To Braid Or Not To Braid, That Is The Question!

jm 2077u

P.B.D.S. Client #0022

From the collection of Debbi!

Sometimes a dolls past and present just can’t seem to separate themselves. Like a braided ponytail, they just happily intertwine with each other. This was the case with our next Pink Bubbles Doll Spa client.

 She actually arrived a little early for her appointment and as a reward from punctuality-obsessed Vera, wasn’t made to wait the extra fifteen minutes before being escorted to my station. As you all know by now, Vera runs a very tight ship when it comes to her appointment book. Early or on-time arrivals will always find a quite charming receptionist, while tardy clients more than likely come face-to-face with the cool and curt version, no matter what their excuses may be. A sort of Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde situation comes to mind! If you knew Vera as well as I do, you’d understand. She has always kept everything in her life in very tidy order. Her home, children and of course, all three of her ex-husbands! So please, if you can, be on time!

My new client was a very pretty girl, though I will admit, quite disheveled. I would imagine any of us would be in this same state had we experienced her adventures. She certainly had an interesting past, that’s for sure! According to her, for more years than she cares to remember, she had been forced to live a perpetual childhood, her head stuck on a Skipper body! She doesn’t recall how it happened, but I would guess she was caught up in a head-swapping situation with her childhood owner. I’ve seen it many times here in the spa. Viewed by other dolls, including handsome Ken, as “just a kid”, she had nearly given up hope for a normal life. Luckily, she joined her new friend Debbi’s collection and was able to finally grow-up again and regained her womanly curves with a body replacement. Now it was time to take her transformation a step further with an appointment at Pink Bubbles!

When it came time to discuss hairstyle options, she wasn’t sure whether to keep her braided ponytail she’d worn for years or have it smoothed. I liked the charming braided look myself. It was a very cute look and really flattered her. But would the style be too much of a reminder of her unique past, too childish for her now that she had finally regained her new figure? In fact, she was going to visit Beatrice in our Fashion Boutique later and couldn’t wait to try on some lovely new dresses. Would the braid be right with her new wardrobe, she wondered? After quite a bit of a discussion it was decided she would keep it.

With the decision made, she enjoyed a well deserved Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body and then had her hair washed, conditioned and untangled with the assistance of our shampoo girl Daffy. They both seemed to really liked each other right away and I heard much laughter coming from the back. Daffy’s been a great new addition to our staff here at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and our customers evidently agree as she receives wonderful reviews on the pink comment cards Vera gives our guests. I do hope she stays on here at the spa, even if she finally achieves her dream of becoming an actress. I guess we’ll see!

When my client returned, I was ready to proceed with her hair. I began by pulling her hair straight back and gave her a wrapped top-knot ponytail. I separated and re-braided the hair. The ends were then curled and set and then a pretty white ribbon was selected to finish the style. I fluffed up her bangs and voila! Everyone agreed the braided ponytail was a cute take on the classic style and I think she’s really happy she kept it. It sets her apart and makes her beautifully unique! I then repaired her make-up while Madge tended to her nails.

Though this young gal endured an accidental extended childhood, she’s now ready to move on to the next chapter in her life. I can’t wait to see her in a lovely dress and heels. And with that new figure of hers, I’m sure she’ll never be mistaken by Ken for a little girl ever again!


bpt2Debbi’s pretty doll really enjoyed her long-awaited “grown-up” day at the spa! She started with the Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had her braided ponytail hairstyle refreshed and selected a pretty white ribbon to finish it. Her eyebrows, lids and lips were also redone. Madge provided the matching polish for her nails. Beatrice was happy to assist her in choosing the “Safety-First” earrings she wears, secretly hoping our gal will choose a new dress from the Pink Bubbles Fashion Boutique to go with them!


Tressy’s Got Another Secret…


 She’s the latest inductee to the

  P.B.D.S. Doll Hair Hall of Fame!

“Short or long or in-between, Tressy’s hair makes her a queen!”

