“Here She Comes…Miss So & So!”


P.B.D.S. Client #0021

From the collection of Robin!

 Hello readers and welcome back! You all remember Barb don’t you? The Blonde Bubble with the migraines and a fondness for the Apple-tini’s. Yeah, you know her. (If it’s still a little fuzzy or if you’re a little fond of the Apple-tini’s yourself, put down your glass and go back and check out her story. It’s the very first post we shared here on our site. Go ahead and refresh your memory as well as your drink! Bring us all one while you’re at it! We’ll wait…oh, back already, good! ) Well anyway, Barb carried through with her threat and finally sent one of her daughters over to see us here at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. It was her older girl, the former beauty title winner.

 She came in about 11:30 this morning and get this, was in full formal attire, yes that early! I’m telling you, full length gray brocade dress with silver lame sash, matching evening cloak, clutch  and heels. Very beautiful yes, but a lot to take in before lunch. Surprisingly, Vera didn’t say anything about her oddly timed ensemble at all, just scanned her appointment book and highlighted her name with her signature bright pink marker. As long as you make and keep your appointments, Vera’s a happy woman!

“Welcome to Pink Bubbles!” I said, leading her over to our pink satin consultation settee as we both sat down, “How can I help you today?” From her attire, I half expected her to open her clutch and whip out a sash that said “Miss So & So – 1965” and you know what, she did! I’m not kidding, along with an old newspaper clipping.

  “Here, look!” she said excitedly as she handed me the clipping. “Seems like only yesterday, of course I was a bit younger then.” (No kidding, weren’t we all!) “My Mother made this very dress for me and it stole the show that night!” she exclaimed as she tapped the clipping (with a very chipped manicure I noted by the way,) “I was the winner hands down!” she exclaimed, wide-eyed. (Yes, she was wearing the same dress now as she was in the clipping. I agree it was odd, but don’t judge people!)

 “When Daddy left us, I kinda lost my zip,” she continued, “just hung up my sash and quit the pageant circuit. Who knows, maybe I could have gone all the way, Miss America even… anyway, when Mother got back from her visit here she says it was almost like a miracle. You do such great work, I swear she practically looked like a new doll!”

“I thought I might give it a try too. I’ve decided it’s time for me to get out of the house, you know, maybe enter a few local pageants again, just for a lark of course! Can you help me?” I saw a spark in her eye and knew she wasn’t kidding. This girl, just like her mother Barb, needed a fresh start and by golly I was going to try to give it to her if I could! “My dear, that sounds like a wonderful plan,” I told her as I steered her towards my station, “but first we should fix you up a bit.” “Maybe we can try for something like this!” she said hopefully as she pushed the clipping towards me again. “Yes, just like this!” I said as I tucked it up on my mirror for reference.

I then handed her off to Daphie who assisted her with a Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. When she returned, I got to work. I took my time with her hair and make-up, carefully copying what I saw in the old photo. When I finally finished, I stood back to view the results. “Daphie, come over her!” I called. She quickly joined me and we both gazed at her reflection. “Well?” I asked her. “All I can say is Wow! Honey, you look like a dream!” Daphie told the fresh-faced beauty. Folks, I kid you not, my new client looked exactly the same as she did so many years ago in the clipping! Like she went back in a time machine somehow.

Needless to say she was thrilled. “I can’t tell you how happy I am!” she said smiling with moist eyes. “Only one thing left to do!” I told her and reached over to the sash that was folded on her lap. I placed it over her head and adjusted it perfectly. “There!” I said. Brimming with a new confidence, she thanked us both again for our work, then walked over to an astonished Vera who was standing in the foyer. She paid her bill and then put on her cloak. With a final turn at the door she bid us all adieu with a queenly wave and regal smile.

Well, all I can say is, when you got good bones and a vinyl face like this gal had, the rest is easy! Look out Bert Parks, here she comes!


RBP2Robin’s childhood Ponytail Barbie enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had her hair washed, conditioned and re-set in its original style. Her make-up was then refreshed and “Safety-First” earrings were added at the helpful suggestion of dear Beatrice. She wears a lavish gown that was made by Robin’s own Mother for her when she was a little girl. What a treasure! Lights, camera and action! She’s ready for the crown Mr. Parks!

The Newest Graduate of The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan Program Debuts!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0017

From the collection of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

It was a rainy afternoon and business had been slow all day at the spa. The dolls in this town tend to stay indoors in weather like this. Even a quick dash to the market could turn a girls “hair-do” into a tragic “hair-don’t!” Most gals just aren’t willing to venture out, even to keep an appointment with us on a day like this. After all, who wants to see their fresh new looks go swirling down the storm drain! I can’t say I blamed them, but all the cancellations were a bit disappointing.

