke anything other than English!” I said very surprised. Ma naturalmente!” she replied, waving her hand dramatically above her head, quickly adding “I mean…but of course!” clearly for my benefit. “I spent my entire youth traveling abroad!” she stated proudly in a tone that made it sound as if it should have been “oh so obvious!” “She’s come all this way from Switzerland to see us. As a matter-of-fact, I spent my honeymoon in Switzerland!”  she said as she smoothed the back of her stylish black hair.

“Was that your second or third dear?” I not so innocently asked. “Third!” was her curt reply.

Well, that’s our Vera! So full of…surprises!

“Anyway,” she continued, “did you know that four different languages are used in Switzerland? Italian, German, French and English. Alina and I are speaking Italian!”

Vera was clearly at ease in her new role as teacher!

“No Kidding!” I said. “Well?”  “Well what?” replied Vera. “What did you say to her?” I continued. “Oh…I asked how we could help her of course!” Vera said. And at that precise moment, my new client removed her stylish Pucci print head scarf revealing exactly why she was here to us both!


Sono venuto tutta la strada da Switzarland nella speranza si può ripristinare il mio bei capelli! Ho sentito i Pink Bubbles Doll Spa è il migliore!” she said looking at me as I stared back wide-eyed at her reflection in my mirror. Ecstatic to be coming to my rescue once again, Vera translated, “She says, “I came in hopes you can restore my beautiful hair! I’ve heard the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa is the best!” And with that, Vera turned and began to scurry back towards her desk to answer her ringing phone. “By the way, her name is Alina!” she shouted over her shoulder before she disappeared behind the frosted glass partition that separated her desk at the entrance from the rest of the spa. Peeking from around the partition, Vera gave me a quick wink and said “Good luck!” before disappearing once again.

Looking back at Alina’s reflection, I softly patted her shoulders and said “Well, I guess we’re on our own now Honey!”

Now I didn’t need any translation to know exactly what was needed in the beauty department for Alina. It was already clear she needed “the works” as far as her hair, but I also knew she would benefit from starting off her visit with a relaxing Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. So I called in Daffy and handed my client over to her and spent the needed prep time laying out my hair tools. In any language, it was going to be a lot of work!

When Alina returned, I showed her my sample ring of hair colors to choose from and she immediately went for the Blond tones. “Perfetto!” she said as she pointed her choice out to me. It was the lightest of the platinum blond’s. “Perfect!” I said. “, perfetto!” she agreed with a big smile. Yes, we were gonna get along just fine!

Well, I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say after several hours in my chair, including a lunch break with Alina and the girls, I finished the hair process and then moved on to the styling. After thumbing through our latest issue of “Modern Beauty Shop” magazine, Alina chose a classic swirl style. And as far as her make-up needs, with a beautiful face like Alina’s, I knew any color palette would work. Again, using our system of communication, I just showed her the selection of colors as far as lip tones and blush, and she chose a pretty matching pair in coral pink. A bit of “Noir-Black” for her lids and the job was done.

When turned to the mirror for the final reveal, I knew immediately Alina was pleased! Turning her head side to side, I could see from her expression that it was a job well done. “E ‘perfetto! I love it!” she exclaimed. Rising from my chair she gave me the biggest hug followed by an extra set of kisses to boot. To prove her point, she took the Pucci scarf from her purse and gave it a kiss as well…a kiss goodbye, as she dropped it into my waste can. Addio vecchio amico!” she said, which I assumed was “Adios!” “Thank you, thank you!  Grazie! Addio miei amici!” were her parting words.

With another hug goodbye to Daffy and I, Alina stopped and settled her bill with Vera. The two chatted for a time, laughing and carrying on. With a final wave goodbye to us all, off she went.

What a lovely girl! I do hope to see Alina again. Who knows, one day I may get to travel…maybe even to Switzerland! Why not? After all, I now have a new friend who lives there!

Till then, “Arrivederci! dear readers, “Arrivederci!”

Please enjoy Alina’s transformation pic’s below:






Grazie Roberta per inviare la vostra bambola Barbie Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! Spero che ti piace lei per gli anni a venire e guardare con impazienza di sentire da voi presto!

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