1963 was a big year for budding little hair stylists! Standing in the doll isle, at the very beginning of their little hair-styling careers, girls and boys were faced with a truly impossible choice; should they go with wigs or hair that really grows? “Why can’t I just have both?” some would cry, stamping their patent leather Mary-Jane’s or suede Hush Puppie’s into the polished linoleum. “Because Mother says so, that’s why!” was the curt and unreasonable answer for many a future bad seed!

Brazenly wearing Barbies designer outfits in her debut commercial above, (“All About Eve” anyone?) Tressy dazzled you with bouffant’s, page-boys, flips, and even “long with braids” hairdo’s. The options were endless, and enticing enough for many die-hard Barbie fans to jump ship, at least momentarily, and lay down their hard-earned allowances for Tressy.


Going “head to head” with Mattel’s ‘Fashion Queen’ Barbie,  American Character’s unique offering to the fashion doll hair-play trend was ‘Tressy’ – and she had a secret! Not just any secret mind you, but an almost unbelievable one, “Her hair grows!” Yes, right out of her little vinyl head.


Using Mattel’s magic formula for success, Tressy was Joined by best friend ‘Mary Make-Up’ (Midge!) and little sister ‘Cricket’ (Skipper!).


 Tressy’s little brass key to happiness was packed in every box, which not only let you wind her long hair back into her tiny head, but could also unlock the doors of her cardboard penthouse apartment, millinery shop and of course, (clutch the pearls, Mary Make-Up!), her own beauty salon! Take that Bab’s!


The staff of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa admit they are more than a bit jealous of the fabulous Tressy Beauty Salon!


You could gag a Gabor sister with the myriad of glamorous hair and beauty products available in Tressy’s world!


Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda, the Gabor sisters, ready to gag on the glamour of Tressy’s world!

Here’s a small sampling dahlings!




Much like her rival sister in vinyl Barbie, Tressy and her family and friends were hugely popular with fashion doll lovers here at home as well as in Europe for many years. But all good things must come to an end and Tressy’s bouffant unfortunately fell flat in the later 1960’s as the American Character company went out of business.


The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa

congratulates and welcomes Tressy, the little doll with the big secret,

to the Doll Hair Hall of Fame!

8041147644_7bd0163912Living quietly in Santa Barbara, California, a retired Tressy was thrilled to hear of her induction into the Doll Hair Hall Of Fame!

 Looking ageless, she wanted to thank her fans by posing for this rare recent photo.

“Thank you all for remembering me and for this wonderful honor!”




“Here She Comes…Miss So & So!”


P.B.D.S. Client #0021

From the collection of Robin!

 Hello readers and welcome back! You all remember Barb don’t you? The Blonde Bubble with the migraines and a fondness for the Apple-tini’s. Yeah, you know her. (If it’s still a little fuzzy or if you’re a little fond of the Apple-tini’s yourself, put down your glass and go back and check out her story. It’s the very first post we shared here on our site. Go ahead and refresh your memory as well as your drink! Bring us all one while you’re at it! We’ll wait…oh, back already, good! ) Well anyway, Barb carried through with her threat and finally sent one of her daughters over to see us here at The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa. It was her older girl, the former beauty title winner.

 She came in about 11:30 this morning and get this, was in full formal attire, yes that early! I’m telling you, full length gray brocade dress with silver lame sash, matching evening cloak, clutch  and heels. Very beautiful yes, but a lot to take in before lunch. Surprisingly, Vera didn’t say anything about her oddly timed ensemble at all, just scanned her appointment book and highlighted her name with her signature bright pink marker. As long as you make and keep your appointments, Vera’s a happy woman!

“Welcome to Pink Bubbles!” I said, leading her over to our pink satin consultation settee as we both sat down, “How can I help you today?” From her attire, I half expected her to open her clutch and whip out a sash that said “Miss So & So – 1965” and you know what, she did! I’m not kidding, along with an old newspaper clipping.

  “Here, look!” she said excitedly as she handed me the clipping. “Seems like only yesterday, of course I was a bit younger then.” (No kidding, weren’t we all!) “My Mother made this very dress for me and it stole the show that night!” she exclaimed as she tapped the clipping (with a very chipped manicure I noted by the way,) “I was the winner hands down!” she exclaimed, wide-eyed. (Yes, she was wearing the same dress now as she was in the clipping. I agree it was odd, but don’t judge people!)