With not much to do, I decided to spend my free time helping Beatrice in the gift shop unpacking and organizing our newest selection of lipsticks and nail polishes. We had just finished up and were about ready for our lunch break when I heard the beauty chimes go off in the entry. Moments later, Vera our receptionist, came bounding towards us exclaiming much too loudly that we had a beauty emergency out front and I needed to get out there, but quick! I do wish she’d keep her voice down because a reaction like that to a customer just isn’t professional!

I walked out and greeted our latest guest with a warm “Hello, welcome to Pink Bubbles!” Now dear readers, I must confess I may have been a bit hasty judging our Vera’s over-reaction. The tragic, wet thing was clearly in a state of beauty distress! I didn’t know if it was the bad weather or in fact a very hard life that had done the poor girl in, but I suspect it was a combination of both, mostly the latter.

One thing I did know for sure was that this poor creature was a perfect candidate for our new Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program! It’s rare that a client needs “the works” to this extent, but in her case I had no choice but to recommend the program to her. She was eager to embrace a change and happily accepted my proposal. Our work began!

For those of you who may not know, a Pink Bubbles Swan is a girl who’s looks have long ago faded and without our help are very unlikely to return with just a “rest cure” recommended by her doctor. She’s been labeled an “ugly duckling,”  a cast-off whose glory days of charm and beauty were long ago sacrificed on the battlegrounds of childhood play. For her, looking into a mirror is best done with quick peeks, as not to startle herself! After years of selfless service with children, she’s fortunately landed on our spa’s doorstep looking for a fresh start, and our staff are here to provide her just that, a new beginning.

Though it may be hard to believe your eyes, this is in fact the same little doll who entered our spa that rainy afternoon.  After years of service to children long grown and with the desire to begin anew, this lovely doll is proud to claim her new title: Swan!

Presenting the second graduate of the

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

Her journey begins. Sometimes it’s just best to start at the beginning, and for our Swan candidate that meant going back as far as we could go. Beyond her roots!

She first underwent the drastic measure of having her hair completely removed. Years of over-enthusiastic hair play had left her tresses broken and frizzed beyond repair. Then a thorough cleansing utilizing our own Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body removed years of dirt and grime. She’s now fresh as a daisy! Tired of the “Blah” blonde, our Swan then requested a lovely shade of red hair as she wanted to embrace change to the fullest extent! But first things first, she received a coat of new red flocking for her scalp as the foundation before we began.

jm 1897a

 As collectors know, #4 ponytails were originally issued in only blonde or brunette hair shades. She is now a special redheaded version and that makes her all the more lovely and unique! The results were well worth it as you can see by the photo below!

jm 1961

Our stunning #4 Barbie after her day at the spa! In addition to her new hair-do, she had all of her make-up repaired as well. New brows, eye repair, lips, and a mani & pedi from our celebrity manicurist Madge finished her new look!

jm 1934u

 She then visited our stylish Pink Bubble’s Fashion Boutique and was dressed in the fabulous “Let’s Play Barbie” Garden Party reproduction, complete with gloves and matching heels. It was a perfect choice for her, complementing her new red tresses perfectly! To top it all off, the ever helpful and commissioned Beatrice knew exactly what she needed to finish the presentation, a lovely suite of “Safety-First!” pearl jewelry!

jm 1953u

Our Swan models her new fashion for you!


What an afternoon and what a transformation! The lessons learned from this beauty are never be afraid to take a chance and embrace change! It may very well pay off for you!



Our lovely #4 Barbie doll has decided to take change to a whole new level. She’s looking to begin again and wants to find a new owner and join their collection!  A first for the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, this lovely lass will be available for purchase on ebay. She comes complete with her Garden Party ensemble. If you’re looking for something truly unique, this one-of-a-kind red haired #4 may just fit the bill!

If you are interested in welcoming her into you’re own collection, please cut & paste her auction number into the ebay site’s search bar and view her there. The auction number is:


And while you’re there, please check out our other auctions for more dolls available as well Pink Bubbles Doll Spa service packages to treat your doll to a day of beauty and transformation! Till next time…!

I Do Declare!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0015

From the collection of Jeannine!