 “When Daddy left us, I kinda lost my zip,” she continued, “just hung up my sash and quit the pageant circuit. Who knows, maybe I could have gone all the way, Miss America even… anyway, when Mother got back from her visit here she says it was almost like a miracle. You do such great work, I swear she practically looked like a new doll!”

“I thought I might give it a try too. I’ve decided it’s time for me to get out of the house, you know, maybe enter a few local pageants again, just for a lark of course! Can you help me?” I saw a spark in her eye and knew she wasn’t kidding. This girl, just like her mother Barb, needed a fresh start and by golly I was going to try to give it to her if I could! “My dear, that sounds like a wonderful plan,” I told her as I steered her towards my station, “but first we should fix you up a bit.” “Maybe we can try for something like this!” she said hopefully as she pushed the clipping towards me again. “Yes, just like this!” I said as I tucked it up on my mirror for reference.

I then handed her off to Daphie who assisted her with a Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. When she returned, I got to work. I took my time with her hair and make-up, carefully copying what I saw in the old photo. When I finally finished, I stood back to view the results. “Daphie, come over her!” I called. She quickly joined me and we both gazed at her reflection. “Well?” I asked her. “All I can say is Wow! Honey, you look like a dream!” Daphie told the fresh-faced beauty. Folks, I kid you not, my new client looked exactly the same as she did so many years ago in the clipping! Like she went back in a time machine somehow.

Needless to say she was thrilled. “I can’t tell you how happy I am!” she said smiling with moist eyes. “Only one thing left to do!” I told her and reached over to the sash that was folded on her lap. I placed it over her head and adjusted it perfectly. “There!” I said. Brimming with a new confidence, she thanked us both again for our work, then walked over to an astonished Vera who was standing in the foyer. She paid her bill and then put on her cloak. With a final turn at the door she bid us all adieu with a queenly wave and regal smile.

Well, all I can say is, when you got good bones and a vinyl face like this gal had, the rest is easy! Look out Bert Parks, here she comes!


RBP2Robin’s childhood Ponytail Barbie enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had her hair washed, conditioned and re-set in its original style. Her make-up was then refreshed and “Safety-First” earrings were added at the helpful suggestion of dear Beatrice. She wears a lavish gown that was made by Robin’s own Mother for her when she was a little girl. What a treasure! Lights, camera and action! She’s ready for the crown Mr. Parks!



P.B.D.S. Client – #0020

From the collection of Robin!

The year was 1967. Ponytails, Swirls, Bubbles and yes, even American Girls were shaking in their little plastic pumps. ‘Twist-N-Turn’ Barbie was here! Rumor on the streets was for less than a couple of bucks any of the afore-mentioned dolls could be traded in for the new model, ending up God knows where. Caused dolly nightmares across the land!

Well, being new, young and fresh (not to mention being able to twist at the waist) came with a price. With the title of ‘It Girl’ comes responsibility, after all nothing is free.

For all the blessings the new T-N-T had, Robin felt her new childhood friend should “pay it forward” long before any of us knew what that meant. Being the newest AND considered the best doll in little Robin Gee’s world meant you were destined to be “Goodwill Ambassador” to all her playmates that would visit. After all, according to Robin, a guest should always have the best!

Now it’s not fair to say Miss T-N-T could be had for the price of a milk shake. It was her job to entertain the masses, and entertain them all she certainly did! Passed through the hands of many, she definitely earned her keep.

After a long career in lets say “entertainment” this poor girl needed to freshen up a bit and Robin has treated her to a day at the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

With her hostess days far behind her, T-N-T Barbie can now finally retire in style. With her fresh make-over, she can pretend it all just never happened!

(Robin, T-N-T Barbie says her original orange hair ribbon was taken as a “souvenir” by an overly amorous visitor in the 60’s. We have sent our new shampoo girl Daphie out to locate one for her before she returns home.)