This sticky sweet southern belle walked right in off the street and asked our receptionist Vera if she could make change for the parking meter out front. I happened to be passing through the lounge when I spotted her. A pretty blonde wearing a gorgeous Swiss-dotted pink dress with frothy white lace trim, white gloves and the cutest little straw bag. “You’re such a doll!” she said to Vera as she handed her the dollar bill. “Hon, I just got a mess of errands to tend to today.” Vera stared back at her, as if completely entranced by her face, squinting her eyes. Now sometimes I know when I need to diffuse a situation, especially with Vera! Before she had a chance to speak, (I sometimes swear Vera doesn’t have a filter from her brain to her mouth,) I inserted myself into the conversation. “My, it must be hot out there!” I said, stopping at Vera’s desk. “Really?” she said, turning my way looking surprised. “Why I find it just about perfect outside, cool even.”  “Well you just seem, uh, a bit moist is all.” I replied, giving Vera the fish eye. “I prefer dewey!” she said. “To tell you the truth, I do have quite the oily complexion, I’m constantly havin’ to powder my, well, my everything, I take after my Mama!” she laughed. “I wish I could find the right powder, but nothing seems to help.” I took the four quarters from Vera and steered her to safety.

 “Well you do know where you are don’t you sweetie? This is the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!”

“It is? Well what do ya know about that. I must drive by here at least twice a week, I didn’t realize.” She said. “Yes. We’re a full service spa. Perhaps you have some time right now for a consultation?” I asked. “Why I reckon I do!” she replied.

 Such a sweet girl, but in need of a little help. Besides her “Dewy-ness” issue, I noticed right away she had some previous work done on her brows and lips that needed fixing. Her hair needed some attention too. “I think you’ll be very happy with the results.” I told her. “Then let’s get on with it!” she said, smiling. And we did. When we finished she gazed at herself in my mirror and cried, “I do declare, you my dear are heaven-sent! Consider me a regular!”

 The ever-helpful Beatrice from our gift shop waited just out of view with her ever-present tray of earrings. (I did tell you she works on commission!) As if on cue, she presented her selection. Our sweet southern lass selected a pair of “Safety-First!” pearl earrings. “These are perfect, I just have to have them!” she said. A smiling Beatrice whipped out her sales book. Gotta love a girl with ambition!

 As she left, shine free by the way, she stopped at Vera’s desk to book an appointment for the following month. Looking the way she did now, I relaxed, knowing Vera had very little to say!




This pretty lass had our Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body to deal with her problem complexion. Now she’s fresh as a daisy! Her hair was then washed, conditioned, set and styled. She had her brows redone in a more attractive shade of blonde. Her lips were redone as well. She enjoyed a relaxing mani & pedi from our in-house manicurist, whose famous in her own right by the way, Madge! Of course to finish her look, a pair of “Safety-First!” earrings, courtesy of our ever helpful Beatrice!

Transitional – Of Terror!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0013

From the collection of Jaime!


Separated at birth? A horrible Karen Black flashback? No, relax everyone, it’s just Jaime’s transitional #3 Barbie doll!

 When she walked into the spa, it was like she stepped out of a dream, or more precisely, a nightmare! She instantly reminded me of that 70’s made-for-tv fright fest “Trilogy of Terror”. (If you haven’t seen it, rent it!) Her black hair was a fright wig, her arms and legs didn’t match her torso and her make-up was just shot. Her golden chain had definitely slipped off and all hell had broken loose! She was quite frankly, “To’e up, from the flo’ up!” A lot to take in all at once for unprepared eyes that’s for sure!

Well, one good thing came her way because of her over the top “look,” she became the inspiration AND the first candidate for our new Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

A Pink Bubbles Swan is a girl who’s looks have faded to the point of labeling her an “ugly duckling.” A gal who’s been rode hard and put away wet. Over time, she’s acquired a face meant for radio!  Life’s handed her lemons, but the good news is, she’s dumped them right into the laps of our stylists to serve you, dear readers, pink lemonade!

A very interesting feature of this particular spa client is she’s what collectors call  a “transitional” Barbie doll. She has the head, arms and legs of a #3 doll, but the hollow torso of the #4. A factory mish-mash of newer and older body parts (for the time.) A sort of “Franken-Dolly” if you will. I know, not a beauty reference considering her “before” photo!

Well, this was one dramatic make-over! No longer a “Horror-Hostess” she now really deserves her new title: Swan!

Presenting the very first graduate of the

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

A little reminder where she, and we, began…

our Swan candidate before…


And the beautiful creature she’s become emerges below…


Our first official Swan!

Congratulations Jaime, your doll has graduated with honors!

Please keep an eye out for upcoming Swan candidates in our posts. Who knows, your doll could be the next to graduate! Look around, you might have a girl in your own collection ready for our program!

We’ll be waiting for her arrival here at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

Auntie Em! She’s a twister!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0012

From the collection of Mary!