Here she is folks, new for ’67 and 2013 – Robin’s childhood T-N-T Barbie doll!



Robin’s T-N-T earned a well deserved Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had her hair washed and re-set. She had a color wash treatment to address some complexion fading. She also had a light touch-up to her lips.

Thank you Robin for sending your T-N-T Barbie to the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!





It takes a lot more than a pair of violet peepers to keep your Ken doll sending serious jewelry! Just ask celebrity client and friend of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, Miss Elizabeth Taylor. “La Liz” would like to share with our P.B.D.S. readers an exciting new make-up trend sure to keeps those rocks coming your way!

Copy of lizcu

Liz models the ancient Egyptian look for you to wear now . . .

Cleopatra herself would never have told, but Liz will!

2,000 years after Cleopatra used her beauty secrets to such outrageously unfair feminine advantage, Liz revives them for you in a wonderfully wearable modern adaption. 

A centuries-old bewitchery brought brilliantly up-to-date!

“The magic begins with your “Sphinx Eyes'” says Liz. “Draw him into your gaze with your kohl-lined lids and he’ll become your own personal Marc Anthony!” laughs Liz.” I adore sparkle as you all know, so don’t be afraid of bold glittery eye shadows as well.”

“Add to it the provocative flattery of ‘SPHINX PINK’ – Revlon’s new shade for lips and fingertips.” she continued. “You’ll have him worshiping at your feet in no time!”

With her advice, you’ll suddenly span 2,000 years with fashions (and Liz’s) favorite look – The Cleopatra Look!

There you have it, straight from the beautiful lips of Liz herself!


If you’d like to view the entire ‘Sphinx Pink’ line, please see Beatrice in our gift shop. She’ll be happy to show you!

Hippie, Hippie, Hooray!

jm 1872                                                                                                  

P.B.D.S. Client – #19

From the collection of Aladina of Italy!

 I love playing music here at the spa during business hours. Softly of course! It sets the creative mood for our stylists, and if the proper tune is played, relaxes our clients. Call me old-fashioned, but classical music, feel-good pop tunes or any of my favorite country queens will do. Tammy, Loretta and of course, I will always love Miss Dolly! One type of music I will not play in the spa is that awful “Rock ’n Roll” that’s so popular with today’s kids. Give us a lovely ballad any day!

 Which brings me to our next Pink Bubbles Doll Spa guest. Though quite an attractive, albeit, shall we say “earthy” girl, our new client arrived without an appointment, which by the way is a big no-no with Vera! On top of that she had one of those new portable transistor radios, which was blaring an awful tune sung by something called a rolling stone! Vera promptly confiscated it and turned the blasted thing off saving all of our eardrums. Forcing a smile, Vera said “I’ll hold this for you dear!”

jm 1879

 Now, I’m all for young dolls choosing their own path, but when that particularly dusty trail leads you to such a state of disarray, I’d say you better re-think it! This wayward “Love Child” would be better off listening to her Mother and spending less time “rockin’ out” on her wobbly doll stand! To give the child credit, she did come in for some help, so there is hope! Though she dropped in unannounced, I knew there was a Mother out there somewhere that would thank me for my efforts, so off we went…

 An over-due Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body was first on our agenda. Years of grit and grime were replaced by quite a lovely complexion. She had full, dark beautiful lashes, which were quite striking with her bright blue eyes. Then on to the hair department for a wash & set. A beautifully streaked blonde hair color emerged from the bubbles. As far as style, she wouldn’t go for anything fancy, she wanted it left long and free. She also insisted on wearing that nutty headband, and wanted no additional jewelry either, much to the dismay of Beatrice!

jm 1916

 Though little effort was made, the results were monumental in my book! No longer a frightful hippie chick, she was now a very pretty doll. She was also very sweet and thanked me for my work as she adjusted her long fringed bracelet thingy’s. She then stopped at Vera’s desk to pay her bill and collected her radio. Turning it on, she turned to us all and gave us the peace sign with a new, lovely clean hand. “So long Grandma!” was her parting shot to Vera, who needless to say, was not amused!

jm 1906

This lovely “Live-Action” doll is all set to party like it’s 1971! She plans on meeting up with her pals P.J., Christie & Ken at the rock concert tonight. Won’t they be surprised how well she’s cleaned up her act! Don’t forget to tell P.J. and Christie about Pink Bubbles Barbie!



This groovy chick tuned out and enjoyed a Pink Bubble’s Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She then had her sunny blonde locks washed, conditioned and set.  No need for anything else. Her original outfit, complete with hard to find fringed bracelets and flats was located and she was re-dressed as original. Now she’s practically good as new!

Three cheers for Barbie!

Hippie, Hippie, Hooray!

Till next time, “Peace!” everyone!

Attention! Nurse Julia, to The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! S.T.A.T.!

jm 1885

P.B.D.S. Client – #0018

From the collection of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

This lovely R.N. stopped by the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa this afternoon for a quick touch-up. A spa regular, Julia had just pulled a double shift at the hospital and needed a little extra help to ready herself for a date with Brad later in the evening. She had a large box with her and excitedly showed me the new outfit inside. “It’s called “Candlelight Capers” what do you think?” “It’s a knock-out Julia, Brad’s a lucky fella!” I told her. She smiled and headed for the dressing room.


She returned wearing our standard pink and white spa towel. Julia treated herself to our relaxing Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. She had her hair washed and re-set, then had her lipstick refreshed. Looking like a million, she redressed herself in her white uniform, grabbed her purse and headed towards the door.

jm 2019u

“Julia, wait!” I shouted as I dashed back into the dressing room. Grabbing the large box, I hurried back. Handing it to her, I said “Don’t forget this!” “Oh my! Thank you!” she replied. “Well, what would dinner be without a little “Candlelight?” I replied with a wink. “We’ll see ya again soon Julia!”
“You sure will, but luckily not again today!” she said tapping the box. “Have a good time!” I told her. She just smiled and off she went!



Julia enjoyed a Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Her hair was washed and re-set to its original 1969 style! She needed her lips refreshed as well. Good as new!

If any of our readers are looking for a vintage Julia to add to their own collections, this lovely example is available for purchase from the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

She’s currently on ebay and her auction number is below:


Just copy and past her auction number in the ebay search bar.

Thanks for visiting the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa and stay tuned for more spa adventures coming soon!

The Newest Graduate of The Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan Program Debuts!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0017

From the collection of the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa!

It was a rainy afternoon and business had been slow all day at the spa. The dolls in this town tend to stay indoors in weather like this. Even a quick dash to the market could turn a girls “hair-do” into a tragic “hair-don’t!” Most gals just aren’t willing to venture out, even to keep an appointment with us on a day like this. After all, who wants to see their fresh new looks go swirling down the storm drain! I can’t say I blamed them, but all the cancellations were a bit disappointing.

With not much to do, I decided to spend my free time helping Beatrice in the gift shop unpacking and organizing our newest selection of lipsticks and nail polishes. We had just finished up and were about ready for our lunch break when I heard the beauty chimes go off in the entry. Moments later, Vera our receptionist, came bounding towards us exclaiming much too loudly that we had a beauty emergency out front and I needed to get out there, but quick! I do wish she’d keep her voice down because a reaction like that to a customer just isn’t professional!

I walked out and greeted our latest guest with a warm “Hello, welcome to Pink Bubbles!” Now dear readers, I must confess I may have been a bit hasty judging our Vera’s over-reaction. The tragic, wet thing was clearly in a state of beauty distress! I didn’t know if it was the bad weather or in fact a very hard life that had done the poor girl in, but I suspect it was a combination of both, mostly the latter.

One thing I did know for sure was that this poor creature was a perfect candidate for our new Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program! It’s rare that a client needs “the works” to this extent, but in her case I had no choice but to recommend the program to her. She was eager to embrace a change and happily accepted my proposal. Our work began!