 Sometimes a gal blows through the spa that’s so full of life you just can’t help but love her! Even admire her a bit. A gal who grabs life by the, well, we’ll say horns! If I had to describe her, the term “firecracker” comes to mind. She was such a fun lovin’ gal who’d seen it all and was proud of it! A party girl who just didn’t care that someday her face would “freeze that way” and unfortunately for her, it did!

 When she threw open the spa doors, stamped out her Virginia Slim on our black & white linoleum floor, we knew the life of the party had arrived!

 She kept our staff in stitches the entire afternoon with tales of her adventures, life experiences and men! Mostly men! She said she “earned this face” and trust me, after she told us a few of her sordid stories, I agree, she did!

 Well, to be honest, this gal has had the works!

 Firstly, her hair was just fried and had been hacked off in places with scissors. (“A crazy night in Vegas” she recalled!) We had no choice, so her entire ponytail had to be re-rooted. Now it’s soft and shiny once again!

 Her bangs we kept mostly original, with just a few missing plugs added. (The bang hair loss was the results of a hair-pulling cat fight with a jealous cocktail waitress “who sassed her” in Phoenix, Arizona!)

 She’s also had a complete facial repaint. (“Huggin’ and kissin’ men is rough on a girls make-up!”) Don’t ask me, her quote not mine.

 When we finally finished up and turned her to the mirror, she squealed “Hot Damn! Good as new! Color me outa’ here Honey!” She paid her bill and left a really big tip too. She said she’d “come back and see us when the wind blew her this way again!” With those parting words, she whistled for a cab out front and then she was gone. Wow what a twister!                                                                                                                 

 I have a piece of advice for all you doll’s out there. And that is, lock up your husbands!



Mary’s lively lass had the works! She enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had a partial re-root which included her entire ponytail. Her bangs are mostly original with the addition of a few replacement plugs. She had her brows and lips re-done. She also had her eye ridge paint touched-up. What a make-over! What a gal!


“Here’s one to tide you over! Mwah! Bye, Ya’ll!”

“Oh dear God, the Stewardess is flying the plane!”



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0007

From the collection of Jeannine!

This brave gal came running into our spa in the middle of the afternoon just last week. She was in quite the rush as she only had about two hours before she was due back at the airport for her next jaunt to L.A. She breathlessly told our receptionist Vera that the small eight seater plane she was on went down in a field just outside of town! Everything was fine though and all aboard were safe. She actually had to land the darn thing after the pilot fell ill after eating a bad burrito he brought on board for lunch. From the looks of her it must have been some landing and quite a walk to town for her to look the way she did!

Well, we rushed her right through with a quick wash and set and a fresh application of lipstick. Now this Fly Girl is regulation ready. Welcome aboard!



Jeannine’s Stewardess Barbie enjoyed a calming patented “Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body.” Her hair was washed, conditioned and re-styled. Fresh lipstick color was applied. Refreshed, she in fact did make it to her next destination on time!

Thanks Jeannine and Flight Attendant Roberts for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!

I just washed my hair…



P.B.D.S. Client File – #0005

From the collection of Kym!

“I just washed my hair and I can’t do a thing with it!” Kym’s Barbie seems to be saying in this photo.  Except she hadn’t, and her face either it from the looks of it! Poor thing, she was desperate for a day of beauty at the Pink Bubble!

First things first though. As always with girls in this state, our beautician recommended our  patented Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face and Body to her new client.

After her refreshing cleanse, P.T. (Poor Thing) was sent on to the hair department. I always pity the stylist who has to extract remnants of fifty year old rubber bands from a clients hairdo! After her wash and set, P.T’s hair was re-styled to its former glory.

Faded brows and lips were restored to perfection by our skilled make-up team, giving her that youthful glow thought long-lost. Her unfortunate “nose nip” couldn’t be helped, but Beatrice in our gift shop, who BTW, is no stranger to a little nip n’ tuck, gave her a tip on a few good surgeons in the area!

With a bounce in her step she didn’t have when she arrived, she’s ready to be dressed in any one of the many fabulous frocks Kym has in her collection! No longer refered to as “P.T.” by our staff, the new Miss Robert’s looks forward to going home and showing off  her new look to all the others in her doll family!



Kym’s Ponytail Barbie enjoyed a relaxing “Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face and Body” treatment. Her hair was washed, conditioned and set. Here eyebrows were refreshed and remnants of her original lip shade was reproduced and applied. She selected a pair of “Safety-First” replacement earrings with the assistance of Beatrice in our gift shop.

Thanks Kym for visiting The Pink Bubble’s Doll Spa!