For those of you who may not know, a Pink Bubbles Swan is a girl who’s looks have long ago faded and without our help are very unlikely to return with just a “rest cure” recommended by her doctor. She’s been labeled an “ugly duckling,”  a cast-off whose glory days of charm and beauty were long ago sacrificed on the battlegrounds of childhood play. For her, looking into a mirror is best done with quick peeks, as not to startle herself! After years of selfless service with children, she’s fortunately landed on our spa’s doorstep looking for a fresh start, and our staff are here to provide her just that, a new beginning.

Though it may be hard to believe your eyes, this is in fact the same little doll who entered our spa that rainy afternoon.  After years of service to children long grown and with the desire to begin anew, this lovely doll is proud to claim her new title: Swan!

Presenting the second graduate of the

Pink Bubbles Doll Spa Swan program!

Her journey begins. Sometimes it’s just best to start at the beginning, and for our Swan candidate that meant going back as far as we could go. Beyond her roots!

She first underwent the drastic measure of having her hair completely removed. Years of over-enthusiastic hair play had left her tresses broken and frizzed beyond repair. Then a thorough cleansing utilizing our own Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body removed years of dirt and grime. She’s now fresh as a daisy! Tired of the “Blah” blonde, our Swan then requested a lovely shade of red hair as she wanted to embrace change to the fullest extent! But first things first, she received a coat of new red flocking for her scalp as the foundation before we began.

jm 1897a

 As collectors know, #4 ponytails were originally issued in only blonde or brunette hair shades. She is now a special redheaded version and that makes her all the more lovely and unique! The results were well worth it as you can see by the photo below!

jm 1961

Our stunning #4 Barbie after her day at the spa! In addition to her new hair-do, she had all of her make-up repaired as well. New brows, eye repair, lips, and a mani & pedi from our celebrity manicurist Madge finished her new look!

jm 1934u

 She then visited our stylish Pink Bubble’s Fashion Boutique and was dressed in the fabulous “Let’s Play Barbie” Garden Party reproduction, complete with gloves and matching heels. It was a perfect choice for her, complementing her new red tresses perfectly! To top it all off, the ever helpful and commissioned Beatrice knew exactly what she needed to finish the presentation, a lovely suite of “Safety-First!” pearl jewelry!

jm 1953u

Our Swan models her new fashion for you!


What an afternoon and what a transformation! The lessons learned from this beauty are never be afraid to take a chance and embrace change! It may very well pay off for you!



Our lovely #4 Barbie doll has decided to take change to a whole new level. She’s looking to begin again and wants to find a new owner and join their collection!  A first for the Pink Bubbles Doll Spa, this lovely lass will be available for purchase on ebay. She comes complete with her Garden Party ensemble. If you’re looking for something truly unique, this one-of-a-kind red haired #4 may just fit the bill!

If you are interested in welcoming her into you’re own collection, please cut & paste her auction number into the ebay site’s search bar and view her there. The auction number is:


And while you’re there, please check out our other auctions for more dolls available as well Pink Bubbles Doll Spa service packages to treat your doll to a day of beauty and transformation! Till next time…!

Angels With Dirty Faces!


P.B.D.S. Client – #0016

From the collection of ?!

(I’m not saying! I don’t want anybody’s Mother getting a call from Harper Valley Social Services!)

 You know kids don’t worry much about their appearance. They just run wild and have fun. It’s their job! But it is Mom’s job to worry about it, unless she wants a curt telephone call and a sit-down “meet ‘n greet” with Harper Valley social services, courtesy of a filed report by that old bitty next door who’s plate glass window was broken out by an errant baseball. You all know the type!

 Now I’m not one to judge, but from the looks of it, these tyke’s have been playing for over 40 years already without a bath. I’m not getting all up in any ones parenting skills now, but let’s just face it, I think it was time they cleaned up a bit, don’t you!

 Skipper, Skooter and Ricky definitely needed, we’ll say,  a little grooming. Skipper is the oldest and probably knows a little more than Skooter or Ricky on the subject. But if she is setting an example for them, it’s getting lost in translation somewhere along the way!

 Not in too bad of shape, Skipper basically just needed a good bath and her hair done. Skooter on the other hand was really going for that urchin in the street “Les Miserables” vibe.  Ricky, well he’s just another story altogether. I swear when he walked in to the spa, I thought he was a little lost hobo. All that was missing was a cigar stub hanging from his lips and a bottle of Hooch!

 All in all, it was an easy job. Mom dropped them off and told Vera she had to run a few errands. Vera then led them straight to me cause she didn’t want any part of it. I guess Mama sort of got that two-for-one deal going on today, grooming services AND babysitter all in one! I didn’t mind though. They were little angels. But I do hope one of those errands she’s running involves a stop at Sears for some new outfits! Or at least a box of Tide from Kroger’s! I’m just saying!

 Well, here they are, all spruced up and ready for their class pictures!

Skipper, Skooter and little Ricky! Now ain’t they sweet!






This cute trio came in with little dirty face’s only a Mother could love! They each of course had a date with Mr. Bubble! They all were given a thorough Pink Bubbles Beauty Bath for Face & Body. Skipper and Skooter both had their hair washed, conditioned and set. Skooter was given pretty red ribbons for her pigtail’s. She also received a fresh lip paint. Ricky was also given a fresh lip paint as well as some touch-ups on his hair. Now it’s your turn Mom, bring on that Tide!

New “Doll Hair Hall Of Fame” Inductee!


Pink Bubbles Doll Spa

congratulates and welcomes

Mattel’s 1963

“Fashion Queen”

Barbie doll

into the hallowed halls of the Doll Hair Hall Of Fame!


In 1963, lucky little girls & boys across the land finally got to experience the Wonderful World of Wig-dom! Many children who had earned their way onto Santa’s “Nice” list could now dabble in the exciting world of quick, fashionable hair-do changes once reserved only for their Mothers, Aunts and an occasional perpetually single Uncle on their own!

barbieSee, didn’t Mother tell you “It pays to be nice!”

Wigs became a very popular fashion accessory at the time. With a snap of a finger, or more likely 45 minutes in front of a mirror adjusting it, your Husband could come home to find an exciting blonde, a fiery redhead or even a naughty brunette serving him his dinner! Those were the days, remember girls! Trying to hold on to your man’s waning attention, even though he’s gone all day, working in that big fancy office, with all those loose tramps in the secretarial pool…oh, I’m sorry… I drifted off topic, where was I?…Oh, I remember, wigs!


A woman’s hair is her crowning glory! No one ever said you couldn’t have an arsenal of  “crowns” did they! Throw on a pair of 1960’s era colored, hard contact lenses, and you’re in for a very uncomfortable night on the town or a not very relaxing evening at home, with an over-heated scalp and bulging red eyes, fulfilling your husbands secret desire to cheat on you!

Always on the cutting edge of trends, Barbie joined in on the fun and got to wear hot itchy wigs to project an over-powering image of allure for her favorite “boy-toy” Ken!


Here is a photo of a pair of  rare prototype “Fashion Queen” Barbie’s. Notice the one on the right is sporting a very natural “banana yellow” painted hairdo. Looks like someone left the stylist’s chair without waiting for her Roux Fanciful Rinse!

Missed the wig boat in 1963? No problem, just check out Mattel’s re-release of their classic “Fashion Queen” Barbie doll! Like a good wig, you can hardly tell it’s not the real thing!


So may I present, the second inductee into the

Pink Bubble’s Doll Hair Hall Of Fame,

Miss “Fashion Queen” Barbie!

Long live the queen!

In parting, please enjoy this selection of glamorous photos featuring

our very own Pink Bubbles Doll Spa wig model, 

Miss Sybil (“Skitz” to her friends)  O’ Phrenia!

She’s Irish!

Take it away Sybil!


Feeling a little feisty? Try Model #001 – “Rusty!”


How about a night on the town! Try Model #002 – “Tango!”


Leave a lasting impression with Model #003 – “Zsa-Zsa!


Ready to cast a love spell? Try Model #004 – “Endora!”

All wig models and styles available in our gift shop. Please see Beatrice for your complimentary fitting!